Reviews for A Chance Encounter
tricorvus chapter 1 . 7/19
Very enjoyable. It’s good that it’s a different wrinkle.
Plus the Greengrass Family gets short shrift in canon.
xxnarufanxx chapter 28 . 7/18
nice story. i am looking forward to the sequel
Matt chapter 7 . 7/13
You must be American. Otherwise you'd know it's not a Sorcerer's Stone - it's a Philosopher's Stone. The morons who published the books for some reason decided to change the name of the stone in the American version, even though historically everyone in the world knows about the Philosopher's Stone. Even Americans.

"It also inhabits the Elixer of Life." and then a sentence fragment after that which is not a complete sentence.

The word is spelled Elixir, not elixer. Also, the stone inhabits the elixir? Inhabits means lives in. The stone lives in the elixir? That's nonsense. I don't know what you actually meant, but it's definitely not what you wrote. Perhaps you could find someone to proofread your story for spelling and grammar errors to avoid these kinds of things. Or use a word processor program, since pretty much all of them, even the free ones, have spelling and grammar checkers these days.
Arys Nightshade chapter 1 . 7/13
I really like this story, and would like to help improve it by pointing out a minor thing that bugged me. The snake that harry talks to for confirmation of his parslemouth powers is described as having a triangular shaped head, usually an indicator of a venomous snake, but the species was said to be a garden or grass snake, both of which do not have triangular shaped heads. This is just a minor nitpick from someone who is way too into reptiles and most normal people wouldn’t notice it, but it bugged me nonetheless. Great story regardless.
Brian.H.H chapter 28 . 6/16
Finally finished it. Took a break when something else caught my attention for a week or 2. With your great writing it’s hard not to love this, and I really like it. I won’t say it’s one of my favorite but it’s pretty high. And after all of this time I can’t help but nitpick the part where hermione wasn’t top in the class. That bugged me a little. But now that that’s done I can continue to shovel praise on the story... or not that I think about it, start the next one. Sorry bud I got a story to start!
Raymondjay41 chapter 1 . 6/10
Great story
Abriv chapter 28 . 5/15
Wonderful love this twist to a favorite tale
mumphie chapter 28 . 5/9
Loved it. Hope you move with more chapters in the sequel!
mumphie chapter 24 . 5/9
Awe, Dobby didn't get saved!
mumphie chapter 19 . 5/9
I REALLY want Harry to find out he's a terrific flier.
jeroen1758 chapter 28 . 5/2
Great AU, Look forward to your sequel!
RyanMK666 chapter 7 . 4/22
you know i was really enjoying this... but you had to go and call it the Sorcerer's stone didn't you... other than that i do love this story xD it's just a british thing we get slightly irritated when it's not called the philosophers stone xD anyway back to reading
livetolaugh chapter 10 . 4/20
interesting dynamics, I hope that later years begin to diverge more and more from the original plot. I like your characters a lot, but it did get a (little) bit repetitive reading the exact same events, plot point to plot point as they happened in canon. Your perspective is unique though; I enjoy the friendships forged! Now, onto second year! :) Here's to hoping for some new twists!
KTMac66 chapter 28 . 4/9
Nicely presented story. I hope you will find the time to keep working on the next instalment.
Thank you
Guest chapter 7 . 3/29
I knew Remus was going to take him there! I am a psychic! Yupee
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