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Stalianha chapter 11 . 10/16/2014
Wow. It just took me months to read all your serie but ... My, what a piece of work it is. There may be moments when I think this is too much centered on the couple and that there could be a little more interactions with some other characters, especially on Zelos'side but I think I understand your choice here.
That was anyway a very interesting journey by their sides that you offered us. It's a pity that after reading all those seven amazing stories I'm so short at words for a review. You did a good work explaining Zelos, and you managed to keep the character we all know all while showing a new person. I guess it was tricky and not easy to do, but you succeeded in it. And even if all this story was about characters' and relationship's building, you managed to keep it interesting and captivating. At some times I was really wondering what would happen to the two of them, I was getting anxious, fidgeting, laughing ... You managed to convey a lot of things trhough this. Sometimes I may have thought that this was too sappy, what with them apologizing over the same things over and over again but, hey, I think I would have do the same. It may be it's human nature.

Anyway that was wonderful. Thanks for the hard work, and I'm glad that writing this story helped you out for your life. Your writing is of a level that we rarely meet on this site and this kind of fandom especially. So, thanks again and, well, congratulations. Not everyone would have been able to see this through. Thanks again for this amazing work.
Kyu-Momo chapter 11 . 9/23/2013
How... HOW do your stories not have more reviews?!
This entire series was amazingly breathtaking. Wonderful job! :)
Wafle D chapter 11 . 7/9/2013 are a god! You just created a masterpiece with all its words!
Right now my brain can't process what I've read xD
It's incredible how you managed all the feelings, the emotions...
I felt like I was in a rollercoaster, with its moments of happiness and anguish.
Believe me, I think that I've just read a PIECE OF HEAVEN (with all its seven parts, numerous chapters, and words)
I have no words to describe it.
You are a fantastic writer, generally I don't read things that are so long , but I gave this piece of heaven an opportunity, and I don't have any regrets :3
Thanks ;)

P.D: Sorry for my english, it's not my first language xD
SeedOfJustice chapter 11 . 5/8/2013
Wow its over. Okay that was just amazing! You are a fantastic writer and this has to be one of my favourite stories of all time. I thoroughly enjoyed this emotional roller coaster I have been put on and would definitely go back on for another ride. Seriously I adore this story and it give Sheena and Zelos the happy ending they deserve. Thank You for writing this. Now I am off to read it again, you don't happen to have any spare tissues do you? I think I used all of mine. Must have been all that crying and laughing I did. Once again Great Job and Thank You for sharing this wonderful and heart-warming story with everyone.
SkywardKwill chapter 11 . 3/18/2012
I read the whole story and this is one of the best fanfics I ever saw. Seriously, I loved it.

Thank you.
BillyGomez chapter 11 . 2/10/2012
I started reading this story because while I played Tales of Symphonia I always picked up a "connection" between Zelos and Sheena, but then I could never actually fully describe their relationship, something that always bugged me for reasons unknown to me, I guess I just needed closure. So I searched through the web people who could actually describe it in a way that could satisfy me and I stummbled across this story and caught my eye, because of it's extention, so I began reading it, and then now that I finished reading it, the way you described it and wrote about their relationship... I couldn't think of a more accurate description...

I'm not much of a reader, much less a romantic reader, but damn...

I never show my emotions easily, not even to close friends nor parents, but this story... it touched me. Deeply.

I still don't know why, but this story had me grinning, fumming, worrying and also crying, but it did.

Also in this story I found lessons that some I knew and others didn't but specially, a lesson, one that is subtle and maybe you didnt expect to transmit, but still, I learned it. One that I'm not comfortable expressing... but is also one that I will remember always.

For that I give you my most sincere "thank you".

You have an amazing skill. Keep up the good work.
Lightning Samurai chapter 11 . 9/19/2011
Oh. My. God. This story was AMAZING! I just loved the development of the characters, the plot, everything! This is one of the few stories that has made me cry in both joy and sadness. I just can't help it with some of these scenes. The description is wonderful, and the scenes are well placed. The symbology behind the iris amazed me and just made me go, "Wow..something you never think about can have so much hidden meaning." And now it's making me take closer looks at the things in my life. So I thank you, for writing this WONDERFUL story.

