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JNaegi chapter 34 . 2/26/2014
Almost coming to a close. Yugi wins against Lance and removes the darkness trapping his heart (you hear that term a lot in Yugioh for some reason?)

Gallontmon faces Pharaohmon and uses Crimson mode but the mage powers up to knock him to the ground, to the despair of Takato and the tamers. With Yugi's win however there is light for Takuya and Kouji as per the stipulation by Yugi they can go to the finals as co-winners.

Now with the Legendary Warriors spirits they form the being that brought an end to Lucemon; Susanoomon. Will the combined power be enough? I know it's cheesy with these phrases but hey, it works!

For side stories, Kouichi defeats Duskmon like a bitch. The dark digimon (sorry about the pun) shouldn't have trusted the thief Bakura which provided his downfall.

Senshi arrive and Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter deal with Scopinus while Cammy upgrades Uranus and Neptune to eternity; which means all 8 Senshi have been granted their Senshi tier power-ups; at least until it's known about they Valkyrie armor but that's down the line for any future readers.

2 more chapters broseph, make it count!
Ford1114 chapter 34 . 2/26/2014
The finals are here! Yugi just defeat Lance and free him from Pharaohmon's evil. Oh yeah, I remember the battle between Gallantmon CM and Pharaohmon well, so glad to reread it. Ah, Pharaohmon is powering up to maximum just like Younger Toguro. And then we're up to a pure equal fight when Susanoomon finally appears in full glory!

Can't wait for two more chapters in March, after a cold winter (and starting my semester stressful) comes another new dawn for spring. I am indeed spotting those differences, maybe our 'dark senshi' will reappear with the Prophet next chap. Hope it goes well!
Chaosblazer chapter 34 . 2/25/2014
I look forward to seeing the changes in the next chapter, this one certainly had quite a few for sure_

Joey is so silly, but hey it makes him...well him, nice that Yugi beat Lance.

Also, Susanoomon always rocks, keep up the awesome work there dude_
Belletiger BT chapter 33 . 2/18/2014
hey, that was an awesome chapter.
The fights, as usual, they were awesome! Inumon lost, but at least he survived. the same goes for Joey, he did his best in the duel but he lost. Good thing he was saved in the end. Brimstone will soon become one of the allies of the Spirit detective team. More sights about Mars nightmare comingout. I cant wait to see what will happens next!
JNaegi chapter 33 . 2/16/2014
Winding down to the trinity chapters! Inumon goes against Pharohmon but not surprisingly, he loses the match but gets to keep his life and brings attention to Guilmon's hidden potential of Crimson Mode!

Speaking of the stalwart knight Gallontmon, he goes against Sakuyamon, whose holy element seemed to give him trouble but thanks to mode changing he proves his worth which allowed him to go to the next round.

Brooklyn rage duels the sadistic pervert which leads to another alleged "Shadow Game" and loses but is spared thanks to his bond with Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Now it's the King of Games against Lance!

Back at the temple some get a heads up on Mars' nightmare. Only ones like Pluto and Saturn are wary of the future given her own emotional temperament. I'd say what it was but anyone reading already knows the deal.

Another added bonus of the Prophet and the evil twin! Love seeing the queen of bitchery causing mischief.

Yoko makes his fabled appearance and battles Brimstone. Afterwards the cold-hearted fox spares him. That's good given his importance in the long run.

3 is a lucky number dude, go for it Taichou!
Chaosblazer chapter 33 . 2/16/2014
the action keeps getting better, loved the duel and battle matches, noticed quite a few dialogue changes which were interesting, definitely a "scenario B" indeed.

Keep up the good work dude_
Ford1114 chapter 33 . 2/16/2014
With the semifinals finished, its time for Gallantmon and Pharaohmon to face off, along with Pharaohmon showing his full power. I remember that day when I first read this fight.

MarshmallowMyotismon is out of the dust! But the cruel vampire mentions Rei about the dark power flowing in her, looks like it does convince her. Just then, I see the ‘mysterious duo’ making their appearances in planning their Dawn of Chaos.

Yoko Kurama defeats Brimstone, but lets him live. I see Yami Bakura and Duskmon launch their assault soon.

