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Pasha Gwapa chapter 1 . 3/10/2016
Love the story and your fingers.
Jerry is evil.
The plot is great.
The story is quite unique.
Everything about this is great.
Well, except maybe Robert.
But really, lots of LOVE for this.
Great job!
Fiercest chapter 1 . 7/25/2015
I LOVE this..: Read it again for the 4th time!
Stella chapter 1 . 2/28/2015
Hi Cresenta!
This story was my 5th time reading xD
I read it like a thousand times (literally, not even joking) AND I LOVE ITTTTTT!

TheBookOfStories22 chapter 1 . 1/19/2015
Shame on Jerry! How dare he try to break the perfect couple that Scam/Sam is!? This is another masterpiece, keep writing! :-)
mimzy995 chapter 1 . 1/14/2015
Loved it great story!keep up the good work!:3
Guest chapter 1 . 8/16/2014
Ok so it's 5:30 in the morning and when you've been up for 29 hours straight your brain is kinda dysfunctional so this fucked me up.
JBA chapter 1 . 8/12/2013
I loved that story.. but I couldn't see Jer doing anything like that. But Robert just pisses me off.. grrrr :[
Pink Panther 17 chapter 1 . 2/18/2013
Loved it!
PirateNinjaV chapter 1 . 10/23/2012
*sigh* I just fell in love with Tim Scam all over again XD
It was really great, though my heart wrenched a bit when Jerry was such an asshole. But you're awesome, so it's all cool :3
Hotchick6701 chapter 1 . 11/7/2011
WOSH FINALLY I FINISH hahaha It took me two days hahaha i love it. I believe that Jerry was not a bad person he just wanted the best for his son, but he took it a smige to far. Well way to far, but Robert yea i hate his guts! He seriously was the obsessive one i mean attempt to kill Tim Scam well boy that's just impossible! Tim he was so considerate of Sam i loved it! My heart almost melted when he said "But her tears sure as hell matter to me." I loved it so much!
Little Big Wonders chapter 1 . 7/22/2011
yay im done :) well I guess thats nothing to be happy about

cuz I wish there was more to read now! xD

wow just wow this story is just crazy long! but I love the longness! like always :) and the story itself is awesome *cough as usual cough* yup nothing new here you always know how to whip up a good fanfic :D

the ending is pretty sad with Jerry like that and all, but its all about scam :) muhahaha Scamissosexyman! :3 lolz

sorry Jer.

anyways!lol I cant wait for a new story! omg omg omg Lemme know when u got a new story! and sorry for the late review, dont blame me blame my computer! D:

omg you have many many more coming? When i read that im like omg! cannot wait just cant! whats the hold up?

by the way I luv your little Disclaimer things xD You should own T.S fer sure! I bet everyone that reads your stories would agree xD Yea i hope you read this Marathon -.- I said it! omg Scam scam scam scam scam scam scam...SCAM!

nuff said..

Luv ~LBW
Beauti chapter 1 . 6/12/2011
LOVED IT! It was a very good story although long. It was worth the read, but then again, your stories always are.
Poison's Ivy chapter 1 . 6/6/2011
Part 3:

DAMMIT JERRY UR GOING TO BURN SO BADLY FOR THIS I'M GOING TO SKIN YOU ALIVE AND GIVE YOU TO GOATS FOR THEM TO SHIT ON; LETS SEE HOW YOU LIKE THAT. actually no you might like that because you're lower than crap, and u'll feel like you got an upgrade if you roll around in smelly goat shit where you belong. sorry. i hope you find yourself sleeping next to a dead carcass then maggots will feast upon ur body BUT WAIT maggots would BARF BECAUSE UR SO FUCKING DISGUSTING.

omg. that might have been my best bash ever!