Until next time~
Quistal chapter 11 . 6/1/2011
Thank you so much for writing this series.

Regardless of what others say, your writing is beautiful.

I love the internal monologues by the characters, and your characterization of those characters is astounding.

I truly loved this series, and there couldn't be a better ending.
Purest Shadows chapter 11 . 6/1/2011
Can I start off by saying that I'm mad at you? This amazing series is over, and I'm simply blown away. Again. Not like you'd ever failed to disappoint. And I'm so mad that there's no more waiting, there's no more anticipation in having more to read, no more novelty of not knowing what's coming next. It feels like when I finished the Deathly Hallows. You. Are. Incredible. You brought me up, you brought me down, you had me feeling every emotion Sheena and Zelos felt! I'm thoroughly awed by this. This is the best series on fanfiction. EVER.

So let me start by saying how happy I was that you addressed the issue of Sheena's real name. I had been pondering the iris for some time, but I was coming to a blockade. But when I read over the wedding, I realized that Zelos would come to learn of what Sheena's real name was. I'd been anticipating that reveal since then. And then it hit me! It was Iris. I wasn't able to look up another meaning for iris, and at first I was theorized that it was a symbol of engagement. But when I thought of her real name, and her iris engagement ring, I kinda pieced it together. I'm really glad it turned out this way, because my original theory is way lame compared to the actual one.

I'm also really happy that so many things from prior parts of the series made their way to the forefront, even as far back as Part 1! I love it when a story doesn't forget its roots, because it makes everything run so smoothly. I'm also really happy that we finally have resolve to all of the major plot points. Orochi, sex, whether they'd get married, Seles (one I was looking forward to the most), the iris, all of those plot points closed. And it was clean, though not perfect. Which made it perfect in the end, because reality is imperfect. That Seles started, not fully accepted Sheena. That Orochi is becoming more accepting of Zelos, but only as a start. It's nitty-gritty, not some failpolished work you find in other stories. The story itself is seamless, and there's even more callbacks to the game itself! Peeping Tom. I loved that it came up. I am a little disappointed that the title has been dashed (I always do love some dirty humor), but nevertheless, it worked. I also love that the perverted jokes were, while dirty, were tasteless. This includes the actual mention of sex itself. It's not described (or the rating would be different, haha) but the want of it is accurate, especially after only first having it.

I'm a little sad that as a reader, I'm not privy to the two unofficial weddings like how I imagine you've seen them in your mind. I was looking forward to the other members of the party around to witness the wedding, especially Raine herself, for her talk with Sheena earlier at New Years. It's the kind of stuff I'm sad for missing out on, but it may have caused the actual story to drag out...though I am VERY upset that I'm missing out on the hunnies losing their Chosen, permanently. I almost picture the scene from Beauty and the Beast, where Gaston is trying to marry Belle, and his "hunnies" are sobbing in the background. It'd be way too pleasing for me, haha! But alas, not quite.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out, and I'm just as upset that it's over. If you really are writing a novel of your own, I'd love to buy it once it gets released. I suppose it'll be the next thing I have to await from you! There's so much more I want to say, and I can't for the life of me remember it right now. I love it so much...IT'S OVER! WAHHH! I have an incredible respect for you. You're the type of author I aspire to be like. Keep writing, I'm gonna miss you!

