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Keiko Braginski chapter 5 . 12/1/2014
I'm going to put my only human OC in with all 4 of the digimon partners I paired her with. So here she is.
Name: Aura Powers
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Appearance: Black hair with vampire pale skin along with sea-blue eyes. Wears a black shirt with a red bat in the left corner. Wears red and black shoes, and normally blood red socks.
Personality: Is a strong, wise, and daring gal. She takes on any challenge head on. She enjoys sitting in the shade on a warm summer day, and enjoys any mystery, sci-fi, or fantasy book. Tends to stay far away from others.
Digivice: Black D-Power, with red ring and a dark blue strap. Has blood red petals on the sides.
Partners: WhiteImpmon( white fur, black bandana, grey gloves and no smile. Violet eyes), BlackPalmon( white lily, black body with blood red eyes),GreyGatomon( grey fur, black gloves, no tail ring, emerald eyes), and Leormon.
WhiteImpmon line: Sorcerermon, Reapmon, WhiteBeelzemon( grey mask, black/violet eyes, white leather outfit, no guns, duel samurai swords on back )
BlackPalmon line: Tanamon( In-Training), Togemon, BlackLilymon( black shoulder hair, dead leaf wings, red eyes,and white skin), NightLotusmon.( black lotus, normal cloak with digi-code around the edges, pale blue skin)

GreyGatomon line: Salmon(Rookie), Persianmon(Ultimate), BlackLaylamon( White hair, grey eyes, pale skin, black dress, no nazar. Mega)

Leormon: Leomon( Champion), IceLeomon( Ultimate), Duftmon(Mega)
Aura Bio: Aura lived with her step parents and little brother and sister. She was the only thing protecting her siblings from harm. Their mother died giving birth to her brother, and their father left them. Aura had to keep her partners a secret from her family or else she was in deep trouble. She got WhiteImpmon about three weeks after herself and her sibling were sent to their adopted. The same goes for her other partners.

WhiteImpmon bio: A clever digimon and treats Aura, and her other partners like family. He has a small crush on GreyGatomon but every time someone tells him that they get smashed. He loved to pull pranks like any Impmon but would never cause serious harm. He doesn't like to lose, but when he does he accepts it. He lived in the Dark Area until the leader of his clan kicked him out.

BlackPalmon bio: A sweet and kind plant digimon that attracts the eyes of all males. Sadly, for them she has her eyes only on Leormon. Sadly for her he likes GreyGatomon. She doesn't back down from a fight and loves nature. Unlike normal plant digimon, BlackPalmon can use attacks from fire, and ice digimon.

GreyGatomon bio: A charming Digi-cat that sadly, attracts both male and female digimon. Sadly, for them she has her eyes only on WhiteImpmon. Like him she keeps it a secret. She wears a blue rose in her left ear( in mega its in the left side of her hair) that was given to her by her mother. She enjoys long naps in the shade and loved to read a good enjoys talking to BlackPalmon because they have a lot in common. She doesn't like anything girly. Like WhiteImpmon, she lived in the Dark Area.

Leormon: He loves to play in the sun and messes around with WhiteImpmon. He only hatched a few weeks ago but can digivolve to Mega. He hates it when he doesn't get attention and is the main strategist in Aura's team. He also tends to keep his fur as clean as it can be. One speak of mud, or Digi Sludge and your dead data.

Interesting Facts: Aura can see into people and Digimon's hearts. She can also see the dead spirits of humans and Digimon alike. WhiteImpmon can use attacks that some mega's can use. BlackPalmon has the nickname of Blackly and can cause a whole room to turn into ice. GreyGatomon is sometimes called Cloud or Topaz. WhiteImpy is Leormon's nickname for WhiteImpmon but We call WhiteImpmon, Storm. Leormon has a dark side to him and when he gets mad enough he changes into BlackLeormon or into FireLeomon if he is in Ice Leomon, this goes for his other digivolutions as well.

I hope I get in!
Samantha Peace HeartStar chapter 1 . 8/30/2013
Hi I'm Mary I'm 14 and am a girl. I have chocolate brown eyes and firery red hair. My usual outfit is my red t-shirt with a ribbon crest of love sewn on,my black fawx mink fur shrug sweater, my black skirt with my digivice clipped on the side, my red leggings , and my black platform wedge heels. My other outfit is a pale pink and lilac dress with silver leggings and my black platform wedge heels. I'm usually friendly and out going,but when I'm mad it's best to keep your distance. My digivice is called a D Deluxe because of the fact that it allows s me and Gato to spirit digivolve. My digimon is a pink Gatomon which is basically what it sounds like. Gato has basically the same personality as me, but she loves sushi and I hate it. Gato digivolves into Violet Angiwomon and spirit digivolves into LIGHTRAMON and Crystellamon. I live in a small town in Pennsylvania with my mom,dad,little brother Scotty and my adoptive sister Sammy. Gato kinda came out of nowhere one day when I was playing soccer with my friends. All of a sudden a bunch of other digimon came out of nowhere and started calling me the digital princess. The next thing I knew was I had to pick one of them to be my partner so I chose Gato. Oh a few more things Sammy is coming with me if we get accepted and hang on a minute she was just here a second ago well I'm gonna ignore that. Any way when Gato spirit digivolves so do I . I digivolve into Angelicamon and l Lady Shadowmon. By the way Sammy has bright purple hair and has blue and purple star shaped flowers woven into her waist length braid.
Digigirl0202 chapter 1 . 3/9/2012
Name: Sami booker