[Nodding to himself bitterly because he realized where he stood in comparison to Jerry and his son Scam took a step away from her. "I thought you loved me Sam," he whispered, drawing her attention and making her look up because he hadn't been able to mask the pain in his tone despite having tried to. He didn't want her sympathy.] OMG :(

["You think…. I don't love you?" she asked suddenly and his eyes widened at how heartbroken she sounded. Her voice sounded almost cracked as if she was about to cry and he found himself turning around before he could stop himself. ]

[And watching Sam clutching onto Scam tightly and refusing to let him go, Jerry knew she wouldn't ever be letting him go from her life. Letting out a defeated sigh he knew there was nothing more that he could do now. It was all over.] *DOES A DANCE* HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA U FUCKER SEE I WIN I ALWAYS WIN UR GOING DOWN U MONSTOROUS SCUMBAG.

[Jerry to look down even lower, staring at the floor at his feet as humiliation and guilt began to engulf him in its inescapable flames. He could feel gazes on him. He could sense all his agents, hundreds of them staring at him. Jerry could feel their glares burning holes into him and he knew they knew just what he had done. Biting his lip and blinking shakily he felt trapped within the web of his own plan.] )) HAHAHAHHAHAH I'm laughing at his stupid face.

[you should have respected that like Clover and Alex did," he said, turning to glance at Sam's best friends who were smiling at him with tears in their eyes and he knew he still had their support.] YAY! omg. i'm like... smiling like I'm a kid on xmas morning. omg.


[Jerry just nodded his head slowly knowing Scam would have never trusted him so easily for any other reason. He should have seen that but hadn't even tried to question his good fortunes when Scam was falling for his trick. And now he was paying for his lack of thought.] LACK OF THOUGHT? THIS FUCKER HAS NO REAL BRAIN. Hmph. :P

[No, he wasn't upset in the slightest in fact he was delighted because he knew that while Tim may have been a criminal once, he had given it all up for his daughter. And he knew right then that Sam would never find a man who would love her more than him and suddenly her being stuck on him for an entire year, unable to move on made perfect sense.] I KNEW I LOVED SHAWN FOR A REASON. Gaby and Shawn better be on our love list! :P

[Gun or no gun, his son was no match for Scam.] ... wait Jerry has a sample of a brain? huh. must be a goat's shit's brain.

[Taking Scam's silence as fear Robert smirked. "I want Sam and I'm going to have her, just as soon as I get rid of you!"] ... WOW HE REALLY IS AN IDIOT! :p Like... he even surpassed MY view of his idoicy. :P

["SHUT UP!" Robert roared angrily, not liking what he was having to hear. ] oh why not robbypoo. the truth too fucking hard for you to hear? :P

["You know Jerry, I thought YOU were pathetic but your son?" Scam smirked. "He simply takes the goddamn cake." ] )) I love his line :P

[Glancing at each other Clover and Alex gasped in surprise as well never having seen this coming but knowing only Scam could pull something like this,] Scam's hot enough to pull anything :P

LOL when I wwas reading about them saying "it's not your fault" i'm like HELLO U GUYS IT WAS THAT GOAT AND HIS GOATARETTE (oh wait, "rette" refers to a girl. ... oh wait i'm describing rob that's perfect!) but THEN i saw: [which was also why he couldn't bear to have her stand here and blame herself for Jerry's mistakes. ] and i was like OMGOMGOMGMOGOMGMO SCAM I KNEW I COULD ALWAYS TRUST YOU TO BE SMART! :P











["We can't stay in bed all day," he sighed knowing that no matter how badly he just wanted to be with her and not move from this spot there were hundreds of people wondering over just what had happened yesterday and they needed answers.] fuck other people. STAY IN BED! :P IT'S ENTIRELY POSSIBLE! and more fun than talking and explaining. everyone knows that scam/sam is ftw so they didn't question it! jk :P :P :P


["Aww…" she said in a mollycoddling voice . "Does the possibility of being wrong, bother you Timmy?"] ))

[Scam's eyes narrowing in rage, he held Sam's hand protectively as he glared at the old man before him. He couldn't believe Jerry had the gall to come here after all he'd done.] yea GOSH jerry can't you tell when you're not wanted? well... probably not, BUT THATS WHY SCAM SPELT IT OUT FOR U! DUH fucker.

