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loki smaug chapter 3 . 10/9/2017
Awwwww Loki
loki smaug chapter 2 . 10/9/2017
Pobre Loki
loki smaug chapter 1 . 10/9/2017
uwu uwu uwu Loki
oceanfloor1 chapter 22 . 10/6/2017
Here are all the things we saw and understood about "Thor" (no matter who else ignored it) in one beautifully written confrontation between the brothers. How Loki always assumes there's no point arguing because Thor and others have made up their minds about him. Why he let the Frost Giants into the weapons vault. That he did not urge Thor to go to Jotunheim. That he went along to try to prevent conflict and protect the others. That he was shocked at Thor's banishment. Why he told Thor Odin was dead. (A miscalculation - Thor would have kept pleading to return indefinitely if he knew Odin lived.) Why he intended to destroy Jotunheim. (Though I think he would have crippled it militarily instead had he not given way to despair.) That he felt despised in Asgard, but had no plans to harm it. That Thor's "death" via the Destroyer was a "kingship worthiness" test that needed to be in the movie. And that he really did just want to be Thor's equal, and his brother, and a son, and an Aesir. And here that is accepted and returned by Thor, without Loki having to die.
Guest chapter 21 . 10/5/2017
seriously girl you must be a Christian! :) #prodigalsonreference
oceanfloor1 chapter 21 . 9/27/2017
Odin radiates such serenity here. For over 1,000 years he's tried to understand his adopted child - then in the course of one battle learns all he needs to know to love his son completely. I'm a bit wary of "didn't have to do anything"; in that case he would not have hesitated in the relic hall or on the Bridge. But we know who a person is because of what we see them do, and Odin has just seen the essence of Loki, what he loves and will fight to the death to defend. He is content.

Thor, though he has proven himself worthy and knows about the Jotun adoption, the battle with Doom, the return of the tesseract, and Jane's rescue, will take more time because he always needs things spelled out for him or irrefutably demonstrated as in "Dark World". (Not surprised they deleted the scene where he chastises Frigga for refusing to abandon Loki.) He's also "confused" - that's polite for jealous, Thor - about Loki and Jane, having also heard Heimdall's description of the meteor-shower flight. (Love that Odin is so discreet!)

Frigga is not the least confused. (No more than she was n the day Odin brought Loki home talking about joining kingdoms through him and she said, "this is a baby not a bargaining chip".) She knows that the magic of the Lokistone is his love for Jane. But poor Jane is in total turmoil. She nearly died! Thor is here and she loves Thor! but also Fenris? but Fenris is Loki! she fears Loki! but Loki saved her! What a maze of conflicts we have entered, and how will they sort this all out?
Wolf Huntress Silver Blood chapter 27 . 9/23/2017
I think that words are best described through memes so

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Wolf Huntress Silver Blood chapter 26 . 9/23/2017
Wolf Huntress Silver Blood chapter 24 . 9/23/2017
Wolf Huntress Silver Blood chapter 21 . 9/23/2017
Sigh...Im happy she's okay, but my Loki... will be poor lil Loki.
oceanfloor1 chapter 20 . 9/16/2017
This is the antidote for my dislike of movie Odin. Blind to Thor's bellicosity he obviously brushed off Loki's concerns, driving the prince to subterfuge that blew up in everyone's face. Odin's rage at Thor on behalf of "the loved ones you have betrayed" may refer to Loki, but his response to the Jotun secret being revealed feels stilted and defensive. His dismay at what follows is understandable but he must see that disclosing Loki's parentage right when Thor and Laufey had re-ignited the war would put him at grave risk. (I think Sif might have denounced him as one of those "traitors" Laufey spoke of.) In the end Odin abandons Loki - and that makes Thor's fawning over him as the perfect father downright cringe-worthy.

