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oceanfloor1 chapter 18 . 9/8/2017
I had to remember to keep the context of who Loki is in Jane's mind: the ruthless, treacherous brother who "killed" Thor with the Destroyer and may have finished him off on the Asbru Bridge, who nearly destroyed Jotunheim, who would use the Cube to rule over Asgard and Earth, who deceives and manipulates and cannot be trusted. Loki has gently tried to modify this impression somewhat, but he keeps running into the cognitive roadblock in Jane's mind that is Thor. Loki's creation of his "Fenris" persona was so convincing - probably because it contained so much of his normal self when removed from the pressures of his life in Asgard - that Jane can't integrate any of his Loki one. (And it is a pity she can't appreciate the vision of Fenris morphing into Prince Loki Odinson in his full court armor.) Her trusted friend, the dawning of love, all suddenly torn away and leaving her frightened and heartsick. Loki cannot do anything to counter this without betraying them both to Doom, believing his feigned indifference to Jane will keep her safe. But he is wrong.
oceanfloor1 chapter 17 . 9/5/2017
In chapter 6, Loki reacts to Erik, Jane and Darcy treating the mythological version of Balder's death as fact, his voice "slithering through the air like chains on stone", the rage and pain palpable as he rips them for their ignorance. Now we know why.

This chapter was so painful to read the first time, as whenever a character you care about has to endure terrible suffering. It hasn't gotten much easier. Thor and Loki were little boys when Balder was born. Even with the extended Asgardian ageing, with Balder just coming "of age", Loki is hardly more than a boy himself. We know how and why he became so marginalized that when he discovered the ominous changes in his little brother he could turn to no one close to him for help and they all assumed his guilt, refused even to listen. He is saved only by Thor's desperate need to understand and willingness to listen after he is struck by venom and Loki fears he's hurt, apologizes for moving, and then must face the anguish of Heimdall's truth - Balder's betrayal and the near torture-murder of Loki for having been willing to die to save his life. But even then, in their grief and bewilderment, Loki is still shut out.

Odin and Frigg must know the meaning of Balder's threat to reveal "what you truly are".

I prefer to believe that Balder became mentally unbalanced instead of consciously, deliberately evil. (I lost a friend to a deranged child and saw the stunned anguish of a family coping with that.) Or maybe I just can't stand to think of another beautiful young person morphing into someone cold, calculating, and willing to hurt innocent people for gain.

In the scene in "Avengers" where Loki argues with "The Other" in Thanos' realm, just at the end as The Other threatens him with torture that will make him "long for something as sweet as pain", a giant snake slithers into the upper left corner of the screen...
oceanfloor1 chapter 16 . 9/3/2017
In the flash of realizing that she still longs for Thor and believes Loki to be a monster who may have killed him, Jane has gone from being a source of happiness to one so painful that he can hardly bear to see or speak with her. But his feelings irresistibly flow out in that song, and finally the deceit is harder to bear and he is about to risk all by telling her the truth. Jane has been seeing "Fenris" through a Thor filter, aware of how striking, intelligent, and caring he is but not letting how much it mattered into her conscious awareness. Until suddenly he is "gone" and she must choose to truly see him, and the pain that's there, and that he is "absolutely beautiful". Now the feelings she thought she had only for Thor are making her heart pound as she looks into Fenris's emerald eyes. You've expressed this all so beautifully!

I can't believe how long it took to realize why she thought it was so odd that the "Lokistone" warmed up when "Fenris" - who is not supposed to have made it - does magic. Nice dodge, Loki.

Beautiful description of the snow covered forests in those awesome Jasper mountains that are so jaw-dropping in videos. Can't imagine a more dramatic setting for Loki's campsites - and for Doom's cave lab. If Tony is watching his instruments he is in for a big surprise.
Guest chapter 15 . 8/31/2017
"I swear, sometimes Jane, you're kinda dumb for being so smart." Darcy had Jane figured out back in Chapter 10. Tony Stark has her figured out now. He has "Fenris" figured out because they are alike in so many ways, so he could hardly miss that Fenris cares for Jane any more than Erik or Darcy could. And after that marathon conversation he is also aware that Jane returns that feeling more than she knows.

