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Chaosblazer chapter 29 . 11/25/2013
Another interesting chapter with mods on the original, Kurama would so kick Agnimon's butt if he was taking it seriously, but he wasn't.

Joey beats Mai easily due to her battle city experiances terrifying her, and everything else is chaotic as well.

Keep up the awesome work dude
Ford1114 chapter 29 . 11/25/2013
Ah, I see the 10th anniversary has just started, with where it all begin by a revision. Thanks for the corner, does reference quit well that it all starts with Digimon.

So far it looks good with battles and so forth such as Joey vs Mai. Haha, Puppetmon is harmless, but his master will be a big threat to the senshi. Sorry if I got nothing else to add, but can't wait for the next with Inumon vs Basiliskmon.
JNaegi chapter 29 . 11/25/2013
Good chapter and bringing up to speed. Joey and Mai duel but the latter is plagued by doubt, which is understandable since she did get mind fricked by Yami Malick. This is a precursor to her descent so it's a band aid at best when the two talk.

Sakuyamon and Kuzahamon go at it and the former goes to her priestess mode to achieve victory! I'll say that Kurama could have beaten Takuya but he had more pressing matters to attend with but good fight non the less.

Senshi group head inside the temple where they meet Puppetmon while Mercury and that group deal with Tengus expys. The boss for that temple will be coming soon.

Good job K-Taichou! Happy 10th (when it comes on November 30th) and nice corner with Gatsumon and Pumpkinmon.

Belletiger BT chapter 28 . 11/19/2013
Awesome chapter, and the battle between Himura vs yugi was amazing! As good as I could remember from the original, one of the best duels in the story.
Yusuke's spirit egg has hatch with funny results; everyone is laughting at him. But Puu is CUTE!
Looks like Skullsatanmon and Marine Devimon blasted off again... by Omegamon. poor guy, defeating Athenamon he didn't have any idea what he was getting himself into. XD
The battles were also great, I cant wait to see more action!
Ford1114 chapter 28 . 11/18/2013
And now we're on day 2, the 2nd and final part of Pharaohmon's tournament! I give prayers to Youko even though I never talk to here. It would have been nice..
-Nice to see the Lokis duke it out in my corner, we have yet to see capabilities of the YYGDM's version though.

More battles as usual. Yugi vs Himura has play quite well, though Himura nearly becomes in grief when he figures out that Anubismon is dead. Nice to see Gallantmon facing Angedramon (and Ladydevimon reminded of Angewomon).

Haha! Yusuke's spirit egg has hatch with humorous results. :) Bet it can top Mizuno kissing Hiei.

Can't wait for the next chapter (saw Go!Robin's cameo!) with Joey vs Mai and the Senshi on the move. I know what's coming in that 'malevolent voice', something mayo. :P
JNaegi chapter 28 . 11/18/2013
To begin, nice character corner! The battle of Loki's and seeing Thor and Brunhilde kick them to the curb! Double the Norse power!

Himura is alive; ALIVE! and the duel goes well. Of course the lone wolf discovers the fate of Anubimon but thanks to the Holy dragons, he is able to overcome despair!

Battles go underway and they were good. Felinsmon really is a good fighter keeping up with Gallantmon but falls to the finish line and the battle of wolves gets ferocious but Beawolfmon gets the win.

Amazon law can be an annoyance; poor Omegamon. Thinking about it he never did get a chance to sow some oats...better get him a quickie bachelor party.

Next bouts have been decided. Let's see how Mai will deal since this is part of her development for the Doom part of Yugioh.

Not much with the Senshi but they arrive to the temple with a hoard of Knightmon and NegaKnightmon and they split up to get the sword that can revitalize their powers.

A.P.P.A.L.U.S.E dude and keep it going!
Chaosblazer chapter 28 . 11/18/2013
this is still one of my fav's from the original because I love the duel and the battle royal matches, plus the humor from Yusuke's spirit beast hatching is nice as well

Then of course there's also the scene where Omegamon is confronted by Athenamon, gets me everytime.

keep up the awesome work dude, peace till next time_
Jeremy chapter 20 . 11/8/2013
Kanius, I know I haven't reviewed in a while, but I'm back, and it's awesome that you're still putting out arguably the best damn work on the site. Really've enjoyed this, and am all hyped up for these next fights! KANIUS RULES!
JNaegi chapter 27 . 10/25/2013
Dude; this chapter was hilarious! I was laughing my butt off with the dream sequence and you did add some extra ones in there!

Damn, Bakura handled by Pinhead? Never thought I'd see the day and Jack Skellington?! God and all the rest was a nice touch, touché! You forgot to add the Charmed sisters and their demons! Their part of the 90's too with Buffy, PR, etc! Man, chaos really did run rampant but Himura, Wolfmon and Loweemon beat them and are back to reality.