[He no longer wore his standard WOOHP suit because he know longer worked there. His license for his agency had been revoked promptly after the day Scam married Sam for the crime of misusing his government-granted powers for his own will.] )) )) )) )) ))

[The last two years had been hard on him as his family had berated him endlessly and his son had served time in jail for attempted murder against Scam for nearly shooting him. And throughout it all his own conscience had been kicking him around telling him that he had gone too far and had lost Sam's trust, and others' trust too, a fact that had become apparent when she and Clover and Alex had sent resignations to WOOHP's management where his replacement had received them and informed him of what he had caused.] )) )) )) )) THIS IS THE BESTTTTTTTTTTT DAY EVERRRRR! (echo: best dayyyyy everrrrrr!)

[Glaring again she whispered icily, "Or did you not know when you were tearing up the letters he wrote to me? The ones that said that he loved me over and over again?' she asked and Jerry said nothing just standing there looking pale and having no response.] )) I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

["I just wanted you in my family," he said desperately wanting her to know, wanting her to be able to tell how long he had wanted her to marry his son. "I just wanted you to be my daughter in law," he said, a small smile forming on his lips only to vanish at the sight of her acidic glare.] )) )) )) HAH SHE AINT FALLING FOR UR LYING EXCUSE OF A SMILE NOW FUCKER! AHAHHAHAHAHAH

["That you love me like a daughter?" she asked angrily and Jerry once again grew completely quiet. Taking a step closer to him and looking at him crossly she whispered, "Tell me Jerry, would you have done what you DID to me to your own son?" she asked only to have him shrink further into himself and grow as pale as snow.] OH DAMN I LOVE THAT LINE GO SAM GO GO GO GO GO TEAR HIM TO PIECESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

[Standing there looking at his shoes Jerry could tell how hurt she still was over what he had done and he felt his hopes crumbling because he had been thinking that maybe, just maybe she had gotten over it all already.] ... GOTTEN OVER IT? YOU SICK MOTHERFUCKING UNGRATEFUL ASSHOLE.

[Taking a deep breath, knowing she had said all that she needed to say except for one last thing she decided to get it over with. Looking at him steadily she spoke in a firm tone. "..And I can't have a person who will constantly be wishing ill for my husband, wishing for his death or any kind of pain onto him….as a part of my life."] YAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYA!

[Had made him lose everything.] You deserve even worse you scumbag. GO ROT WITH CORPSES YOU FUCKER.





End part 3.
Poison's Ivy chapter 1 . 6/6/2011
Part 2:

["Sam's not the type to be late for anything," he thought knowing how punctual she was. But then why wasn't she here?] CUZ SHE HAS BETTER THINGS TO DO YOU GOAT.

[No, he would wait until night. Just until tonight and he had a feeling that all his questions would be answered] :( :( :( NOOOOOOOOOO MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS YOU OLD FUCKER.

Ya know, I'm getting good vibes off that talisman. is it what Scam sends Sam later? like hmmmm I'M SO CURIOUS DAMMIT

[Sam was in love with Tim Scam. His worst enemy.] This is the best news everrrrrrrrrrrrr (echo: best news ever! - LOL I love Spongebob)

["He doesn't deserve Sam!" he screamed bitterly. "No one deserves Sam but my son] ... ironic because SCAM DOES DESERVE HER YOU OLD DUMB FUCKERISH MORON WITHOUT A BRAIN. and eyes. since you obviously can't see what's actually good. duh.

[Opening the door he stepped inside ready to face Scam. He just had to make sure to do his part right.] die you piece of shit.

[No he wouldn't call it that, his MANIPULATION of Sam, Scam had foolishly thought he could hide it from him. ] EXCUSE ME? YOU MOTHER FUCKING HYPOCRITE?

["I'm like a father to you am I not?" he said shocking Scam but he continued anyway. "I wouldn't lie to my own son," he said gently as he gave Scam another smile.] ACTUALLY I'd like to point out that Jerry in fact DID lie to his own son, when he told him he was ... ew charming and smart. what a bunch of bullshit.

