Reviews for Toono's Last Letter
Lost Tide and Sea Shells chapter 1 . 2/26/2012
... I wonder why this is in the humor section :?

might not be quite as emotional as other 5 cm per second fanfics I've read but ... well, I don't see the humour either, I admit it might be me. (and I don't speak Spanish all that well, I admit, so I might have missed most of the stuff in the second chapter -_- sorry. it might help if you had the whole fic in one language. Not wanting to flame or anything, but I honestly expected the second chapter to be in English too...)

Was that thing with the spaceship in the movie? Has been a while since I watched that one, and I don't really remember... reminded me of Voices of a Distant Star, though (another work by Shinkai Makoto-san... do you know it by any chance?)

I'm not so sure what to make of this, I must admit. I kinda like the mentioning of the movie's ending scene, and that Toono still remembers that situation. It might be unfulfilling for the readers' romantic streak that both seem to have moved on but oh well...

I would love to read the second chapter too, so could you do me the favour and translate it? I do speak a bit of Spanish but it's far too rusty to actually be reading in it or talking to a native speaker. I have tried my skills on the second chapter but I really can't figure half the content, and I'd just ruin your work by reviewing a chapter I don't entirely understand. -_- My apologies if I'm bothering you. I do like the first chapter so I'd love to read on.
lotus chapter 1 . 6/26/2011