Looked up "Latveria", then a certain resident. Well, this is going to be interesting. Apparently someone hasn't been "reformed" yet. Didn't quite buy that anyway.

Fury must understand that Fenris had nothing to do with the Cube being stolen if he gave him that location, but of course he wouldn't know that Loki always knows what's happening to the Cube - and now, where it is. This is such a great scene, truly mythic and magical. His summoning of those demonic howling echoes of magic is so different from the matter-of-fact way he treats his "cosmic larder" and the surgical professionalism of his healing skills. I think now he knows that whoever took it is not only powerful, but evil.
oceanfloor1 chapter 14 . 8/27/2017
What's sad isn't just that Jane is still stuck on Thor and hasn't noticed her growing feeling for "Fenris" and how close they have become until he is silent and no longer at her side. It's that now Evil Brother Loki is suspected of taking the Cube and she believes he has killed or imprisoned Thor. It shocks him back to the reality that he isn't Fenris, that he is the monster the myths have told her about, the one who sent the Destroyer, the Enemy, so that now it's unbearably painful to let that feeling of her curled up on his shoulder in again and he must emotionally withdraw even as he commits to keeping her safe.

Erik has been so quietly perceptive all along, it would have been interesting to eavesdrop on some of their conversations when Jane was out of the lab. He knows Loki loves and will protect Jane. But he doesn't broach the subject with her, even when she wonders about the sudden silent treatment. Telling Jane who Fenris really is could have the result of lighting a match to a stick of dynamite. He's comfortable with grilling Loki, God of Mischief, about what he was doing all night with Jane, but he knows better than to spring said God of Mischief on Jane unexpectedly!

And that it was Thor who so thoughtlessly tossed that precious glass horse in Loki's direction so that, unprepared for such a gift, he could only watch as it slipped through his fingers - lovely metaphor.
oceanfloor1 chapter 13 . 8/24/2017
Balder is making my hair stand on end. The fair, beautiful child believed by all to be Innocent sweetness-and-light - with a snake coiled at its heart that no one sees but Loki. Is this evil or madness? And does "I know what you truly are..." mean what we think it must mean?

When Loki first saw that Cube he couldn't decide if he hated it or couldn't live without it. Now that skeletal shipwreck it has become is looming up before him like the Flying Dutchman. All that power to gain everything he thought he wanted, only a few weeks ago that might as well be a million years. He no longer wants to ruin or rule Asgard, only to be able to see it again. Everything he's longed for he's found here, on this planet he once despised. Friends who share his intelligence, skills and interests. Tony, who has known betrayal. Jane, who has known the kind of rejection and frustration he has suffered, and whom he has come to love but believed to be so set on Thor that she could never see beyond that to him. Now curled up asleep on his shoulder. Oh, but we know it can't possibly be that easy, not for Loki...

And yes, our very own Thor/Hemsworth in a dress, hair, biceps, veil and all, being carried over the threshold by a Laufey lookalike, I'm getting the giggles just thinking about it.
NinaSwiftie chapter 27 . 8/20/2017
I am new to the Marvel fandom, I love Thor, and I have always liked Thor/Jane. When I discovered Loki/Jane, I didn't think much of it, but suddenly I felt really attracted to the idea of them together —you see, they are very similar and would truly work out— and I started thinking: what if Loki had landed on Midgard instead of Thor? Would Jane fall in love with him?
I saw your fanfic and I was desperate to check it out. I am more than pleased with the results. You created such an intricate, carefully elaborated story that had me gasping at every chapter and craving for more. The plot, the characterizations and dynamics, the mythology, it's all a delight to read and I am utterly in love. My only complaint is that it's over!
This is such a masterpiece – one of the best fanfics on this website and the Thor fandom! You are brilliant! Thank you for this story!
P.D.: I hope you have more stories for this verse and you get to show me what happened on Midgard! xoxo
oceanfloor1 chapter 12 . 8/19/2017
Love this chapter! The writing is excellent, as always, and I appreciate the extensive detail you have put into the conversations, it enriches the scene so much. (I marinated in "Interstellar" when Comcast ran it several times for two weeks before I re-read this chapter and I still can't figure out wormholes!) Love how Tony had no idea at first how much "complicated" this brilliant Asgardian can handle and is obviously thrilled to find another mind comparable to his, and how Jane is enjoying this so much.