[Freezing on his spot Jerry went pale. He couldn't allow that to happen. If Scam told Sam where he was…his plan would be over before it started.] Scam I'm going to build you an UI-inspired cell phone so that fuckers like moronic goats here DONT FUCK YOU GUYS OVER EVER AGAIN!

[No, Sam didn't know anything but the fact that Tim Scam hadn't been around in a week. That he, for some reason was ignoring her and not picking up her calls even though she had called fifty times in the last 7 days. That Scam had broken his promise and hadn't met her parents as he had said he would. That Tim Scam had left her with a hundred questions and no answers as to where he was and what he was doing while she was waiting for him to meet her like he always did.] *TAKES JERRY'S TINY HEAD (it doesnt have a brain in there so God decided to not put a lot of space there. that's why he's bald; to make it look like his head's bigger to give people the impression that he has a brain which he obviously does not) AND SMASHES IT SO HARD AGAINST THE WALL AND MAKES ROB EAT IT.*

[Unlike all the other times he had asked this question, today Sam's voice seemed to have an edge to it that he'd never heard before. It almost sounded like Sam hated Scam, or didn't like him anymore as she sounded bitter and hateful and he couldn't help but inwardly smile as finally something was going right. All those text messages, voicemails of hers that he had deleted, all those phone calls that he had erased the history of off Scam's phone each and every day he had it in his grasp had seemed to work after all.] ... what a motherfucking bastard.

[Twirling her straw around in her glass she knew she still didn't get why he left. "They were so happy together," she thought, thinking of all the times she had seen her friend smiling, grinning like she never had when she was with Tim Scam. She recalled how Sam had told them about the time he had first kissed her, when had proposed to her, when he bought a house for them to move into after marriage...Clover's eyes narrowed as she frowned. "How could it all be fake?" she wondered as she was having a very hard time believing it was.] CLOVER I KNOW THIS A SHOCKER BUT I KINDA ACTUALLY KINDA LIKE YOU IN HERE! LOL sry can't resist when i'm in bashing mode! :P

["If you ever need help getting your mind off him, just call me..." he said determinedly, still holding her gently by her shoulders.] why don't you DIE instead it'll make everyone feel better.

[For one crazy moment she had actually thought that it was Tim Scam asking to come inside but of course she was wrong. "Why do I do this myself?" she asked herself as she ignored Robert's smiling face.] fucking liar go die in a pit of acid lava you freak.

["Thank you...Sam..." he whispered softly while slowly, discreetly leaning his head up so she wouldn't notice until it was too late. "I appreciate your help," he whispered while slowly trying to inch closer to her. If only he could reach her lips, he knew he wanted to try to kiss her.

A sudden loud metallic clang left him to jump and Sam took the moment to pull away her hand before she glanced at the pot on the stove that's lid had popped off and soon she could smell smoke. ] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA SUCKER YOU FAILED JUST LIKE YOU ALWAYS WILL!

[Feeling like an idiot Robert sighed again. "I'll make it again," he said moving to re-prepare the pasta but Sam stopped him.] You are an idiot.

["7 months, 7 days…" Scam whispered to himself in his jail cell as he once again found himself counting days] awwww Scam :(

[Nothing would ever take that away from him.] If I had my way (and I usually get my way) I'LL MAKE SURE THAT ALWAYS STAYS TRUE! :P

[Taking a step closer to her Robert looked her in the eye. "You are that girl Sam," he said firmly, letting her know he had no intention of leaving.] go gag

[Sam hadn't felt more guiltier in all her life as she did at this, exact moment. ] DON'T FEEL GUILTY HE'S A FUCKER WHO'S GOING TO DIE SO PAINFULLY and i'm going to LAUGHHH MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

["You won't ever…leave me right?" she asked nervously as she spoke into the material of his navy shirt, warm from his body.

