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Guest chapter 27 . 11/13/2017
Lucia Deetz chapter 24 . 11/15/2017
Poor Jane! I can feel the raging, emotional storm that's going on in her head!

I love your Frigga. I know I'm repeating myself here but I can't help it. So gentle, so wise. She is regality personified, I can't even- I'm diving head first into chapter 25 right now. I MUST KNOW WHAT JANE WILL SAY TO THOR.

And the flowers!

*screams, then cries, then screams again*

Lucia Deetz chapter 23 . 11/14/2017
"You are the mortal Thor spent three days with during his banishment on Midgard."
Reading this line after the events of TDW, one can easily imagine the vitriolic jealousy behind these words to the point that one could sense what exactly is going on in Sif's mind here: Thor spent three days with Jane and she became the center of his universe, while Sif has known Thor for like three eternities and she just can't get out of the massive friend zone.
But this Sif's much better than her "canon" version that has gone misteriously missing in the last Thor movie.

"A fairy told me you would like this guest room for your stay."
Dehehe :)

Soon-to-be father-in-law! Cause she'll end up marrying Loki in a fortnight, right? Right?

The rest of the chapter is soaked in emotions, and I genuinely love your Odin. His wisdom, his common sense, his patience, all the qualities that any king should possess. Thor Ragnarok stripped us of any further characterization of him on screen and ***SPOILER for you people who haven't seen the movie yet*** his farewell speech felt brief, shallow and downright disappointing, not because it was stifled between a bunch of absurd and cringy jokes - well that took its toll, anyway, but because it felt like the screenwriters/director wanted to be done with it as quickly as possible to move on with the "entertaining" plot of the end of the world.

But this Odin? As shallow as the Mariana Trench. There are so many layers in him. He wins hands down, there's no competition, the passion you put into this story and the care you took in shaping its characters overclouds the work of "professionals" in the movie industry. Why coudln't we have you as screenwriter for the Thor movies? Not kidding!

Iclyne chapter 27 . 11/14/2017

I want to write a ten page review about this story. It was so detailed and full of love. The characters were so dimensional! You flawlessly encompassed Loki’s cool, elegant demeanor. The levels of his psyche and emotions... Amazing. At first, the reader pities Loki but likely has more than a few misgivings about him. You slowly peeled back the layers of hurt, revealing a tragic backstory of a lonely boy. Darcy gave comedic commentary. To be honest, Jane is certainly an admirable lady. But there wasn’t much character development. If anything, the reader is more concerned about Loki than his other half’s happy ending.

I found the poems at the beginning and end of the chapters a lovely accompaniment to the story. I love that little thing with the language of flowers. The bonding between the two over constellations was so sweet. The ending was also quite enjoyable. It was so dramatic, making Thir catch Sif’s hand and kissing her. I really like the fact that you didn’t have Jane crush Thor’s heart and pointed out the problem that Thor is too headstrong and doesn’t think first. It was rather satisfying to see the bittersweet feelings of love Sif had come to a head at the end of the story.

Technicality wise, I’m very impressed. The detail and poetry in your dialogue alone is the kind that any writer aspires for. Once again, I commend you on the character of Loki. You somehow managed to win against the difficult problem of romantic clichés. Your descriptions of the setting made it sound as if you had gone there yourself. You have clearly researched the history and folklore of Asgard and it shows in the way you present their world and people.

But perhaps the best thing you did-

Was make it appropriate.

I cannot begin to tell you how annoying it is when ‘romantic’ books are really about two very unrestrained people going at each other 24 hours, 7 days a week. Is is a rare gem to be treasured (like Loki’s stones ;)) when a beautifully written romance book has the characters fall in love without even a kiss for the majority of the story!

I would love to write more about how much I love your story (fanfiction doesn’t begin to cover this piece of work). I would have written more for each individual chapter but I was completely caught in the story. :) Great job! I look forward to reading your other works.
Lucia Deetz chapter 22 . 11/13/2017
"[...] like filling an empty jar with rocks or water or sawdust."
Ouch, burned.

"He wanted to be a son. A brother. But he feared he never could."
Those lines and all the ones that follow. They are... they are... they are the reason why writing is the greatest human discovery ever. Because without letters and books and stories and fanfictions we would be forced to lead a dull existence, because we would only have one life to live, our physical life, and the written word makes it possible to emotionally live hundreds of other lives, and every time I hear somebody say "I hate reading" as if it were a hobby to boast about, something inside of me is withering and I feel compassion at thinking about all the wonderful things these people are missing out, because really, if you hate reading you hate emotions. Seriously, how could anyone not love reading? How could anyone not love these two? How could anyone not love this chapter?!

Lucia Deetz chapter 21 . 11/12/2017
"Little snowflake," he muttered, the irony of that galling his throat.
*reads this sentence, shameless awwwing ensues*

The first part of this chapter reminds me of the Parable of the Prodigal Son, especially that line, Odin being content at having his son back alive when he thought he was dead. Thor's a bit blinded now, but he'll come to understand his father's reasoning.

As for Jane... She's alive! She's awake! And Thor's there with her! And Loki's helmet is there too! I sense world-shattering drama is approaching on the horizon and I can't wait to witness it.
*grabs the popcorns and a few tissues*

Lucia Deetz chapter 20 . 11/10/2017
I love "Into the West"! And after reading The Silmarillion I always get shivers at that "Grey ships pass
Into the West…" at the thought of what's West of Middle Earth.

And I love Eir. She radiates kindness, wisdom and power, just like Frigga, which must be my second favorite character of the Thor franchise (guess who's at the top of the ranking?). I'll never forgive nor forget the hasty way the screenwriters of TDW disposed of her. I would have liked seeing more of her on screen.