~Purest Shadows
Ehecatl chapter 2 . 6/1/2011
It would seem my last review page ran out of words.. Anyway, I guess I'll finish here. I believe you may have said something about this before but if not, I'll ask. Have you considered writing novels as a profession? If not, then I must ask you... No... I must IMPLORE you to do so very, very carefully. I'll be honest with you. Fics like these are what I come here for and what I spend hours searching in vain for. But honestly? What the hell are you doing here? To put it plainly, Your work is TOO GOOD to be put here on the same webpage as countless fan fictions written by hyperactive teenagers and wannabes. Talk about a diamond in the dirt. You have far too much talent as a writer to be in this place, and I mean that. Someone like you should be writing fiction and becoming the next great author! If this was an experiment for you to see if you're good enough to take that leap, consider it a raging success then hurry up already and make that masterpiece that will give you the respect and prosperity you deserve! You are an amazing writer and have won my respect, that is for sure! With that, I think its time I end the longest review I've ever given (and the only one that matters as far as I'm concerned) and bid you adieu. I wish you so much luck and further success in all your writing endeavors. Be sure to drop a hint to your fans here if you do continue writing. I know I'll read. Thank you and have a wonderful life!

Yours truly,

Ehecatl chapter 1 . 6/1/2011
Wow... Wow... I'm amazed. I'm stunned. I'm an emotional wreck right now. And its all your fault. And as a man, I'm sincerely glad none of my friends are here to see me the way I am right now because I'd never hear the end of it...

I mean, oh my god. I don't react this way to fan fiction! Or any fiction for that matter! Sure I'm a bit sappy but I'm struggling to find my dignity within a torrent of emotional chaos and that, that doesn't happen. My... fiancee and the woman my heart has been proudly tethered to for 5 years now is living in Portugal right now; and I've always enjoyed your fiction because of how much the interaction between Zelos and Sheena reminds me so much of our own relationship. We plan on finally marrying next year and I can hardly wait to spend the rest of my life with her. We've been through so much. We've had good times. We've had bad times. We've broken up and come back together. Have dealt with countless hurdles and have both shared a good portion of happiness and pain together. In the past, I've hurt her and she's hurts me... Well, she hasn't hurt me in near as many ways as I hurt her and I've got some regrets I'm sure ill carry for the rest of my life. But we worked through everything. We're happy. And aside from the long distance that is only ever punctuated by occasional month long plane trips to see the other, we are content. We've been through things in our relationship others never have had to weather and we've survived things that would have forever shattered many couples. I don't mean to wax long about my relationship and personal life but I feel I must because I need to let you know how much your fiction means to me and how powerfully its effected me.

I mean... I can relate to everything these characters have been through in far more acute ways than I'd ever list here. Hell, one of the reasons I've loved the Zelos/Sheena relationship is because of how similar both characters are me and my own girlfriend (with some alterations of course. I am not nearly as awesome as Zelos, no matter how much I'd love to be :D). Sheena in the Tales series always has reminded me of my Silvia- and wouldn't ya know their names are even somewhat similar! And the matured, realistic events you put zelos ans Sheena through is so amazingly similar and incredibily accurate to how relationships work! I've no doubt in my mind that youve either been in a serious relationship and thus are writing from experience or that you are maybe even a relationship councilor. What you make Zelos and Sheena go through in their time together isn't some smutty, overly idealistic, naively contrived fairytale that some love-struck teenager would write, but a realistic and accurate portrayal of how REAL relationships actually work. Your fiction doesn't simply serve as a cute way to tie two fictious characters together through some sappy and wild escapade but actively tries to TEACH its reader a lesson about how romance works- and that, that is only one of the many reasons your Whatever Will Be series is so significant. But before I lose all since of structure in this review and ramble on endlessly, let me simply say that this work of sheer ART is one of the best fan fictions I've ever read simply because of how much it all reminds me of my own very beautiful relationship- and anyone who has been in a serious commitment should agree with me on how simply inspiring it is. I feel infinitely better having read it. Thank you so so very much.

