Reviews for Fallen Star
Calli chapter 27 . 9/25
Hey! You’re probably not active anymore, it’s been 12 years. But I just wanted to say that I LOVED your fic. Also, I was wondering if I could post it on Wattpad in your name? Thanks!
bakaindisguise chapter 27 . 7/18
Oh, dear Alydia! Years have passed since I first stumbled upon this wonderful, wonderful storyand years have passed since I touched anything Marvelyet I keep coming back to your writing. For comfort; for warm feelings; for this beautiful love between Loki and Jane you created, and which, in my mind, is more canon to me than movies or whatever other media is made on these characters.
Hope all is well for you in life.
kageknuser2710 chapter 27 . 7/8
I must applaud you for this absolutely riveting romance. I'm frankly flabbergasted at the amount of times you managed to make me cry. Such an awesome ending.
Thank you!
kageknuser2710 chapter 26 . 7/8
kageknuser2710 chapter 24 . 7/8
I love your use of flower language! Jane's reaction was so powerful!
I really love this story so much!
kageknuser2710 chapter 22 . 7/8
Damn, I've been crying for 4 chapters xD
kageknuser2710 chapter 18 . 7/8
kageknuser2710 chapter 17 . 7/8
This had me crying so bad, wow!
Angie2022 chapter 27 . 4/25
This is one of the best Loki fanfics I have read.
So lovely and so well written and it captured me from the first moment.

In many fics when Loki crashes to earth after or instead of Thor he is the arrogant (but goodlooking) cocky Loki he is in the movies. But him being crushed, devastated, exiled and sad makes so much more sense.
His whole personality here plus their slowly developing relationship is beautifully portrayed.

I am very glad I found this story.
Arwen55 chapter 17 . 4/22
I listened to Mozart's Lacrimosa while reading the second flashback, as you suggested... and the music's end lined up PERFECTLY with the end of the flashback. Bravo!
Arwen55 chapter 4 . 4/22
I don't know if you still check your reviews here, but I simply have to comment anyway! I first read through your Loki saga back in 2015... coming back now for a re-read and it's just as good as I remembered. I hear all the voices in my head so clearly! You weave together the MCU story and details of Norse mythology so well... and the character development is just *chef's kiss*. Thank you for sharing your writing with the world, it is such a delight!
Carlisle chapter 5 . 3/26
Holy Helheim that *monologue* was visual perfection.
I completely forgot that part, and re-reading it, it hit me across the face with how good it is; what a treat XD
Guest chapter 21 . 9/2/2022
Oh my goshhhhh the elder brother in the prodigal son story. This is so good! You did such a great job
Guest chapter 20 . 9/2/2022
Oh my GOSH this is just like the story of the prodigal son ️️ I love this so much
AmityPuff3000 chapter 1 . 8/3/2022
Wow. I am overwhelmed with emotion. This story was so beautiful, I just want to revel in it forever. Splendid job ️️
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