Reviews for Snowflakes in August
branWenNsstonesxX chapter 1 . 3/23/2013
God I just get chills when you write for Olivia...
one.long.melody chapter 1 . 5/31/2011
What a nice surprise it is to see this posted - and with such a lovely dedication! Thank you, Rainbows!

There isn't much else I can say about this that hasn't already been said, I don't think. I would, however, like to comment on the imaginative and plausible detail concerning Olivia's reason for disregarding Corinne's letters in the canon. I - as many others who read FITA did, I am sure - had always presumed it was her anger with Corinne and the influences of John Amos that led her to make such a decision. But the fact that she was doing it to PROTECT her daughter is such a lovely twist. Yet, at the same time, this does not force Olivia to stray from the limits of her original character. Not always a difficult feat to pull off, but you've managed to do it with massive amounts of vitality and success - congratulations!

(My initial recoil from John Amos's censorious judgment of Corinne had been worn away, overshadowed by gratitude for the comfort he had given us, throughout the years. I should not doubt the man's inspired wisdom. Indeed, there was some frightening power, larger than my own will, at work, permeating Foxworth Hall.)

Excellent way to explain Olivia's reason for going along with John's plan. I always knew the scheme had to have been his own; it just doesn't seem to be within Olivia's power to come up with such a thing all by herself. The love she has for her daughter and sons in GoS proves just that.

In conclusion, "Snowflakes in August" is yet another product of your remarkable imagination, and one that is destined to be enjoyed by VCA fans for all eternity.