Reviews for A Chance Encounter
BillBrink chapter 10 . 47m
I loved your ideas for both the Stone test and Flamel's gifts. I never understand why so many fic authors use all the tests as they were written in canon. Good use of your imagination. After all, it's YOUR fic. I'm enjoying the story. Thanks for sharing it.
Canven chapter 28 . 14h
Just finished this story after binge reading it. I've gotta say it was a truly enjoyable read and I can't wait to read the sequel
Emerald Rose nee Potter chapter 28 . 16h
Ok so this whole thing is just awesome from start to finish and I can't wait for the sequel.
eiela80 chapter 28 . 2/23
I very much enjoyed this, particularly Theo Nott being a more three dimensional character, and Dumbledore being pretty canon, but willing to admit mistakes. Looking forward to seeing the sequel!
Dogco94 chapter 28 . 2/23
Hope you start the sequel soon. This is a great story!
Simianpower chapter 5 . 2/21
I really wanted to like this, but your insistence on shoehorning in all the major canon events despite Harry being in Slytherin really takes away from the story. It's just like rereading canon with minor differences and an unrealistic pace. I know I'm only 5 chapters into a 28 chapter story, but when each chapter has me going "Really? REALLY?!" over and over I don't think I'm going to enjoy doing that another 20 times, so I'll just bow out now. Thanks for posting.
WhiteElfElder chapter 5 . 2/21
what was this supposed to say, ", Harry had to act. In a"?
Simianpower chapter 4 . 2/21
This chapter doesn't make a lot of sense. First Harry left the group to deliver Neville's Remembral, and told his friends. But when Draco and his goons also disappeared to follow him, that's 30% of the entire class, and that would be easily noticed. And even assuming that his friends didn't have his back on that, when he didn't show up in the library after, say, 45 minutes, they would have looked for him, and likely not given up as soon as they found he wasn't in the hospital. Not when he was gone for hours.

As a way to get him to meet the Weasley twins, each individual step makes sense, but only if you take it in a vacuum; if you include all the prior events, it falls apart. And there's no way in hell that the Weasleys would show the "secret to their success" to a first-year Slytherin who they literally just introduced themselves to, no matter what his name might be. Even in canon third-year, being his housemate for years and after he saved their sister's life, it was a tough thing for them to do. And then you force Harry to meet the Cerberus really early. This whole chapter just feels railroaded, and lacks some basics of character motivation and common sense.
Simianpower chapter 2 . 2/20
So, the secret location of the Slytherin dorm is down the hall from the potions class, which is taught by the head of Slytherin, and the super secret password is Slytherin's first name? The single word MOST associated with Slytherin? I mean, canon wizards are generally pretty stupid, but that's Olympic level dipshittery right there!
JPElles chapter 28 . 2/20
Always a good read. Cant wait for the sequel.
Tanathar chapter 28 . 2/20
Really great story. Very much look forward to the sequel.
mlkoolc86 chapter 28 . 2/20
Can't wait for the sequel!
Simianpower chapter 1 . 2/19
Why would the pureblooded Greengrasses use the Muggle entrance to the platform rather than the Floo? Interesting idea, but the basic premise seems flawed.
Lady Isabelle Black chapter 28 . 2/19
Please post a message when the sequel has been posted
Matecito chapter 1 . 2/18
OMG! I need the sequel! This was so good! Please keep going.
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