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Guest chapter 1 . 9/23/2014
PalutenaxGanondorf(bad turned good)
SmasherX chapter 4 . 8/1/2011
This is very interesting... All of the most unused couples and you manage to make it work. Just... wow...

And can you do Mr.G&WxR.O.B?
Souldin chapter 4 . 7/30/2011
Unfortunately as I read this wonderful piece (of which I have been unable to read and review earlier due to my contest, and life in general) I constantly had my brother's three westies barking. Even now as I review this they continue to bark and while this proved a slight distraction for reading I shall not allow it to distract me from this review.

First off; thank you. Thank you for writing a fanfic on this rarely used pairing and thank you for making it such an amazing one-shot at that. The style is incredible, it’s distinct and poetic, and it flows well and narrates Ganondorf’s views from a first person perspective smoothly. The gerudo's thoughts and emotions are conveyed honestly, but worded well enough to make one consider it coming from Ganondorf. The plot was simple yet interesting, and for a small one-shot it was paced perfectly. In truth the style of writing, the focus on the thoughts of the protagonist, fits a shorter length best, and the interactions between Ganondorf and Jigglypuff were insightful. Insightful in how much of the characters they conveyed through witty remarks and level headed statements, all of which created a source of slight humour.

On the point of criticism, well it was a shame that more of Ganondorf’s attempts to decipher Jigglypuff's 'enigma were not told but I' m okay with that for reasons previously said. For such a poetic piece I felt the vocabulary could have been stronger, as the level of skill in this writing outclasses the level of vocabulary quite a bit. I also believe that moments involving other characters (they talk of others but often refer them as a group of people not worth their time and this grouping of several different personalities is odd in how they would all come across that way) could provide some intriguing scenes and different, maybe even conflicting (to the opinions of Jigglypuff and Ganondorf) insights.

It is different to what I expected and I never would have expected Jigglypuff to act like that but it is a sweet piece, a well written piece that flaunts a unique style of writing. Some may call this beautiful, others may call it majestic, I call this art. Fantastic job, keep up the amazing work!
Reader Guy chapter 4 . 7/22/2011
could you try mr game and watch and samus
Coli Chibi chapter 4 . 6/29/2011
Could you do a SonicxSamus story
WhiteCrow10 chapter 4 . 6/28/2011
You know what I love about you? I love how you can take a pairing that I've never even thought about before and make it a piece of art. I could actually picture these two characters having a relationship like you described. I really, really loved it! Can't wait to see what you can do with the rest of your pieces.
Sorceress of Shadows chapter 2 . 6/13/2011
I. Cannot. Believe this. This is amazing!

Gotta say, my favorite part is the time when Samus and Ike are on the rooftop together. Everything seems so perfect, and I am a fan of perfect.

So I will request the greater of two pairings, having just remembered it.

Dark Link/Zelda
darkstar108 chapter 3 . 6/13/2011
srry for being an iddiot and usint the 2 other account (you know wait and that) but otherwise i like how your usind a different concept to every one else where the reviewers get to choose the couples and that i have a few if you would like to know




peachx snake

and that it btw can i create an account on my dsi cause i cant find it.

darkstar108 out
RawkHawk2.0 chapter 3 . 6/12/2011
That was really good! Lyn was a bit too peppy, but apart from that, she was totally in-character. You seem to have a natural affinity for writing, which is something very few people possess. Well done.

Best Regards,

WhiteCrow10 chapter 3 . 6/12/2011
Awww... This one was so cute and fluffy. I really liked it. I don't really know much about Lyn's personality so I can't really judge much on whether she was in character or not but I thought she was fine for this. I like how you don't really lay down the romance like "in-your-face" but instead you take it slow while still indicated that there is something there. ) I just love your style and I can't wait to see more!

I'm also going to go ahead and request another pairing because it just came to mind... (we can do more than one right...?) I request Snake/Samus because it's my second favorite pairing in the SSBB universe. )

Can't wait for more!
Araceli L chapter 2 . 6/8/2011
...My word.

