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Kelana-ti chapter 65 . 9/3/2012
Squee! Awesome. :D I've often wondered what it would be like when Ahsoka met Obi-wan after Order 66... not necessarily in your story, but in any story. The first meeting, definently would be like yours. I had imagined there would be tears, and this did not disapoint. C: And of course, there has to be some talking about attatchment. Yeah, really happy, and looking forward to the next chapter.
Chewbrok chapter 65 . 9/3/2012
Good chapter, please update soon.
- Chewbrok
Righterzpen chapter 10 . 9/3/2012
I like the rewrites of these past few chapters. The ideas are definitly smoother running and "crisper" than the originals.

Yes, Ashoka is "out of it" in a certain sense; but I'm still finding that it would take cognative thought to put together "offering herself" as a means of survival. (Which isn't uncommon in wars.) Especially since Rex has told her about order 66 and the current state of the world they now live in. Comming to the conclusion somewhere of "having to result to that" isn't a natural byproduct of trauma. That conclusion is a cognative decision making process. A convuluted decision making process, yet still a choice. Thus shows a certain ethical / moral failing upon the part of Ashoka. That's OK though, since people best like characters they can relate to - not necessiarly ones that are "perfect".

I liked your sequence of her dream in this particular chapter. Her questioning how her actions were really percieved by the clones. What she may have thought to herself was showing caring concern, very well may have been misinterpreted by at least some of the guys under her command.

I like your rewrite of Rex too. He doesn't understand why she's acting the way she is; but he's steady enough in himself not to question his own reactions to her behavior. At this point, he don't want to go there and he knows it. In that sense he's showing stronger character and ethics than she is. And his hoping that she really is just real confused right now. That's good.

I also like the fact that you gave Cad Bane a known "mission" so to speak. It makes things more concrete - which is good. I just hope Cad doesn't become to perdictable in this. I'll just have to keep reading to see. LOL
Alpenwolf chapter 65 . 9/3/2012
it's nice to see obi-wan kicking butts and everything, even if I know that he survived the order ... didn't really thought about them finding obi-wan ... searching yes, but finding a yedi who doesn't want to be found is a hard thing
Sarge1995 chapter 65 . 9/3/2012
D'awww...and so we come to an end of the story, safe and sound in Obi-Wan's kitchen, having a bittersweet moment or two. Absolutely lovely as always my friend! :)
Starheart23 chapter 65 . 9/3/2012
Aww! 3
Loved this chapter!
Can't wait for the last part 3
One on one? Sounds good :3
Starcrier chapter 65 . 9/3/2012
There are no words to accurately describe the brilliance of this. None at all. You have just made my entire month. Go have a cup of caff on the house to celebrate. :)

Missed this!

Flutielover chapter 64 . 8/27/2012
I love this story so much, I read it again! The re-write with the earlier chapters was very well done, it seemed to flow much better. Can't wait for the sequal!
Righerzpen chapter 7 . 8/27/2012
Interesting rewrite of Cull. You gave him a definitive ending there! Interesting twist of events. I liked the end of the chapter though. I think it was fitting. For what ever the totality of his reasons. He took those with him to the grave. Good literary tactic, since now the reader isn't wondering about him as the story continues to unfold. It works well!
Righterzpen chapter 4 . 8/26/2012
Hey Sach - it's me. I've finally gotten to reading your rewrite here. I like how you put this together much better than the first wright. It does ring a little truer to combat, in that Ashoka's refusal to believe "her men" would kill her would have actually done her in if Rex hadn't intervened. I also like the way you kept secret how Rex was processing this.