Man just 3 more chaps to go and it’s done, I imagine it being finished in March. Keep it up!
Belletiger chapter 32 . 2/14/2014
Sorry for not reviewing sooner. I was pretty bussy.
Anyway, Awesome chapter. I really loved the battle scenes. Especially the senshi vs BelialMyotismon. They really over kill him. Well, he deserved.
Takuya and Kouji vs Piedmon and Marinedevimon was also good.
I cant wait to see more!
JNaegi chapter 32 . 2/1/2014
Story winding down! Senshi deal with there nightmares and Rei has her first glimpse at the horror which will await her in 6 months!

Takuya and Kouji handle Piedmon and Marinedevimon, which they keep them alive and Yugi duels Takato with his win even though goggle-head gets some good plays in.

Keep up the momentum K-Taichou.
Chaosblazer chapter 32 . 1/30/2014
Senshi overkill on BelialMyotismon, nicer than the original, as was the buttkicking the two demons received in the arena_

Duel was also nice, Takato learned it's a tough world for duelists the hard way lol

Keep up the awesome work dude, this story rocks_
Ford1114 chapter 32 . 1/30/2014
Now this is going good! Those nightmares the Senshi are painful and dark to watch. Eventually the Sailor Senshi are freed and deliver BelialMyotismon the biggest beatdown since Digimon Zero 02 (This was one of my most favorite scenes back as a kid.). I see that the Redux, there are no 'bold underlines' unlike the original.

Takato must have some good dueling skills when facing Yugi. Nice that you use 'Chaos Wasteland - Digimon Rumble 2' for the battles. Ah, Kurama is going to show his Yoko form to Brimstone.

Tadadada! Imperialdramon is back in action to help the Dra-Warriors and the Senshi to defeat Marshmallow Myotismon!

I agree, this story is almost done. Hang in there, you'll move on to bigger things afterwards.
Belletiger BT chapter 31 . 1/17/2014
Too bad that our heros could not win any of this macht chapter. But the chapter was still good.
Poor jaarin, marine Devimon will not give up on her too soon. ;
Sailor Senshi vs BelialMyotismon, I remember it was one of the best fights in the original story. I cant wait to see the next chapter!
Ford1114 chapter 31 . 1/16/2014
Here’s hope Cammy will help the Senshi regaining their powers, nice reference of Teen Titans to Labramon.

Kaiba’s about to face Lance with some remarks from Yugi and Joey.

Haha, MarineDevimon just called Fairymon Tinker Bell. Boy do we see Yusuke handling Pharaohmon on his own. Though our fav spirit detective loss, Yusuke gives a surprise to Pharaohmon. Nice that you mention Rando and Suzaku for Keiko’s description of witnessing the match the first time (Seems DoC did enjoy that idea). Wow, Izumi is defeated by MarineDevimon. :P

Lance is almost 99 percent down, but he surprisingly holding back Kaiba with a spider. :P Wow, Kaiba just lost, but not before he saw a vision of a blue-haired girl.

At last, the Sailor Senshi confronts with Mayo-I mean BelialMyotismon! Still remember that joke a decade ago.

Next time will be the semi finals! Later!
JNaegi chapter 31 . 1/16/2014
The redux of Pharaohmon comes in 2014 with him beating Yusuke but any person whose read the old version knows exactly what will happen. Still it's a good thing that Yusuke stood up to him.

Izumi busts out her fusion but still falls to the icky squid-breath. Seto duels against Lance and actually would have won if he had the right cards and Lance was just a mess continuing to use the spider's effect. The spirit of Kisara protects him however! Ah, that's the power of love transcending time.

Senshi take out Puppetmon and the lackys but come face to face with BelialMyostismon. There is light however when Pluto and Saturn ascend to their eternal forms to fend him off! Time to see the Senshi prove their worth as they battle an enemy that the chosen digi-destined had problems with.

Next battles and duels are set. Keep it going.
Chaosblazer chapter 31 . 1/15/2014
I love how Yusuke taunted Pharaohmon like that in the end lol. Kaiba still loses even though that was close, poor Izumi, MarineDevimon's a punk, and the Senshi sure are kicking butt now that they have their powers back, looking good man, keep it up dude_
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