Always felt Tony and Loki would be natural friends if Tony could refrain from wisecracking and Loki from throwing him out windows. (Same with Loki and Erik, with no First and Second Stage Thanos-directed Blue Stone Mind Control interference. In Avengers Loki looks like Erik has been talking his ear off about the Tesseract.) I think Loki's just-can't-wait-to-be-king mania is perpetuated by his having been raised in a culture where respect is based on being a warrior and/or a ruler, and his magical/scientific/healing and other skills are undervalued. Here on Midgard he is valued and admired by Jane and Erik and now Tony for all the things he is so brilliant at and which he loves doing. (And his reaction to Tony's story of his betrayal by Obadiah Stane is so poignant.) It must be giving him a whole new perspective on the possibilities in his life - but now here's that #!$%! Cube again!

I had only a vague impression of Balder as a symbol of goodness and beauty, beloved by all the Nordic gods, and when his behavior turned perverse here my first thought was of something like adolescent-onset mental illness. Thor's behavior is spoiled-favored-son callousness, but if Balder is sane he is much more sinister. Sadly, Loki does love his brothers and now he is finding himself betrayed by both of them. (It's also sad that Sif's skill and competence as a warrior become so tied to impressing the perpetually oblivious Thor.)

Love Heimdall's downright poetic description of Loki's gift of the meteor shower to Jane. Poor Thor would be frantic, given Loki's hysterical state when he threatened to "pay her a visit", but this seems to reassure him. (Except perhaps for that part about them gazing at each other...)
oceanfloor1 chapter 11 . 8/15/2017
Who could be touching the Cube with their bare hands without causing the universe to turn itself inside out or rip apart? Are there certain circumstances under which that can be done? Loki's memory of his old plan to take the Cube and use it to conquer Asgard resurfacing "like the skeleton of a ship dredged up in a storm", what a wonderful image. It's not something he longs for now so much as something that haunts him.

Up until now Jane's and Loki's relationship has been about as normal as it could be with people from different planets, one of whom has deep dark secrets he must hide from the other and all kinds of magical abilities he is happily demonstrating to and arguing with her about. Then suddenly out of nowhere there is this gorgeous, soaring, romantic flight above the clouds to the stars, as she has never seen them before, and the meteors she feared she would missed but a million times more brilliant than she could ever have expected to witness. Wrapped against the cold in the arms of the only one who could show them to her like this. Well, probably Thor could, but would he have thought of it?

I love the way Loki, the Asgardian warrior who is so ferocious in battle, kids Jane about her "scary" outbursts of frustration, another thing about herself that annoys her but which he finds so endearing.
oceanfloor1 chapter 10 . 7/30/2017
(Big relief to see the new Thor:Ragnarok trailer and find Loki is on the "Oh Hel No!" road team!)

This chapter is about seeing people. A lot of readers, and count me in, have said that they came to see Loki differently as they read "Fallen Star". When Alydia saw "Thor I" she saw not what Norse myths, the comic books, or some reviewers "told" us to see, but who Loki was as he appeared on that screen, what the writers, and Branagh and Hiddleston had put there. She saw a person, not a character with a label like "villain" or "trickster god".

Jane finally saw a person whose grief resonated with her own and stopped "thinking of him as a problem to solve". He stopped seeing her as "that woman" who changed Thor or as just a means to get to the Cube. Now Darcy, who seems to see people very clearly, has made Jane see that Fenris is attractive, and admit it to herself; Darcy also sees that he has fallen for Jane, which she can't see yet because of Thor. Erik sees it too. I wonder how much else he sees. Did he really just let the cat out of the bag by accident?

The Jane & Fenris Debating Society is now in session. I give the first round to Loki and am rather surprised that Jane doesn't acknowledge that all kinds of advanced skills have physiological requirements. But the one about hurting people unintentionally - which I suspect harks back to that ill-advised reading of the Norse Balder myth with an actual Asgardian in the room who obviously knew the people involved - is more complicated. In the end Loki realizes Jane is right in that someone who is hurt might just strike out blindly and uncharacteristically. The demonstration of Loki's surgical skills, on a magical plane but so completely professional, is lovely, as is the way he's not even really trying to fend off falling for Jane.

