Reviews for Adjustments
ImNotStubborn chapter 17 . 8/21
I don't even know how to say it anymore, thank you so much for writing this and posting it, I'm almost sure everything but that last chapter fits in with what actually happened in the show so kudos on being sort of a psychic! x)
I really enjoyed this story and I'll definitely check more of your writing, because even though I haven't read many Bones fanfics, this is one of the most in character, clever and well-written one I've seen so far. Even the character development you wrote for Brennan here works perfectly and fills in blanks I've always felt in canon, and that's a difficult one.
Thank you so much for all of this!
ImNotStubborn chapter 16 . 8/21
I lost it at "There's a cat in the lab?" hahaha
This was as sweet as it was funny, from Angela and Cam's reaction to Hodgins' (nice touch, by the way! it totally works that he figured it out)!
ImNotStubborn chapter 14 . 8/21
I've now been crying for two chapters. Thanks so much x)
ImNotStubborn chapter 11 . 8/21
Filler chapters this good definitely do.
ImNotStubborn chapter 9 . 8/21
Great, now I can't even be mad because the angst is so well written and it all makes so much sense from Brennan's pespective. Aaaaah.
ImNotStubborn chapter 6 . 8/21
Well this might turn into a stalker-ish review fever but I don't care, because this was so damn fitting? And Angela's line at the end, like, that's art right there.
You truly have a talent to write all of those characters, this feels like reading the scripts of missing episodes between seasons 6 and 7.
Thanks for sharing this!
ImNotStubborn chapter 5 . 8/21
I hated the hannah sh*t sooooooo much and it's really nice to read a fic that addresses it in that way! I love how you're explaining Booth's behavior, especially since, considering the poor job they did with this storyline in canon, it can't have been easy!
Also, even if I do find it a bit ooc for Brennan to be that open in front of Sweets (though your justification and her doing it for honesty and for them as a couple are at least half convincing me), I find your Sweets truly and completely in character, I could hear his voice in my head the whole time! And Booth sharing to reciprocate Bones' honesty totally works, too.
Again, Thanks! Loving this fic so far, I hope I get to read how the team learns it all (since s7 was cruelly devoid of that part :/)
Wolfegal chapter 17 . 6/1/2016
Just a great story! I've read it a couple of times and it makes me smile each time :) Excellent job!
Staceyyyy chapter 17 . 7/28/2015
This story was very sweet. Thank you for the much needed fluff :))
angeliena chapter 17 . 7/7/2015
Oh I like it! Thanks
Adelled chapter 17 . 7/5/2015
Well written, emotionally satisfying. Thank!
Snowgirl01 chapter 17 . 6/11/2015
please please please post more it's 2015
Bones2014 chapter 17 . 2/7/2014
Another beautiful story. I loved it! You are an awesome writer!
Guest chapter 17 . 1/1/2014
you r supab abt these xcterz and ur work rocks
Julie SBXMomX chapter 17 . 9/7/2013
I have just found your stories and I have to say this one was just magic. I really wish the show would of expanded more in their adjustment as a couple and the reveals to friends, etc. How they got around the working together with the FBI ruled. Lovely story. Thx
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