"Sam?" he said a moment later. "Mmhmm? she mumbled while keeping her head in his chest and inhaling his scent. "Want to marry me?' ] I LOVE HIM SO MUCH 3 WILL YOU MARRY meeeeeeee SCAM? oh gosh i love him 3

["And now ladies and gentleman the person we've all been waiting to see," Jerry announced cheerfully. "Sam Simpson my soon-to be daughter-in-law!"] that's just wrong. *shudder*

["In just one month?" she thought going pale, something that Clover and Alex noticed as they too stood still in shock. Looking at Sam's pale face they couldn't help but wonder if Jerry or Robert had asked Sam about making the wedding happen so soon. They had a feeling they hadn't.] ... wow seriously? what a horrible thing to do like ... that's just plain RUDE NOT TO MENTION EW YOU FUCKERS YOU'RE GOING DOWN FOR THIS! OH C'MON ALEX AND CLOVER DOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOMETHING

[Smiling all day when she just wanted to cry, forcing happiness on her lips to make others happy when her heart was bleeding wasn't easy.] :( oh sammie :(

[The truth that was undeniable, that she was marrying ROBERT not TIM, not HER Tim…her everything.] :( :( :( :( omg :( :( :'(

[A frown tugged on his thin lips as he thought about the girl about to marry Robert. Sam too hadn't exactly been cooperating lately. Just a few days back he had gotten suspicious when she had suddenly been acting restless. He had seen her look tense whenever Robert tried to talk to her or get close to her and he had seen her frown and look spaced out too many times to count.] THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FORCE SOMEONE TO MARRY YOUR PATHETIC EXCUSE OF AN OFFSPRING.

["All those smiles…those thank you's to Robert…they were lies?" ] YES THEY WERE LIES HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA TAKE THAT YOU DUMBFUCK.

[Smirking to himself Jerry tucked the talisman into the same envelope with the letter that he would send in Scam's name. His smirk widened knowing poor Tim Scam had taken off the talisman clearly not wanting to damage it with water. It was too bad though because now… that same talisman was ultimately going to damage him and Sam forever.] ... OH NOOOOOOOOOOO WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU ... ASSHOLE I HATE YOU UR GOING TO BURN IN HELL FOR THIS U DUMB IDIOTIC HORRIBLE EXCUSE OF AN ANIMAL I HATE YOU GO DIE.

um... I know I read the letter before and I was too scared to read it again because I knew I was going to cry, but I read it anyway AND DAMMIT I HATE JERRY SO FUCKING MUCH.

["She's right Sammie this is beyond weird, Scam would never-"

"I don't wanna hear it please," Sam said suddenly cutting off her friends. ] GAHHHHHHHHHHH SAMMMMMMMM :(:(:(:(

[Maybe if she could list them then she'd start believing she was happy too.] SAM I HAVE SOME ADVICE! If you run Jerry over with a car and smash Robert's head with a hammer what do you get? ... HAPPY PIE! :P ... I hate them so much. so fucking much. idjfsk'dlgfds'kjlafs




... *deep breaths*

[Why wasn't Sam happy to see him?] BECAUSE Jerry is worse than rapists murderers combined. hmph.

["I was in jail!" he growled, tightening his grip on her suddenly stiff body. Biting her lip Sam blinked at his words and he knew she was confused at his answer but when he saw doubt flickering in her gaze he found himself screaming again. "I was doing my time for you, so that you wouldn't marry a stigmatized man!"] omg I think my heart just warmed like OMGOMGOMGOMMOGMOGMOGMOG I LOVE THIS PART SO MUCH!

["Jerry," he said frowning at the name he hated more than ever. "Didn't let me go, he locked me up and kept me there so that you would hate my guts and fall for his son," he hissed out through clenched teeth leaving her eyes to widen.] I love the way he said that (he's angry; he's SO hot when he's angry omggggg... *drools*)

["You want proof from me?" he asked with shock, hurt and humiliation in his voice.] OMG :( I'M LIKE GONNA CRY :( :( :(

["I don't believe you," she said darkly leaving Scam's eyes to widen and he looked as though he had just been slapped in the face. ] OMG I'M CRYING NOW DAMMIT :( :( :( :( NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :(

End part 2.
Poison's Ivy chapter 1 . 6/6/2011
Part 1:

["Okay, I'm here on time father," ] there's the exit. since you just came i'm sure you can find it again.

