Reviews for In The Midst of It All
luvtheheaven chapter 1 . 9/23/2011
Wow! :P

Quinn/Puck is my #1 OTP of the show... although since they haven't been really mentioned since season 1 Brittana and Wemma kinda top my list now... I mean I adore all 3 for different reasons lol and I think Quinn/Puck is still my favorite but I've given up on hoping for moments for them every episode lmao.

I loved the little Finchel/Wemma/Brittana mentions in this and the way everyone cares about Mr. Schue... especially Puck given how this whole fic was Puck's POV! I really love this. I can totally imagine the chaos and it's so awesome how you manage to write a zombie apocalypse fic or whatever this is and make it good! :P I love the claw marks on the bus as they drive away, and how you explained that they got to Shelby and Rachel is heartbroken but they saved little baby Beth and Quinn is all smiles... this whole thing just melted my heart. You're amazing. I hope you write for Glee (or some other fandom I know) again someime soon! ;)
timesrunningout chapter 1 . 5/30/2011
yay! everybody made it on to the bus! :) and it was short and cute (despite the hellish monster things you have running around). good job.