But here Odin is everything he should be. He rescued the son of his bitterest enemy and is now genuinely grieved, struggling to understand his adopted son, and finally, desperately wishing to help Loki battle Doom. How thrilled he must be at the words, "We are finished here!" and Loki's epic defeat of the ruthless sorcerer. It tells him everything he needs to know and that joy makes him able to tell Loki wholeheartedly and convincingly that he loves him. Loki was prepared to give up everything to save Jane's life and now instead he has what he needed most, knowing that his father does love him.
Guest chapter 19 . 9/9/2017
"Isn't that what you wanted?" The best thing about this moment in this thrilling battle scene is that it WAS what Loki wanted when he landed on Midgard two months ago. He has spent that time learning otherwise, and now he is fighting to save everything that he thought he wanted to destroy. Jane, once merely "that woman", a mortal pawn to him, now the woman he loves (his tears of rage in "Thor" now turned to anguish for her). But he would betray that love by condemning Asgard to destruction to save her. He knows he has to fight for her and everyone else he loves. Thor's winning of his kingship test and fight to save Jotenheim was dramatic but utterly predictable. This is real, breathtaking drama.
oceanfloor1 chapter 18 . 9/8/2017
I had to remember to keep the context of who Loki is in Jane's mind: the ruthless, treacherous brother who "killed" Thor with the Destroyer and may have finished him off on the Asbru Bridge, who nearly destroyed Jotunheim, who would use the Cube to rule over Asgard and Earth, who deceives and manipulates and cannot be trusted. Loki has gently tried to modify this impression somewhat, but he keeps running into the cognitive roadblock in Jane's mind that is Thor. Loki's creation of his "Fenris" persona was so convincing - probably because it contained so much of his normal self when removed from the pressures of his life in Asgard - that Jane can't integrate any of his Loki one. (And it is a pity she can't appreciate the vision of Fenris morphing into Prince Loki Odinson in his full court armor.) Her trusted friend, the dawning of love, all suddenly torn away and leaving her frightened and heartsick. Loki cannot do anything to counter this without betraying them both to Doom, believing his feigned indifference to Jane will keep her safe. But he is wrong.
oceanfloor1 chapter 17 . 9/5/2017
In chapter 6, Loki reacts to Erik, Jane and Darcy treating the mythological version of Balder's death as fact, his voice "slithering through the air like chains on stone", the rage and pain palpable as he rips them for their ignorance. Now we know why.

This chapter was so painful to read the first time, as whenever a character you care about has to endure terrible suffering. It hasn't gotten much easier. Thor and Loki were little boys when Balder was born. Even with the extended Asgardian ageing, with Balder just coming "of age", Loki is hardly more than a boy himself. We know how and why he became so marginalized that when he discovered the ominous changes in his little brother he could turn to no one close to him for help and they all assumed his guilt, refused even to listen. He is saved only by Thor's desperate need to understand and willingness to listen after he is struck by venom and Loki fears he's hurt, apologizes for moving, and then must face the anguish of Heimdall's truth - Balder's betrayal and the near torture-murder of Loki for having been willing to die to save his life. But even then, in their grief and bewilderment, Loki is still shut out.

Odin and Frigg must know the meaning of Balder's threat to reveal "what you truly are".

I prefer to believe that Balder became mentally unbalanced instead of consciously, deliberately evil. (I lost a friend to a deranged child and saw the stunned anguish of a family coping with that.) Or maybe I just can't stand to think of another beautiful young person morphing into someone cold, calculating, and willing to hurt innocent people for gain.

In the scene in "Avengers" where Loki argues with "The Other" in Thanos' realm, just at the end as The Other threatens him with torture that will make him "long for something as sweet as pain", a giant snake slithers into the upper left corner of the screen...
oceanfloor1 chapter 16 . 9/3/2017
In the flash of realizing that she still longs for Thor and believes Loki to be a monster who may have killed him, Jane has gone from being a source of happiness to one so painful that he can hardly bear to see or speak with her. But his feelings irresistibly flow out in that song, and finally the deceit is harder to bear and he is about to risk all by telling her the truth. Jane has been seeing "Fenris" through a Thor filter, aware of how striking, intelligent, and caring he is but not letting how much it mattered into her conscious awareness. Until suddenly he is "gone" and she must choose to truly see him, and the pain that's there, and that he is "absolutely beautiful". Now the feelings she thought she had only for Thor are making her heart pound as she looks into Fenris's emerald eyes. You've expressed this all so beautifully!

I can't believe how long it took to realize why she thought it was so odd that the "Lokistone" warmed up when "Fenris" - who is not supposed to have made it - does magic. Nice dodge, Loki.

Beautiful description of the snow covered forests in those awesome Jasper mountains that are so jaw-dropping in videos. Can't imagine a more dramatic setting for Loki's campsites - and for Doom's cave lab. If Tony is watching his instruments he is in for a big surprise.
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