Age & Gender: 14 girl

Appearance blonde blue eyes dark jeans red shirt black jacket

Personality: dark around stranger but nice to close friends

Digivice: d-3

Digimon lamamon

Digimon Personality: energetic

Digimon Evolution line: salamon lamamon daemon destinimon

Bio of both you and digimon me shy kinda dark funny lamamon energetic funny (kinda like v-mon

Facts A singer love to read match maker lamamon hates to sit still and loves to make trouble
Digigirl0202 chapter 1 . 3/9/2012
Name: Sami booker

Age & Gender: 14 girl

Appearance blonde blue eyes dark jeans red shirt black jacket

Personality: dark around stranger but nice to close friends

Digivice: d-3

Digimon lamamon

Digimon Personality: energetic

Digimon Evolution line: salamon lamamon daemon destinimon

Bio of both you and digimon me shy kinda dark funny lamamon energetic funny (kinda like v-mon

Facts A singer love to read match maker lamamon hates to sit still and loves to make trouble
Diao Lover chapter 5 . 8/11/2011
with Kukai you should be able to write the next chapter soon
Guest chapter 1 . 8/3/2011
Robert davis here My character is 5,7
Guest chapter 1 . 8/3/2011
Name:Robert Davis Age and Gender:14 Male Appearence:he's cacassian with curly hair and glasses and a scar on his right arm he wears a black casual jacket with a red shirt underneath and wears dark blue cargo pants with black shoes that had 1's and 0's all over. Personality:goofy most of the time and when he gets a chance to pull a prank on someone he takes it but he can be serious at times and helps anyone in need. Digivice:Digivice Accelerator Digimon:Acceldramon is a blue dragon with claws hind legs has a mask over his face a medium sized tail and is fast. Digimon Personality:Same as Robert Digimon Eveloution line:speedmon baby quickmon baby2 furymon rockie acceldramon champion raymon ultimate crossmon mega Bio:Robert was born and raised in texas until he moved to california at the age of 7 because of his fathers job when he was 10 he went on a school field trip he fould a deer that had a wounded leg he was scarded of the deer dying to he took it to the camp site where the tried the best they can to heal it but was about to die crying over the dying deer a digivice appearded out of a tree and speedmon was born speedmon used it time powers to bring him back when the deer got ijured when they stoped this they went back to they're original time. Facts Acceldramon likes anything fast Robert can see and hear things miles away even without his glasses and he can also tell when someone is lieing.
twilitNavi chapter 5 . 6/28/2011
Name: Annabell Green

Age & Gender: 15, female

Appearance (clothing as well): five foot five, white, chest length blonde hair with inch long blue tips, blue-gray eyes. Wears a grey turtleneck sleeveless dress that goes to half way above the knee with black shorts underneath, a brown newsboy cap with silver goggles just above the cap part, black and white striped stockings and black heeled combat boots with bright blue laces.

Personality: she's shy to strangers but if you get to know her is quite open about things. She has a hard time consentrating because she has an overactive imagination and always see things out off the corner of her eye that aren't there.

Digivice: umm, I can make one up right? If I can it's like the D-tector design but it's voice activated and well digivolves terriermon.

Digimon: Terriermon (male)

Digimon Personality: sits on her head all the time and acts as blinders to help her focus, he's kinda like her teather to reality and makes sure she does what she's suppost too ( if he can!)

Digimon Evolution line: ya, I'm on my iPod so I can't check but I know first it's the bunny in the jeans with machine gun hands.

Bio of both you and digimon: comes from a broken home with five brothers and a sister. Tended to be the quiet kid and didn't have many friends so she started to make up worlds for herself full of friends but she let that rule her life and couldn't accept reality anymore. Terriermon helped her find a place in the real world and was her first real friend.

Facts: she dosen't like chocolate and will sometimes start talking to "her friends" if terriermon leaves for to long. She likes higher up places for no apperent reason to anyone but her and is vegitarian.(no that does not mean that she only eats peanut butter like some might think)
Super garurumon chapter 5 . 6/27/2011
HEY! anyone reading this! Check out BlizzardGreymon's rated M OC fic.