[he saw his son, Robert standing there before him smiling] die.

["So…where is she?" he asked, his nervousness showing in his brown eyes only making Jerry smile harder as he realized how anxious his son was to meet HER, his future-wife. ] fuck you.

I'm so nice right? :P What a great way to start my review!

[The man was thin, had cropped, jet-black hair, brown eyes and was wearing a suit identical to Jerry's,] *snort* loser.

[Sam said politely as she shook his hand while never really noticing how Roberts's eyes were glued to her face, nor how he was almost reluctant to let her hand go once she stepped away.] aight; i be gaggin now ;P jkjk

[part of him had a hard time believing that she wasn't already in a relationship]

i'm done. not.

["How very mature Sammie," Tim Scam said teasingly leaving her to huff. "Yea more mature than you pulling me into this alley, one block away from WOOHP!"] psh what this girl talkin about SSC IS SO MATURE jk :P

[Even today, after two years of being deeply in love with each other, she could hardly believe they had a relationship.] 3

[Her being Samantha Simpson, WOOHP's best super spy and Tim Scam being WOOHP's best criminal.] HOTTEST COUPLE EVAH! :P

[Clover sighed. "As cute as you are together…." she muttered.] smartest thing this girl has ever said. :P

["You're hopeless," the blonde next to her muttered] Sam honey I don't blame you. :P

["I'm surprised he didn't call all of us, you know since he tends to annoy all of us together," ] )) AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH THAT WAS FUNNY! :P

["WHO ON EARTH WOULD MARRY JERRY?"] AN IDIOT. Because see, two people need to distribute those genes to Robert and Jessica. And they're idiots. So if Jerry married a smart person (snort, like any smart person would marry Jerry) Robbypoo and the whiny bitch would be HALF as smart. which, they're not. so there. he married an idiot. I win.

["But he does have a son, named..." she paused trying to recall the name. "Robert," ] SNORT SHE CANT EVEN REMEMBER IT.

["Is it too much to want to know some juicy details?" ] YES CLOVER IT IS TOO MUCH. SSC is private, thank you very much. *nods sharply* LOL :P

THEY'RE ENGAGED OMGOGMOGOMGOMGOM I FORGOT THAT ACTUALLY OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG (how the hell did i forget that; i blame the poo i mean rob)

["MISS YOU," it said, and Sam couldn't help but curl her toes inward and blush. "ALREADY?" she asked only to blush horridly when she read his text back. "AS IF YOU DON'T MISS ME,"] hahahahahahahahahahahhaha CAUGHT RED HANDED SAMMIE! :P but omggggggggggggg they're so cute 3


["No," she said firmly as she went to go change back in her own clothes but she knew both could tell she was lying. ] ahahahhahahahaha sam's so cute :P



man i did NOT need to see that LOL :P

["He'll show up, right?" she asked herself before she shook her head and smiled. ] that was both cute AND A SIGN OF FORESHADOWING DAMMIT :(

["Hello, my love," Scam said with a smirk playing on his lips leaving her to smile harder as she took a step closer and threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him passionately as he walked inside and slammed the door behind him, his lips never leaving hers for even one brief second. Deepening the kiss and wrapping his tongue around hers, Scam's hands gripped her small waist and pressed her tight against his body as he kept her close making her moan in response.] SSC? (that's me asking hehe)

[Sam was wearing a black, formfitting, strapless dress that hugged her curves and showed off a teeny bit of her skin from beneath the dress' sheer, triangular cut-outs.] IT ISSSSSSSSSSSSS SSC! omgomgomgomgomgomomgomg SSC SSC SSC SSC SSC SSC SSC

["After all, you're terrible at looking after yourself when you're on the run," she said, shaking her head.] yep that's why you have her ;P


[. Sam rolled her eyes because she knew just how proud he was of the chaos he had caused before.] I'M PROUD OF IT TOOOOOOO

["You were saying something," he said teasingly. ] )) I LOVE HOW HE JUST MADE HER FORGET. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