"And then Odin threw his arms around Loki."
With this, and the subsequent lines, you managed to blur my vision. I don't get watery eyes often - hardly ever while reading, a bit more frequently when watching movies, but still less than the average I think - but THIS. This is what Odin should have been like, not that old man who goes around comparing Jane in Asgard to a goat at a banquet table. Loki's suicide attempt knocked some common sense into him, at last.

"He was looking at her in a way Thor had never seen before. As if he…"
Oops. Did Thor catch the scent?

Lucia Deetz chapter 19 . 11/9/2017
*starts breathing again*
That was a close shave - and a really intense chapter.
Let's talk about Doom. He got what he deserved. You don't go around blackmailing a prince of Asgard like that, passing it off as a one-of-a-kind deal. Let this be a lesson to you, Doctor!

I trust Loki will be able to heal Jane - and then I have this hunch that she'll wake up, acknowledge him as "Loki" and run as if the wolf Fenris himself were chasing after her.

Your writing style really brings action scenes to life!

Guest chapter 27 . 11/7/2017
I love this with all my heart
Lucia Deetz chapter 18 . 11/8/2017
"I'm confused by one thing, though. If you're a messenger from Asgard," He pointed past Fenris at Jane. "What is she?"
That "what" is so rude and humiliating.

"A low cry came from somewhere [...]"
I bet it was Loki's. It must be.

This is a massive cliffhanger to end the chapter with. Good thing that the story's already written and published so I know Jane will live! And speaking about Jane... as Loki feared, Jane's not being very philosophical about the whole revelation thing. Her horror is understandable: in her mind, Loki's the one who tried to murder her beloved Thor. I'm curius to know how their relationship will unfold from now on.

Oh, and the Doctor! I knew Latveria meant something! :D I'd like to quote the bits I loved most from his dialogue with Loki but I'd probably have to write down the whole thing.
And the cow (don't look at me like that, Loki, your brother's the one who first nicknamed you after a ruminant) got his helmet back, woohoo!

Loved it.

Lucia Deetz chapter 17 . 11/7/2017
"There are no keys," Loki said. "Just words."
"What are they?"
Loki took a breath.
"Thor lives."

Just a few words: this chapter is Perfection, a work of art to contemplate.
Words are failing me at the moment, so I'll go contemplate it again. And again. I don't think one could grow tired of reading it.

Thank you for writing it, by the way.

Lucia Deetz chapter 16 . 11/6/2017
Oooh medieval music. Go on YT and search for "Greensleeves (guitar version)" and hit enter. You probably already know it, but I can't help but share this little pearl. The cover by Gregorian might be worth a listening as well. Another medieval tune that I love is "Rokatanc" from Vox Vulgaris. And let's not delve into the realm of choral music. "O Bone Jesu Fili Mariae Virginis" by Shütz and "Spem In Alium" by Tallis. And now that we're approaching Christmas, let's add in a couple of Bach's cantatas as well (search for BWV 65, that's my favorite).
I could go on throwing songs around all day so I'll quit it here.

Let's talk about this chapter!
I love the way you bring the Asgardian culture to life by hinting at its musical instruments here. Language, cuisine, music, art... these are the aspects that make this realm realistic in our minds. This is what I think distances Tolkien, for example, from the thousands of other high-fantasy writers out there: Middle Earth has its own History. Every civilization has, and it's a pity that this aspect is often overlooked in fiction.

"[...] Jane could almost hear a faint ringing in her ears."
Tinnitus! Argh.

" And then he raised his eyes and captured hers. When he spoke, his voice was broken and quiet.
"Would to God she were mine." "
This. And...

"Jane, there is something I must tell you."
He was sooo close to telling her! The fact that he's afraid of telling her is a telltale sign of his love for her. All his life Loki's struggled to be accepted, and being rejected by his "father" right at the edge of the Asabru bridge must have been devastating for him. He's aware that he grew too fond of Jane now to simply be able to brush off her (very likely, at least through his POV) rejection of him. This is so heart-breaking.

Speaking of heart-breaking and heart-warming - Bauldr's Tears. I burned through the last twenty percent of the book. I'll leave the review for tomorrow, as I still need to gather my thoughts and recover from that stroke-inducing cliffhanger in the last chapters. For now I'll just say it's been an AMAZING read, just as this story.

oceanfloor1 chapter 26 . 11/5/2017
November 2017 and so sad to have the movie "Ragnarok" playing at our local theater and not want to see it, given what it appears they have done to our Loki. But I'm so glad to have found "Fallen Star", and all these other wonderful fanfics, to create this alternative. As other readers have said, it really tipped me into Lokane and it's what having lovin' Loki sneak up on you feels like, all right! I love the way Jane "let go of her old wound" and finally reached out to embrace this happiness. And as I said elsewhere, you write kisses like some people create fireworks displays - wonderful!
Lucia Deetz chapter 15 . 11/5/2017
If the mention of Latveria is of any importance, I sense great things in the chapters to come. Can I say I absolutely loved the signature concept? That was BRILLIANT.

I'm almost finished with Bauldr's Tears - I plan on reaching the end tomorrow (why do all good things come to an end? :'( I'll be going for a second read for sure). These evenings are a bit busy, but in a few days I'm speeding up the reading pace, pinky promise. One chapter a day is not enough for my curiosity. Just who's this little thief Loki is so eager to meet (to crush their skull, I'm afraid)? *compulsively chews on her nails*

songsaboutsleep chapter 27 . 11/2/2017
this is a masterpiece. i found my way back to it after years and i'm... in awe. leave me here to wither away in quiet reverence.

it's been years... i'm so grateful i could experience it again. you crafted this beautifully. not sure if you're still reading comments... thank you for sharing.
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