*Stands on plastic basket* That's right rated M! you can put all kinds of stuff on your OC! So lets abuse that rating! Eh? WHOS WITH ME! Dan wan?
Kairi Avalon chapter 3 . 6/27/2011
Great story. Thanks for using Zoey. Hope to read more soon.
S.G chapter 5 . 6/20/2011
you know what you should do? read my responses to mobooby or whatever, they'll make you laugh.

And also you should pair up Digimon4Life's character Nikko with Keiko*Snickers* they're names rhyme. Nikko is basically a male version of Keiko anyway. *Rolls eyes* i'll call it Nikiko? Keikko? Neiko? whatever. the idea just came to me.

If ya didn't know Keiko is pronounced Key-co(-operation) -
Jayce Signmorou chapter 5 . 6/19/2011
Some one flamed you? Well they shouldn't have. You guy's rule.
comicfan616 chapter 5 . 6/19/2011
Well, look on the plus side: you got that out of the way early. Jayce did something similar to this in the "tenth chapter." Personally, though, I think you handled it better. Jayce just used like 1 sentence. You girls (I'm assuming your both girls and there are two of you) actually made use of it.

I'll be waiting for the next chapter.

Angelic Tay chapter 1 . 6/17/2011
Name:Jade Rika Winter

Age & Gender:14,Female

Appearance (clothing as well):Short Non-even Black Hair w/ Neon Blue,Pink,Red,Green highlights,Green Eyes,Clothing is Blood Red Top(Has Butterfly's on it),Black Jeans,Black&Red Flats,and has Gold Heart Pendant that has a Wolf jumping out of it

Personality:Tomboy,Hates Homework,can be a Loner somethings,Loves Fighting,and Rule breaking

Digivice: Black and Red(Digivice Burst)

Digimon (you can have more than one but four is the limit you can make up one but give a good description!):

1)Lopmon(Terrirmon's Twin Sister)



Digimon Personality:

1)Lopmon is Protected of Rika and can be cold hearted to these she doesn't know and can be Motherly

2)Gatomon has a Mischievous Nature,Motherly,and is over Protected of Rika

3)Terriermon is Laid back and often uses the word Momentai(Means No Problem)

Digimon Evolution line:

Lopmon-Conomon(Baby),Kokomon(In Training),Lopmon(Rookie),Antylamon(Ultimate)


Terriermon-Zerimon(Baby),Gummymon(in Training),Terriermon(Rookie),Gargomon(Champion),Rapidmon(Ultimate),MegaGargomon(Mega)

Bio of both you and digimon:

Rika's-Lost her Parents When She was 5, at the age of 8 Found Terriermon&Lopmon being beat by some teens and stopped them after that they came friends then came Gatomon at the age of 12 she was being chased by a DATS Member who told her to give Gatomon to him but didn't and now at the Age of 14 she is a Member Of DATS

Lopmon&Terriermon-Don't rember much only how they met Rika&Gatomon

Gatomon-Lived in DATS Institute for as long as she can rember then left met Terriermon,Lopm,and Rika and is now Their Partner

Facts (basically anything interesting about you or your digimon):

1)Jade likes being called Rika

2)DATS Stands for Digital Accident Tactics Squad
Digimon4life chapter 1 . 6/11/2011
Name: Nikko Tyxen

Age: 15 years old

Gender: Male

Appearance: Nikko is 6ft tall, a litlle tanned and he has Brown spiky hair and chocolatebrown eyes, he is a well build teenager and extremely handsome. he has a scar on his forehead.

Clothing: he wears a red sleeveless shirt and black jeans with black Hi-Top Trainers. Nikko wears also black and red fingerless gloves.

Personality: Nikko is a very energetic kid and much say that he is crazy, he always tryies to make others laugh and he doesn't wants to see somebody depressed because he thinks it is his duty to make them happy.. he has a really short concentration span..

Digivice: nikko has a red original digivice

Digimon: Gaomon and Gabumon

Digimon Personality: Gaomon is as crazy as nikko is and he is always in for a little fight. Gabumon is the most serious of the tree (nikko, Gaomon, gabumon) and he is very concerned about their safety...

Digimon Evolution line: 1) Fresh: Botamon

In-Training: Wanjamon

Rookie: Gaomon

Champion: Gaogamon

Ultimate: MachGaogamon

Mega: MirageGaogamon

2) Fresh: Punimon

In-Training: Tsunomon

Rookie: Gabumon

Champion: Garurumon

Ultimate: WereGarurumon

Mega: MetalGarurumon

Bio of both you and digimon: Nikko lived all his life with his parents who really loved him although they were never home because of to much work. Nikko hisself had very much friends in school because of his outgoing personality. Nikko met gaomon and gabumon when his dad came back from a bussinestrip and gave them to him as a gift because he thought they were "exotic dogs"(How stupid can parents be)...

Facts: A funny fact about nikko that can fit your story so far perfect is that he is a real dogs obsessed boy...

So thats it...
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