Reviews for A Leap of Faith
Laurnarose chapter 24 . 5/3/2013
What a wonderful story. I dearly love the kiss on the seal of Alaric's letter. This truly speaks of true love that was forged between Richenda and he. I loved the moment Richenda thought Alain the hunter must have been a retainer of Corwin. She had never guessed that it was the Duke himself. It was a question that had come to mind before when rereading the original story.

I have to say that in the beginning I was a little leery of the first person point of view. Almost like reading someones diary. However, it did not take long to completely fall into the story and within a few chapters I was hooked. By the end, i thoroughly enjoyed reading the story as Richenda saw it. Well done.
emjalen08 chapter 24 . 8/25/2012

Since I've read through the whole story, instead of going back and leaving a review for each chapter, I thought I'd just write one at the end. Though I read this story on KK's Rheumth website, it was nice to read it here in this format and gave me a greater appreciation of the story.

A Leap of Faith was written wonderfully- as a Deryni series fan, somewhat of a feminist, and definitely an Alaric Morgan, I am thrilled you added your story to FFN's cache of Deryni stories. I applaud your ability to go into the domestic- and not so domestic- back story of Richenda, Bran, and their marriage. You've made Richenda an intelligent woman in her own right who grows and it was great to read. The different view you've offered for characterizations was also interesting to enjoy, especially the one on Morgan- who to Richenda isn't so much the great Deryni duke as a man who loves her.

A lovely story overall and a lovely ending. Perhaps you'll post more on them?
Evie Delacourt chapter 24 . 7/11/2012
I liked this story when you first posted it on the Rhemuth Castle forum, but I think I like it even more now that I've had a chance to read it all straight through in an afternoon rather than a chapter at a time over several weeks. So many wonderful moments in it, it's hard for me to pick a favorite (though the cardounet victory over Denis ranks pretty high up there, and of course any scene with my beloved Duncan in it... ;-) ). I think you did a fabulous job of retelling the canonical story from inside Richenda's mind and clearing up some of the more puzzling bits and filling in the behind-the-scenes gaps. I love the dimensionality you've given to Bran Coris-you've shown enough flashes of his dark side even earlier on in the story to foreshadow the treachery to come later, and that the potential to sink to such depths was always in him, and yet you didn't simply show us a two-dimensional villain, but gave us enough glimpses of his more noble qualities and his love for Brendan. This portrayal makes it easier to understand why, despite his betrayals, Richenda retained some measure of loyalty to the man's memory, if not devotion.
toniannmh chapter 24 . 6/11/2011
I am sorry this story is over, it was gripping from beginning to end. Very entertaining.
oldname chapter 1 . 6/2/2011
This story was originally posted to my other FFN account and received this review from FF member Sabrina :

Wow. I read through all 24 chapters in one sitting and absolutely loved this story. You've managed to take what we know about the canon characters - Richenda, Brendan, Alaric, Duncan, et al - and added more dimensions without changing them artifically. There was not a single false note in the entire story. I especially like that you wrote Richenda as not knowing details (such as the Camberian Council identities) that she would not have been privy to.

I've always found it a bit surprising how quickly Kelson forgave Bran's armies and kept the earldom for Brenda without any other consequences. I found the historical accuracy of this problematic. And I like that you touched upon this issue as well.

You've inspired me to go back and reread the Deryni series and I can't wait to read more of your writing.