You added a new scene with Kaiba meeting with Kisara and I liked how you did it, tactful indeed! Not much change with Haruka and Michiru but I like seeing their moments together! (yeah, I'm a bleeding heart!)

Poor Jarrin, she had to endure that date with MarineDevimon but got the info she needed and went all FLCL on his ass (or tentacles?), whatever. Omegamon snaps Athenamon out of her little funk of drinking and it's an ironic twist what happens down the road!

Whooo, my girl Minako bringing down the house! That's right, run buck naked like the Goddess of Venus intended and strut your stuff! No male digimon should be hating on that! Oh, an extra scene where Minako actually kicks them in the head, I don't believe that was in the last one!

1970's house get up for that village? By Serenity, how old are they if they were kids in the 70's working the disco fever to turn the beat around so they can feel the passion and turning it upside down, like it's the dawning of the Aquarius! (AQUARIUS!)

Okay I'll stop with that old school jam that baby boomers listened to back in the hay-day with disco flair pants and move this along.

Now the second day begins with the setup happening and Rei, Mina and the others head off to the temple to get the priestess sword but who's that following them to cause mischief?

Good development on this story, Kainus-Taichou. Much needed applause, applause, applause!

Ja'ne! *Walks off dramatically like Aokoji!*
Belletiger BT chapter 27 . 10/24/2013
Lol, good reference on freddy. I always loved this chapter and their funny stuff and in the redux version made me laugh even more! X3
drunk minako rules! XD
I can't wait to see the next chapters!
Chaosblazer chapter 27 . 10/24/2013
Wow definitely more intense than the original insanity chapter you made before, the cameos and references were funny to read, the battle dream sequence was really nice too_

Poor Jaarin she never has it easy does she;

Anyway keep up the awesome work dude the next chapters should be awesome
Ford1114 chapter 27 . 10/24/2013
Now I made a few laughs of this one. The hotel scene is funny, but mostly with hiei's death threats on mizuno when he figures out she has a secret camera. So yusuke's spirit egg is gonna hatch early instead of around the dark tournament?

Ah marinedevimon never get the chance to have jaarin. Oh speaking of him and skullsatamon, and knowing their still around in as season 2, thought of something for them in cross generations as cameo to talk on email.
-kuzuhamon loves to bother inumon doesn't she?

Oh the dream scene unexpectively impress me besides bakura as Freddy and with dreadscythe. With all the cameos of heroes and villains along with knuckles dress up as padme. (Chuckles) Even you did mention me about prime and stuff that we will see the idea in cross gen. Again, I like this change.

And day 2 will conclude this tournament. I'm obvious that you change to negaknightmon instead of darkknightmon due to xros wars instead on an oc years ago. Keep up the good work!
JNaegi chapter 26 . 10/15/2013
*Sigh* Finally got around to reading this. Good exhibition matches. Kuwabara and Mummymon go at it and gain respect for one another. I like this version of Mummymon and Arukenimon than the Kai counterpart who's just a joke.

Mizuno makes her presence known and battles Hiei which ends in a stalemate. Of course the siren gets out a win for kissing shorty! Thinking about it, that could have been a possible hook-up. Next was Athenamon facing Omegamon!

The amazon queen was too hot to trot with her battle technique and it looks like her skill set was expanded; she used a kind of Saber like technique in this version than in the last.

Awww, Himura and Kotori are reunited for the time being with her going into her past and mentioning a future player, her cousin Phillipe!

Haha, I was laughing as soon as Keiko showed up! The ol' ball and chain came running to her man! Poor Yusuke, she's already got him on lockdown and isn't letting go!

Plans are made for that Sphinxmon Hotel.

On another note the Senshi, Legendary Warriors and Cammy get to that village where they meet Labramon (can't get that name right!) and they (females) are thrown by the cute factor!

Yeah for mayhem and chaos (the good kind with funny dialogue)

Good as always.
Belletiger BT chapter 26 . 10/14/2013
ah, the exibition machtes, They were always been some of my fav fights. And its good to see Mizuno kissing Hiei XD
Athenamon vs Omegamon fight was also pretty good.
Now the fun will start in the next chapter with the confusions at Sphinxmon hotel!
Ford1114 chapter 26 . 10/14/2013
Nice one. Kuwabara (looking good on his theme song, its catchy) facing Mummymon is great. Despite Hercule Orchestra played, Mummymon is still the same one of the Adventure 02 and without Hercule's voice in DF-616, looks like he and Arukenimon turn a new leaf since Myotismon's fiasco.

Haha. Mizuno kisses Hiei. As everyone is laughing, I smile when Hiei does his 'I'll kill you' one-liners.

Ahh Omegamon and Athenamon, comes rivals to starting to know one another. Just a nitpick, if Omegamon is compose of two digimon (Agumon/Gabumon), doesn't mean Athenamon marries two people? :P

And that's a wrap, the hotel episode's gonna be sweet, along with Day 2 to wrap things up.
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