Alydia is a very benevolent writer. She turns the movie Odin - to whom I took an almost instant and sustained dislike - into the true king he should be. This time his grief and inner conflict are sincere and moving, as Frigga's heartbreak has always been.
oceanfloor1 chapter 9 . 7/22/2017
Nervously waiting for the announcement from Comic Con out in San Diego that the new Ragnarok trailer has been released, to see what they are doing with our Loki. His new promotional "standup" image is, to steal shamelessly from Alydia, "absolutely beautiful", all black hair and blue armor and those deadly knives.

Love this chapter's contrast between Odin's offhand - compared to his excitement at Thor's success with Mjollnir - reaction to Loki's newly new (and potentially very useful, you'd think Odin would notice) skill at magically hiding important objects in what he later calls his "cosmic locker", and the amazement and professional interest he elicits from Jane and Erik.

Very nice metaphor in his being discomforted by being unable to summon his armor while wearing his new Midgardian clothes. He needs that armor because "you don't know what could happen". Loki in a nutshell. But Jane is taking care not to touch on what might be painful subjects, and Erik continues to encourage their interaction because it opens up more of the universe to her and makes her happy. (And a bit less focused on the absent Thor.)

But Loki has just given Jane something he never expected to and, as we will learn later and elsewhere, can mean only one thing. Just like that necklace he can't remove.
oceanfloor1 chapter 8 . 7/14/2017
Loki, finally beginning the task of banishing that terrible "maybe I'll pay her a visit" moment. And Erik behaving like a father who has just cornered his little girl's date, while she's upstairs getting ready, and laid down the Law. Then, satisfied that someone who gives two goons in a bar a case of Asgardian frostbite in her defense can probably be trusted not to harm Jane, he plays intellectual matchmaker. Jane and Erik are so important for Loki. I believe that he wanted respect, not a throne, but in a total monarchy respect has only one form. His unique abilities are treated with suspicion and only grudging respect, so it's almost impossible for him to experience being "Thor's equal" in any manner but kingship. Ironically, he has to crash land on Midgard to find there's another way.

"Not a problem I have to solve." Jane's catching on.
AkiraYuni chapter 27 . 7/13/2017

Simply beautiful.

I loved the story, thank you for sharing such a wonderful fanfic.

mcal chapter 6 . 7/9/2017
I never tire of this chapter. It brings tears to my eyes always.
oceanfloor1 chapter 7 . 6/25/2017
All kind of thoughts about that talk between Thor and Sif. Loki hides his feelings from others, but Thor sometimes hides his from himself. He could hardly miss what Loki must have felt - he heard and saw it. The pain, bitterness and desperation so great that Loki had slipped into madness. Thor's still confused, still blames - at this point it seems Odin is not doing much to change his attitude - but he's working on it. And Loki could not have told Sif what he had discovered because she probably would have denounced him as a traitor, as she does here. She was angry enough, and Laufey did say that Odin's court was full of traitors.

That's a fairly accurate account Loki gives Jane of the Jotunheim disaster - with a few details omitted. I love how Jane insists that Thor could never have behaved in the way that got him banished, having forgotten what he was like when he first arrived. Nick Fury, among others, keeps claiming Puente Antiguo was "flattened" by the Destroyer, which mostly took out all the storefronts and parked cars on the main street plus one diner. No one was killed. But for sure the insurance companies will be sorting those claims out for months. (Put down to "Acts of gods"?)

Loki apparently can only turn "full Jotun" when he has the Ice Casket in his possession, Odin obviously having made much deeper alterations to his genetic structure than just changing his appearance, which probably would have been exposed in short order. The Casket activates whatever is left. I love it that Tracy says, "I'm proud of you for standing up for your girl". He might have been too hurting to catch the "your girl" part. Everybody seems to spot "Jane & Loki" way ahead of Jane and Loki...

The real story of Balder is like a black cloud getting bigger, darker, and closer. Now we see the physical damage and how much it hurts him to have another person see it, bringing back so sharply what he can never forget anyway, making the desire for vengeance well up in him again as he still clings to the promise of that Cube.
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