You have every single right to be proud of just blew everything I've wanted to write WHY can't I write like this? This was goregous. You have honestly moved me to tears. I'm sitting here, at 2:35 in the morning, with tears in my eyes. I Um. Wow. Incredible, dude. I think the only thing I've loved more than this from you was Beautiful Imperfection.

My only, ONLY problem: tense mistakes. I get the epilogue was purposeful, but a few others didn't make sense. And that's my only issue, the only flaw. The rest is flawless. Amazing.

I know I probably say this about all of your stuff, but this was mind-blowingly fantastic. And I know I also say this alot, but I really wish I could write like you. And it's not that I didn't mean it before, it's just that I mean it more this time. Make sense?

So, wow, thanks for writing this. Not because I requested it, because thank you for writing it.

~Araceli L
Igneel chapter 2 . 6/6/2011
What a story! You've done such an amazing job! it's sad but still beautiful. It's a long one shot but nothing hard to read, the story flows really well. The character's personalities are great too, they aren't OOC and that's something remarkable in a ssbb story, specially a romance one.

You let me speech less, I don't have nothing else to write but congratulations! bellisimo fic!

Ja ne!
WhiteCrow10 chapter 2 . 6/5/2011
Wow, this was just so well-written. Samus/Ike is not my OTP but thanks to your piece, I can see why people like the pairing. I can easily picture the characters together while reading this and everything is very well planned out. I really like the plot and GAH it was so sad! D You've done an amazing job with this and I can't wait to see more!

Also since you're taking requests... Can I commission an Ike/Marth? Since you're such a great writer, I'll leave the plot and setting completely up to you. All I really want is some fluff. I want you to have as much freedom as possible because I just know that you'll take the commission and turn it into something amazing like your awesome Samus/Ike oneshot. If you ever need help on it though, feel free to message me.

I can't wait to see more from you!

Mystical chapter 2 . 6/5/2011
I heard you're taking requests so...maybe MewtwoXSamus? Or LucarioXSamus? Or MewtwoXLucario(as a girl or boy, it doesn't matter)? We need more of those. But for now, can you try a pairing involving Mewtwo in it, especially perhaps one of the above with Mewtwo in them? Thanks.
Souldin chapter 1 . 5/31/2011
I have been holding back on reading and reviewing any of your stories for fear of leaking out any opinion I possess on your contest entry, 'Padagrims', however in your short time being on this site you've already managed to write up more fanfics than I have and my curiosity has peaked. Now I originally clicked onto this fanfic because I thought it was the contest you said you were planning to do and though it is not I must say this concept interests me. I myself have always wanted to do a one-shot collection but never would I have thought to do an interactive one.

Anyway, I'm usually against the uploading of a fanfic document with no story to it (which is why I spend so much time creating my contest chapters) however you have explained your reasoning for doing so and I will accept this. Your terms are well established and I like what few rules you have placed down for the commissions. No repeat pairings is a great thing to have and your acceptance of both yaoi and yuri, a thing that most interactive fanfic disallow is something I applaud you for. Also thanks for the mention.

Now as there’s no story in this chapter I can't really review this however I can make requests for pairings. As someone has already suggested my favourite smash bros pairing, LinkXSamus, and the fact that LinkXSamus pairings have gotten popular as of late I will request a one-shot on my second favourite Super Smash Bros pairing, GanondorfXJigglypuff. Though there have been one or two fanfics with GanondorfXJigglypuff in them there has never been a fanfic devoted to the pairing (the pairing is often a side story with a different pairing as the focused on couple). Now I'm not sure if I'm allowed to request more than one pairing but if I am, in order to both test your skills and provide the site with a completely original pairing, I also request a Metal MarioXDark Link pairing.

So to sum up I request a GanondorfXJigglypuff fanfic, and if you are willing too, a Metal MarioXDark Link pairing. Good luck with the commissions and your writing in general, and once the contest is over I’ll be sure to read a couple of your fanfics. Cheerio!
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