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Aegorm chapter 28 . 8/26
Oh god, this was brilliant
Wanderlust No Tsubasa chapter 43 . 6/29
I seriously love how you wrote the story. Everything is just wonderful.
FFFG chapter 43 . 6/9
Hello there, I've enjoyed reading this and a few other of your stories over the past few nights. I will readily admit that I find your Kakashi in this story very OOC, I can appreciate how you were trying to craft him. I also like how you've changed the team dynamics to show a major fault in Sasuke's reasoning abilities and portraying him as the on-the-cusp character he really is. You've also managed to create a credible way for him to avoid falling into Orochimaru's trap and to remain loyal. As for Sakura, well, I'm not sure I can agree with how you've been leading her, mostly in deference to the canon shippuden, but I do like how you've managed to have her overcome her obsessive reliance on Sasuke's approval and rather had her focus on an external goal. Thank you for the read! KTN
TangyCitrus chapter 43 . 6/1
HO-HO~ what a twist at the end, placing sasuke on Team 8 with Hinata, Kiba & Akamaru, and kurenai as the jounin sensei. how's that going to work and end up i have no clue. also, i can't believe he had been kidnapped by the sound 4 and refused the offer of power from orochimaru because he was smart and sensible enough to see that there would be a heavy price to pay and he's better off without it.

poor kakashi took on his first team and lost them within what, a year and half? what also sucks for him was that he wasn't able to get on better terms and status with naruto before he had to leave with jiraiya.

will sakura be capable of becoming a talented and strong kunoichi medic? i hope so since she actually kind of grew on me in this series.

can't wait to see how naruto does on his journey with jiraiya and learning how to manage an intelligence network. is orange no longer in his future until he makes jounin?

thank you so much for writing and sharing this!
take care and have fun! you deserve it for all the amazing stories you've written -of that i have read.

im off to the next part! :D
TangyCitrus chapter 42 . 6/1

that's all that i can mostly say about this chapter except for laughing at shikamaru for having to drag his father home because he was drunk and his friends too drunk also to help along with being surprised and wondering at Naruto getting Itachi's old uniform because I highly doubt his name was sewn on as a joke like Naruto thinks.

also, where was sasuke in the celebration? he's not throwing a jealous fit or angry or something, is he?

one last thing: darn! naruto's not going to be wearing orange anymore!
one more last thing: what's going to happen to Team 7 and what's kakashi and jiraiya going to do?
TangyCitrus chapter 41 . 6/1
whooooooooooo! Naruto's been promoted to Chunin! yeessssss!
Congrats Naruto~

I love that we got to hear Tsunade's opinion of the fights in the finals and why she and others felt the three male genins deserve to be promoted.
i wonder how the others will take the news? will they be given advice or told why? and most importantly, will Naruto stop wearing orange or will he be the exception to the usual like he said Sakura would be?
TangyCitrus chapter 40 . 6/1
hmm, wow, those are some food for thought for Sasuke to nibble on. I hope he chews them up thoroughly and lets himself digest them before he decides anything.

the cure genjutsu tsunade uses to help the two get out of the tsukuyomi is interesting and i'm glad you explored how it came to be, how it works, and that we got to experience how it happened first hand with Sasuke.
TangyCitrus chapter 37 . 6/1
Zabuza's thoughts on his future child and the things he has to do for his wife never fail to make me laugh. :P
TangyCitrus chapter 34 . 6/1
oh boy, just when sasuke was becoming a better person and changing for a good reason, he regresses or is forced back. i hope he didn't go back too much or else there might not be a saving grace for him.
TangyCitrus chapter 33 . 6/1
oho~ so sasuke calls naruto by name now and he's on his way to warn naruto of the danger he's in and the people after him, not to get his revenge as his only nor most important goal.

sucks for Gai though, having to be the one to chase after him and take him back to Konoha.
TangyCitrus chapter 31 . 6/1
i was kind of hoping the sandaime wouldn't die because though he has his faults and he didn't always make the best decisions, he has a place in my heart and also because he was precious to Naruto. Seeing Naruto hurt isn't fun and doesn't make me happy and hearing he lost it and went crazy on a wide area of forest, it's sad to imagine and i sympathize with him.

i love all the interesting bits you add about others, put things in their perspective or we see them as spectators, the parts about the other kages, the radio, and whatever else so it's not concentrated in one area or on just a few people. of course the main characters are still the focus and the main characters, but we get to see or learn what else is going on elsewhere with other characters we've come across.
TangyCitrus chapter 30 . 6/1
Hm, I just love that part with Kakashi talking to Sasuke and telling him what he really thought about him and tried to get Sasuke to think, to possibly change.

aaw, Gaara. you poor wittle baby panda - or should it be raccoon?- please tell me he'll stay alive and he'll be back and he and Naruto can try and BE friends next time. i've always loved their friendship and the bromance they developed, it'd be a shame for it to not happen here. although the fight between the two seemed a little anticlimatic and easy to me, it was still good and held meaning.
TangyCitrus chapter 29 . 6/1
oh boy, here we go!

ooh, i see some people are unhappy or angry about Kakashi training him similar to Lee and that Sasuke is using that in the finals.

on another note, freakin' Sasuke and his arrogance, his feeling of entitlement to anything he wanted, his frequent jealousy fits, his undeserving of being taught the chidori and not being thankful or respectful to Kakashi for teaching it to him let alone for the month long of one-on-one training he got too.

Haku and Zabuza are on their way to Konoha? why exactly? maybe to be there in person to congratulate or consolidate Naruto if he won or lost?

i can't believe someone made a bet that the chunin exam will "end in an invasion prior to the completion of the finals" but they sure did win quite the hefty amount of money

dang itachi. his dark is just below the surface waiting for the status of Konoha and if he needs to get murderous.
TangyCitrus chapter 28 . 6/1
hahahaha Akatsuki. really. sometimes they just don't seem like a threat.

i love all the support and well-wishers or betters for Naruto. I wonder how they'll all react to the news of the attack on Konoha or if the radio will just be cut off and they're left to worry and wonder what happened.
TangyCitrus chapter 27 . 6/1
yay Lee beat Kankuro!
wow, Sakura, superficial and shallow much?
i see Sasuke still has an attitude problem and that it might have gotten worse.
Sucks for Kakashi who has to put up with sasuke and is feeling sad and frustrated with his relationship, or lack of, with Naruto. Is Sakura giving him grief or problems too?
Poor Neji. I think he would have turned out better and not have become the hateful, "Fate" believing, pathetic asshole he is if his uncle had given him the letter from his father way earlier, when he should have. I hope he takes naruto's words to heart and changes himself as soon as possible. Unlike sasuke, the idiot.
Shikamaru is always so smart and lazy and amusing. Naruto's "you got paid?!" XP
whoo Sakura! glad to see she put up a great fight and used what she's learned effectively.
once again, sasuke with that belittling nature of his and not even changing his opinion much on Sakura after seeing her fight.
he seriously needs an attitude adjustment.
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