I still think for "realistic combat" she would have done one of two things. Either stand defenseless in shock and get killed flat out, or flip into auto piolet and slaughter all the oncoming clones. Obviously in the first case senerio, you'd have a very short story; in the second she'd have to be spending a lot of time after the fact processing what happened and having to be forced into the position of killing them all. But maybe you just "saved that senerio" for me to write. LOL

I got some catching up on reading to do, but since I had surgery and will be stuck in the house for another four weeks or so, I'll have a lot of time to read. So I'm sure you'll see more "anomyous" reveiws in the future. (Until of course I get to the chapters I haven't read.) Talk to you soon though - I'm sure.
I LUV DIS STORY chapter 61 . 8/22/2012
im sorry but i cant tell you every thing but EVERY THING BOUT THIS IS AWESOME! bane and just everything! i hope 5s comes back it would be awesome for ahsoka derik rex 5s and boil to be a team and the help the REBELS!
xDalliancex chapter 64 . 8/9/2012
So I decided to read through this whole story and review at the end (or what I hope isn't the end):
So, the first 10 chapters I thought where brilliant as the 'foundations' for this story, I liked how you kept it 'on edge' as to whether Rex would follow Order 66 or not...and then Cull, etc. Very strong with Culls perceptive although I totally got it. What he said to Rexter played a big part later on as well, so well done there.
Them we got to the Rexshoka parts (before Bane stuck his nose in) and I really liked those parts too - they seemed to form that 'bar' for want of a better word, you know, something solid in their friendship that would eventually build up into something more.
And then Cad Bane stepped onto the scene. In a lot of ways I think he was the 'breeze' in this story (by that I mean he always kept you on your toes, I was always thinking - uh oh, WHAT'S he planning NOW?) I think you done a brilliant job with his dialogue, too. So 'Cad Bane-ish' he really would think and say that, I believe.
Onto the next 10 chapters, where we see that 'deal' come into force...what with Rex's uncertainty at the whole thing (not to mention his in-built distrust and hatred for Bane - not that I really blame him) Rex was definitely the 'rock' in this story, the one who could be relied on to say exactly what the reader is thinking (so top marks there, too) which did make him a loveable character (although I love him anyway).
Rema...she certainly is a tough one to get around...but you couldn't help but groan at her 'mistakes' (ie when she left her tracker in her ship intact - actually, left her SHIP intact - and stayed close to the landing site) but also feel sorry for her - I mean all things considered, she's only 15, and again I think you managed to portray the immaturity and insecurity of a 15 year old girl without making her look like a total idiot or a brat. So again, top class there too.
And Rex's emotion as he had to turn his gun on his brothers - I nearly cried. I can't delve into this or I will start so I will only say that you scored a hit, again. :)
So moving to 20 to 30 - ah, Derik...interesting. In my personal opinion, I never actually warmed to him ( I mean, yes, I felt sorry for him, but I couldn't help but think he had a 'boyish selfishness' about him) and the stuff he said about Rex - that DID make me cry - I literally yelled at the screen ''NOBODY SAYS THAT ABOUT MY REXIE!'' But I could also see his point of view, I mean in Derik's eyes it was 'Rex' who killed his Master (if you get my drift)
But what did it for me and made me really cry was when Rex was so helpless, and so sad. And then the lovely Ahsoka saves that part.
By the way, you are going to have to excuse me if my time line for events is a little out of sync, I am doing this from memory.
Bringing us up to about 40 - when they went to Kessel... I cried at the spider part, then when they kissed, ah...loved EVERY second of that chapter...had me on edge. And then when she called him 'cute' - that was ADORABLE!
And Britani - I think she is fab. Such a beautifully crafted character- you should be proud of her. Basically this whole section had me on edge... *growls - Vader...*
Onto 40 (I think) : britani, again, is super... And I really do love Rex's whole domina in this - chilled. The fact he fell asleep while the girls were talking was quite a funny concept, as you can really imagine him trying to fight sleep...bless him.
Still shady with Derik...though I do like the sort of 'sparring' between him and a certain Rexter...makes the whole story a bit more interesting to have a touch of male rivalry - so to speak.
And Rex's little chat with Britani - was so sweet and heartfelt, made me get misty eyes (again)
Now onto 50 - everything starts to come to a head - and the first thing is Todo - I have to admit you have made me 'like' this droid, he IS pretty cute in this story.
Then we go to Bane's constantly conflicting thoughts, this 'will he betray them, won't he betray them?'. I liked it how he thinks he is 'softening up' which is pretty funny to picture (in my own, weird and wonderful way...).
Rex...ah, even while he was being electrocuted he STILL acted the brave Captain, and I actually felt his pain. You have a knack for getting sights, sounds, feelings and details to come across really well, I could picture every moment of this story.
Ahsoka (I know I have not said a lot about her yet), she is quite a tough one to put into a story (and nail), but safe to say, you nailed her character. From the escape of Tosste to her 'deal' with Bane, to Rema's hard death (very well described, too) to the hope when she found Derik, then the mines...that was a key element in this story (I did think that you portrayed her strong willingness to help Vader very well) as it was when her relationship with Rex was sort of 'cleared up' up you like, then her determination to help change Vader, then the horror of finding what Vader had done to the other jedi. But still through the whole thing the fact that Rex stood by her and would do anything for her cute.