Now harnessing and putting my turmultuous emotions aside, let me continue to explain why I think this is quite possibly the best fan fiction I've ver read. First thing I need talk about is the plot. I've already explained a few things a really loved of the plot but I'll continue. This a story that takes place right after the event of the first Tales of Symphonia and details the experiences of Zelos and Sheena over the course of a year as they pursue a romantic relationship with one another. During that year, they experience many hurdles and problems that test the strengths of their commitment even in the face of apparently impossible circumstances. These challeges inspire growth and teach both the characters and the reader valuable lessons of the importance of honesty, communication, faith, and perserverence; and, along the way, not does Zelos and Sheena's relationship grow, but they themselves grow into better people who learn to face their problems head on, enjoy each and every moment of life, and trust and be patient even in the face of insecurity and adversity. They grow not only to love one another but themselves as they conquer their own emotional weaknesses and faults in pursuit of a love and life theyve always yearned for. This plot is amazing. Not only do the characters grow into better people but the reader is put in the place of real circumstances that show the values of honesty, trust, stubbornness, sacrifice, openness, and confidence. And it does all of this, ALL of this while keeping in mind not just the story's already incredible theme, but the game's as well- namely, "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained" and of coursed, "Whatever Will Be, Will Be." It teaches the reader above all to value every moment of life and take nothing for granted. The future can be dark and insidious but both good and bad things are inevitable in people's lives. Spending existence worrying of them so much that one neglects the present not only is futile but prevents one from enjoying life. This is a very good theme and the way its put across is so masterfully done as it does this keeping very real and very tragic outcomes in mind, not simply subscribing to the view that everything in life will always be effortless and fine. Life does throw you curveballs but all one can do is handle those challenges in the moment, not by worrying incessantly to the point of causing problems. I went away from this story feeling invigorated and refreshed and it really has put life in perspective for me in a way I had NOT expected a fan fiction to do.

Secondly, I need to mention the characterization. This also is masterfully done from beginning to finish, with not just Zelos and Sheena but every character, even the OCs. I could feel Zelos and Sheena doing and saying everything here. The same can be true with every other Tales character and the experiences they go through send you from an emotional journey of laughter and happiness to tears, horror, sweetness, frustration, and wistfulness. The character development is... Honestly, astounding. I can safely say I will never read another tales fic again after this because I no longer can cope with Zelos or Sheena being portrayed any other way. Few fics ruin me to every other one, but the Whatever Will Be series just did, simply by how true it sticks to the characters while allowing them to grow and develop in a way that leaves you incapable of seeing them any other way. Yes... It is that amazing. As explained before, the OCs are so amazingly written that after reading this fic, you will not be able to NOT imagine them in the Tales story, even if they never appear in the game! The author makes them come alive in ways that not only make you love them but appreciate the way they contribute to the character growth of the main leads. This is no more true than with Michi, a beautifully written Mizuho child that not only contributes to Zelos's personal character growth but allows you as the reader to get a clear picture of Mizoho and its people, culture, and ways. Overall, I can't compliment the characterization enough. Its one of this story's most valuable aspects.

Another aspect that is to be loved of this fic is how complete it is. One could get away with reading only Mental Holiday and it be enough on its own as a stand-alone fic, but the rest of the story really makes this story as it tests Zelos and Sheena's budding relationship and helps them grow. By the end of this series, you can't help not feeling satsfied, as though you have experienced a long, beautiful, and enlightening journey and I know I will carry what I've learned from this fic on in my own life. The attention to detail and the research the author has done in concerns to the world and setting cannot be overlooked. I especially was impressed with the study obviously put into such details as Mizohu's ninjutsu and ninjutsu training, even going so far as to include training details that coincide with what many historians believe to be parts of what ninjas trained with, such as bombs concealed in egg shells and breathing underwater with the use of reads. I believe the author even mentions some real-world ninjutsu fighting techniques like nerve strikes and limb manipulation and included them as part of Tale's fictious ninja clan's training. Some inevitably would look at the length of this fic and believe it daunting, but the reward for reading simply is WORTH every hour. Despite the length, you can't help being completely and utterly enthralled from page to page, paragraph to paragraph, and sentence to sentence with the excellent dialog, heart-inspiring themes, beautiful description, dead-on characterization and development, and the sheer emotional ride it takes you on. This fic will lift you to the stars to crash you down to the earth only to lift you back up again.

