Reviews for Breaking The Rules
Kirschstein chapter 3 . 7/16
penis cock
AyameSukimori chapter 15 . 4/3
In all of the Uchiha stories I've read Mikoto is depicted as a loving wife and mother who could do no wrong. This depiction of Mikoto is a refreshing change of pace. I absolutely LOVE MadaIzu and you should definitely write more! All in all a awesome story! You've got yourself a fav!
Tobee chapter 1 . 3/5
Double date,
UniversalPetto chapter 15 . 3/1
Finally I understand everything! :D Awesome, awesome, aersome story! I want to read more of it tho TT
UniversalPetto chapter 14 . 3/1
Finally the Uchiha train xD I've been waiting for this even more than Izuna xD Loved it! :3 Great job, dear!
UniversalPetto chapter 13 . 2/28
Wooohooo :D Those two devils.. Playing with children's minds like that.. Can't wait to see them sharing a bed :3
UniversalPetto chapter 12 . 2/27
Madara and Sasukee! :D That was a good combination :3
UniversalPetto chapter 11 . 2/27
Damn, I haven't figured out anything xD I'm tempted to read the last chapter now xD Sasuke and Itachi are moving in with Madara and Izuna? Things are just getting more and more interesting :D
UniversalPetto chapter 10 . 2/25
THEIR mother must have been stupid! Sure, Mikoto, sure xD Still cannot figure out who Sasuke's real father is!
UniversalPetto chapter 9 . 2/25
This fanfiction is just getting more and more interesting with each chapter xD No studying for me anytime soon xD
UniversalPetto chapter 8 . 2/25
Holy crap, this is killing me! xD This story is so interesting, I can't stop reading it! Damn, I should be studying! :'D
UniversalPetto chapter 7 . 2/25
What's happening? Is Sasuke Mikoto and Madara and Izuna's father's love child? Madara and Izuna are so sweet :3
UniversalPetto chapter 6 . 2/24
What is the secret Izuna knows? I;m so curious now :D I can't believe Sasuke's really topping xD It's really hot, tho :3
UniversalPetto chapter 5 . 2/23
Izuna's such a horny bastard xD He's lucky that Madara is more reasonable than Itachi :P Or else he'd been locked somewhere xD
UniversalPetto chapter 4 . 2/23
xD Sasuke, you're playing with fire, my friend... Can't say I wouldn't do the same if I were him, tho...
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