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Elanya21 chapter 21 . 11/4/2018
Oh my god this needs serious editing. Every sentence or paragraph has misspellings, grammatical, punctuation errors, or missing or added words. Some sentences don’t even make sense. Edit, edit, edit, proofread before you post. Overall it’s a decent story, seemingly written by a young, inexperienced author. There’s a lot of WTFs? That doesn’t make sense. But then, it is a FanFiction, so nothing has to. Just keep writing and remember to proofread!
YukikoKitamura66 chapter 1 . 10/25/2018
Loki is a cat? XDXDXDXD Oh my... i can't.. XDXDXDXD Fantastic story XDXDXD
Elanya21 chapter 8 . 10/17/2018
I like this so far but it needs some proof reading. Like “He's only since slightly smashed me,”. Instead of “seen me slightly smashed” legit copy and paste, along with many others, but that one made me laugh.
BadToTheBonee chapter 1 . 5/4/2018
i remember reading this story when you published and i remember it being good but its even better the second go- im just really pissed off that you didnt continue writing avengers stories,like dude- INFINITY WAR JUST CAME OUT and your writing style is like the tears of a million angels, i feel cheated out of some really good fiction lol
everlastingtrueromance chapter 22 . 12/29/2017
Loved this! Now I’ll say this I’ve never read through tan authors stories the way I have yours. I can usalky never read by the same author but you make every story fresh and yet so heartfelt and your characters and strong independent woman but none are the same :) Cabrera to read more!
ButterflyQueen16 chapter 22 . 12/26/2017
Oh jeez that cliffhanger. You are truly evil, as bad as Loki for sure! lol I love this story despite the cruel and devious plot twists that goes on. You idea is pretty original and how you had Loki and Ellie get into each other and to this point was sweet in a weirdly obscured way. I really hope there is a follow up sequel because I want to see her and Steve become friends and Loki to get a trashing from Ellie before they get back together. I want to see what challenges and where this journey takes them. I wonder what will Loki be doing while he is away...hopefully not falling back to his despairing past. I have thoroughly enjoyed your FF. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us readers.
Guest chapter 22 . 10/29/2016
Thank you endlessly, this is such an intimate and lovely story. Your original character has such spark, I'm off to the next story.
Guest chapter 22 . 10/26/2016
Still adore this! Thank you for sharing.
HH chapter 11 . 10/19/2016
"a slithering snake" don't you mean a slytherin snake? *winks*
HH chapter 10 . 10/19/2016
Tom Hiddleston in a leather jacket gives me life
HH chapter 7 . 10/19/2016
"Her first thought was that he was handsome, but after further consideration she deemed the word entirely unfit. This man, was like no man she had ever seen before.
His features were entirely delicate. His eyes were small, but sparkled brightly even in his sadness. The bones that shaped his cheeks were visible under his clear alabaster skin. His mouth and nose was perfectly proportioned and angled on his long face."
I don't know who you're describing Tom or Loki so I'm going with both
HH chapter 3 . 10/9/2016
Now I want a Loki kitten dammit!
HH chapter 1 . 10/9/2016
I can just imagine Loki in his cat form black fair green eyes so cute so fluffy thinks he's dangerous
Anna10473 chapter 2 . 8/20/2016
I love Loki as a cat! And Ellie is a complex and compelling character.
hazyPirate2001 chapter 22 . 7/31/2016
I really liked this story and I'm looking forward to how the sequel ties in! :) Keep up the good work x
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