For my closing thoughts, I want to really really thank the author. I don't know who you are or what you do in life but the Whatever Will Be series is by far THE best fan fiction I have ever read and I believe even exists! I mean, I've read a lot of fan fiction, including such greats works as Penfeather2000's Feathers in the Maelstrom, but this work even tops hers because for one) you finished it where as Feathers never was finished, tragically enough; and two) you work is simply... Better. I mean, I'm fickle for good reading and most of the crap on this site isn't worth
Rayni chapter 4 . 6/1/2011
Hello again! Thank you for keeping up with this saga. However, I'm going to have to bid you adieu halfway through chapter 4. And since I've been with you all this way, I've decided to write out my reasons for leaving, although I apologize in advance, knowing that what I'm about to write is going to sound pretty harsh. :( I just know that as someone, like yourself, who wants to become an author, I would appreciate such a critique, even though it hurt.

I was enchanted by the first story, and I've read the whole saga up to this point, but it has never for me recaptured the same spark it started with. Now, I find that I can't bring myself to read the rest. The characters just aren't realistic and lifelike when they over-analyze and over-over-analyze every little thing. It turns into a kind of map or treatise for relationships, rather than a story being told. It's gotten to the point where I just want them to have a real conversation, instead of each spoken sentence bogged down by a giant internal monologue, or worse, long explanatory speeches to each other that spell out their feelings and thought processes in minute detail. If you are a reader of YA fiction, you'll have noticed that books aren't written this way, full of very long paragraphs of characters' relationship analysis, and there's a good reason for that. The readers need to come to a lot of these conclusions themselves, rather than have it spelled out. I think this story would benefit greatly from more "show, don't tell" approach. How can body language, facial expression, and conciseness of description tell the reader what the character is feeling? I think another reason that I am quitting now, rather than much earlier, is that the repetition of the characters feeling the same feelings and coming to the same conclusions over and over has built up so greatly by the end of the story that it feels like there is nothing new to read here. Every paragraph of analysis has already been more than fleshed out in the preceding narrative, and it's getting very old.

Another problem is that the characters suffer huge bouts of doubt over things that they should have matured past by now. It is aggravating to read about characters who are too paranoid and insecure to believe what they are told over and over-namely, that they love each other. What are those words worth, if they are not believed, and both characters' hearts can still be broken so easily, after having spent so much time together? As a reader, this is what hurt me the most. Their love was so cheapened by this dual betrayal. And the way that both main characters thought it was okay to remain feeling guilty over their mistakes, trying to "spend the rest of their lives" making up for them, was pretty depressing. I hope you didn't really mean that. Forgiveness has to be in the hearts of both people so that they can move past those issues.

On the brighter side, a lot of their happier feelings, especially their pure, selfless, unconditional love, remind me of my own relationship with my husband (a man I often feel I don't deserve-and who feels the reverse with me!). I can tell you from my own experience that you have a solid and healthy idea of what true love is, and three cheers for sharing that with all of your readers as well.

Thanks for the ride, and good luck in the future!
Quistal chapter 4 . 5/31/2011
This chapter made me realize that we finally have come full circle, and the underlying issues are finally being weeded out, one by one. And of course, I couldn't be more elated that they're finally engaged! This chapter was wonderfully romantic. Keep up to great work!
Quistal chapter 3 . 5/31/2011
And of course, you had to go screw everything up, Sheena. Way to go. I really need them to get that happy ending. Like, now.

I'll probably end up reading all what, 11 chapters, and going to bed at 4 in the morning. I don't think I'll be able to get through finals tomorrow without finishing this...

Your writing is just too good.
Quistal chapter 2 . 5/31/2011
AAnd since I got all my unrelated ranting out last chapter, i'll just jump straight to my reaction to this one.

I can just see how this is going to turn out, and I absolutely hate how suspenseful Sheena is making this! They're definitely the right choices from a plot point of view, but I can't help but wish it would all work out nicely. Poor Zelos, he doesn't know what's in store for him...
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