When they were captured and woke up in those crates though...ooh, I was REALLY peeved with Bane. Then when the Storm-Troopers came in and... WOLFFE!? I really like him but I do agree, it was a great and clever tactic in this story. Rex's words to Sidious were amazing, I was proud of him too ;)
Then all hope seemed lost...and just when I was about to cry for what seemed the 50th time...when Bane saved the day!
But, Britani...I didn't think I would but I did cry at Britani's death, and Rex...when he carried her body to safety...I started crying then and didn't stop for the rest of the chapter. Her words, to Derik, Ahsoka, Rex (I know I emphasise Rex's bits a lot, but the fact that he called her ma'am was beautiful.) Then the last kiss, every moment of this chapter was gorgeous.
And to the end, this story still managed to surprise us when we thought we'd seen it all. Bane. And his fluffy side :). The moment with Britani and Derik on the ship made me cry. Again.

So to 'round-up':
Plot wise, this story had it all... A great plot, awesome characters, easy to follow and understand. Detail and scenes where described perfectly and in a straight forward way.
Character wise - diverse. The story had a range of differently tempered characters, which again made the story much more interesting. I liked Ahsoka's stubbornness at times, coupled with her passion to do good, Britani's logic, and her comforting and calm approach to everything, which in turn balanced out Derik's occasional recklessness and his short temper. And Rex...he was so strong for everyone really, the little light that have the Jedi hope that not all was lost, after all, he disobeyed the Order, which I would have presumed gave them hope that other clones did, too.
I lost count how many times this story brought me to tears. Please can we have a sequel? This story is too good not to have one.
And lastly - thank-you for writing such a Powerful, emotional story. Happy writing. E x
Etain-Skirata chapter 2 . 8/6/2012
Keeping up to date with the story on TCW might prove to be a bit of a pain, especially if you plan to re-write the entire fic with each season... Of course, if you plan to only re-write it after something big changes their characters in some significant way, that task would be made easier. Liking the rewrite so far. The next re-review might have to come another day, as it's getting rather late where I am.
BlackAquoKat chapter 27 . 7/29/2012
I hate Sidious/Palpattine with all my heart. Why Anakin, WHY! At least I major in being in denial. Poor Ahsoka...she needs a hug real badly. Great job with this chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
hopelessromantic chapter 13 . 7/28/2012
I have to say, your story is by far the BEST Ahsoka and Rex story I have EVER read. You keep them both in character and the story is just so INTENSE and draws you in! 8D I'm reading the chapters soon as I can and I can't get to them fast enough!
Its also wonderful how you give us insight on both characters, their turmoils, their doubts, and at the same time throw in a fluffy cute scene between them. Its utterly adorable and amazing! Thank you for writing this! 8D
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