[The next stop would be her bedroom.] psh bedrooms are overrated; they should have just done it right there! :P jkjkjkjk :P

["I never kept track," he said honestly.] oooh seriously that's interesting :P

["As I was saying, I broke out and I had just programmed a meta-nuclear bomb to disintegrate WOOHP's gadget warehouse." He smirked as he remembered that perfect plan. "So that WOOHP would lose it's weapon stash completely and be left defenceless." Nodding her head, Sam couldn't help but silently admire Tim's intelligence. While she knew the plan had been an evil one, had it been carried out it would have caused a lot of damage.] OGOMGOMGOMGOMOMGOM SEEEEEEEE? SHE APPRECIATES HIS INTELLIGENCE! See Rob. Sam needs to appreciate intelligence. Which is something you don't even have. So YOU LOSE HAH SUCKER.

["And that's what made me grateful to you. Then the next time I broke out and attacked WOOHP-"] omggggggggg this is seriously so cute :P 3 i'm like GUSHING ogmogomgomgomg 3

[Scam had to work hard to keep the frown off his face as he heard her. "Yea...or he might just hire a hit man," he mumbled. ] psh scam you yourself are a hit man so YOU CAN TAKE ANY SECOND BEST LOSERS. :P

[The next morning, Robert could tell that his dad was more excited than even he was as Sam and him were set to go out for the first time today.] you are set to die fucker.

live with it.

no wait. you're dying

... ew a green suit? *shudder* no wonder he'll never get a girl; he has no sense of fashion. NOT EVEN FASHION JUST DECENCY so ew...

[To be honest she'd rather go on the mission but she was only even going with Robert because Jerry had practically begged her and she hadn't wanted to break his heart.] )) )) )) you know you suck when a girl would rather do grueling mission work than hang out with you ))

["Yes?" she asked. Robert trailed his eyes down her form and smiled softly. "Your dress is really pretty, it looks really nice on you," he said, trying to compliment her. Sam's eyebrows rose in happiness. "Thanks," she mumbled shyly as she looked down at the dress and smiled to herself. Tim had bought her this dress for her after she had been looking at it while passing by a store once. She had worn it often since.] )) )) )) you know what i'm laughing at LOL

{Samantha was his...because that was what destiny wanted.] *snort*

]What were the odds of a ring causing a scratch like that anyway?] not even a ring likes you fool. die.


[There had to be something he could do.] dying! ir'll solve it! she wont pay attention to u but who cares. ur dead so we'll ALL BE HAPPY :D:D:D:D:D

[She couldn't be bored of him they had too much in common for that to happen and he was convinced they were perfect company for each other. ] ew. i cant even comment sarcastically just ewwww.

[She was a hard worker and always put her education first and that was one of the reasons he found her to be perfect for their family which itself had a long academic tradition.] SNORT what academic traidition? they're all idiots. :P

[she wasn't sure if this was just about a "thank you".] here's a hint sam. its not. :P loll

[Sam learned that Robert liked green a lot and that was why he always wore it (something she was thankful for as she had been beginning to suspect maybe it had to do with it being her favourite colour),] GAH HE THREW HER OFF DAMMIT SAM. if scam was here he would have already caught ON! have u learned nothing from ur love? :P

[Throwing her arms around his neck she kissed him back fervently , while walking backwards because she was having a hard time standing with him stealing all her breath and soon they fell back on the couch still kissing each other relentlessly.]

I'm enjoying this :P

["Has Jerry been replaced by an alien?"she thought.] I wish. He'd be better than the actual goat.

["She was supposed to go with my son," he thought] fucking Control freak. :P HAH I USED THE TITLE! :P

[Sam had easily picked a date with him over showing Robert around]

["No reason, I just thought you'd want to see the place I bought for us to live in after we get married but if you're not inters-"] )) i love him LOL

[They had both agreed on 5:30pm and Robert had been waiting ever since the clock had struck 5 o'clock. It was now past 9:00 pm. Sam was no where to be found.] )) )) ))

End Part 1.
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