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DazzlingCandiceBiscuit chapter 1 . 7/16/2014
Just reading this first part makes me want to see what's ahead. It sounds very interesting and it sounds epic. I can't wait to read it! :)
theLadyCheshire chapter 66 . 7/15/2014
i most enjoyed your story! i have had similar ideas about the faults and failings inherent in the Jedi Code, but your theories, ideological as they may be, made much more sense to me than the more traditional views of the Order.
Britani was a rather interesting character. as the martyr type, i can see why you characterized her the way you did (and maybe this was addressed in your other fics) but she seemed just a bit too perfect in my view, despite her 'weakness' in the Force.
i was fascinated by her views of "the will of the Force". as a life-long fellow christian, i recognized many of Britani's ideas and even phrases used. i have rarely seen the parallels between God and the Force laid out as clearly as your depiction, and i thank you for reminding me to look for Him in unusual places.
theLadyCheshire chapter 12 . 7/12/2014
so far i'm enjoying this, however it seems that in your revisions some things have gotten choppy. about a third of the way through this chapter, when ahsoka is attacking Bane, she nearly collapses again- but the next paragraph picks up in the middle of a sentence, giving the impression that a bit of connecting actions were cut out accidentally.
KarmaHope chapter 66 . 6/21/2014
It's fitting that a story about Order 66 had 66 chapters. I really enjoyed this. I refuse to believe Ahsoka fell in the purge. As far as this 'verse goes, I'd like to believe that Anakin had a vague idea of what was going to happen, and knowingly sent Ahsoka to Tosste with clones she wasn't as familiar with and Rex in an attempt to further her chances of survival. I think you played Bane very well, right to the end. You didn't trust him, but you did, but they weren't really friends, but maybe in the vaguest of vague senses they were. Anyhow, very well done. The epilogue with Obi-Wan really pulled it all together. I would not have been happy if this story ended without Ahsoka seeing the person who was basically her second Master. I also have the belief that she goes back and visits him every once and a while, or every few years. It makes me happy to think old Ben wasn't completely alone for those twenty-someodd years.

Thanks for writing this!
Immaduck chapter 61 . 5/19/2014
-After the three embraced each other (while each of them reflected on their countless adventures and lives) another message from Bane was sent to the ship.

"By the way, I was just kidding about the cash, the Imperial database systems and the what-nots. Truth is I'm still pretty pissed about you guys trying to kill me, so I rigged this ship to self destruct moments after this message is sent to you. Payback's a bitch isn't? Farewell, kiddos!" The message was then cut off as looks of shock and disbelief was on everyone's faces. Ahsoka quickly turned to Rex and said with passion in her voice, "Rex...I just want to say I love you!"

Rex closed his eyes and took a deep breath and proclaimed, "And I love you...DERICK!"
*DUN DUN DUUUUUNNN!* Ahsoka was baffled by this statement and was left completely speechless while Derick just looked at Rex with confusion. Then after a moment of awkward silence Derick finally managed to come up with the right words for the current situation they were in...


BOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The ship exploded and not a trace of them was ever found. The Empire continued to rule over the galaxy for the next 20 years or so while Cad Bane spent the rest of his days in a local casino spending his credits on space hookers and blackjack! The scene ends like in Looney Tunes but instead of Porky Pig its a picture of Bane with a dopey smile on his face, with his arms in the air, and the words "WHO ELSE BUT BANE?" are written on the bottom of the picture.

THE END! :D (I are great at written!)
chipmunkfanantic chapter 66 . 5/18/2014
Okay I know that line , you took it right out of episode IV when Luke is getting ready to fire his proton torpedos during the battle of Yavin and I think Master Kenobi's vaction is to watch and wait to train Anakin's son Luke in the ways of the force like he did with Anakin , his father , nice ending in fact I don't say this a whole lot if I do , May the force be with you , my friend
thelastsoul232 chapter 66 . 3/30/2014
I loved this story, it is very rare for a story let alone a fanfic to feel so real so congrats :D
I also want to congratulate you on the character development and how it feels like you have plucked the characters from the movies and put them in this awesome story.
also am I the only person who noticed you stopped on chapter 66? this feels like a very BIG reference to the story to me lol.
Antarctic Sunset chapter 66 . 2/24/2014
So here I go with my review. This story was just amazing. You have a very strange, special, and way too powerful ability to keep your characters actually in-character, I felt all the way as if I was watching a movie, only that it was all in my mind. The descriptions were so vivid, the dialogs so rich as they included every single gesture of body language, so natural. Remarkable the way you handed Cad Bane's personality, I, sir, take my hat off my head to that. You made me love your OC's also, I almost cried when Britani died, such a sweet and brave woman she was. Rex was all about honor an manlyness and independence, good ol' Rexter, Derik (or Derek, you couldn't decide on wich form to use lol) was also an amazing character, so passionate yet so dedicated to his friends good being, so reckless! And Ahsoka... It was sublime man, so loving, so passionate, so innocent, so strong! The descriptions of the hardware, the situations, the places. This story deserves it's own movie, if only it were possible for a very small group of people to make a decent movie in a reasonable time... Will it come the time when fan made movies are just as common (and high quality btw) as fanfics are today?...

Finally, I can't help it to feel that sad and melancholic feeling yo get when an amazing story comes to it's sublime end. I think when you die, you take three things with you: How much you did for yourself and for others, how much you loved, and how much you dreamed, and reading excellent stories like this is one hell of a way to dream!

I also can't help but notice you... stopped publishing stuff here, I hope you read this review... I also hope you write one day those sequels and prequels you were talking about... I'm sure the hundreds or maybe thousands of people who read When Night Falls, are anxiously waiting for them.

I'm no christian, but I believe in a good and loving God, and I hope He blesses you and those of yours.


Paulo GarcĂ­a

PD: Was this too long? xDDDD
Norad2 chapter 66 . 2/2/2014
Well, that was a really good story! The dialogue was strong and seemed in character. As someone who is somewhat wary of OCs, I must say I was impressed: you handled them very well. I suppose that the strongest part of your story was that it was always going somewhere, if that makes sense. Even when one of the characters was experiencing yet another heroic blue-screen-of-death (TvTropes: Look it up!), the plot was moving, never going in circles or staying in the same place too long.
As someone with a college workload, I understand that the stories are not easy to make time to write, but is there any chance you might one day write a sequel or a broken up "adventures of" type of continuation to this story? Maybe with an accidental encounter with everyone's favorite Mandalorian clan? At any rate, great job! Good day to you, fellow of the Faith!
And may the Force be with you...
themergitonian chapter 66 . 1/22/2014
really good story.
GabrielaTJ chapter 66 . 1/17/2014
A very interesting story! And I can't help but find it very good indeed to read a story which is promoting good values (whether that was your intention or not). Such exemples are so hard to find nowadays...
Brit's words in general were always very interesting. Her view about the conflicts within the Jedi Order especially. And I couldn't help but recognize who exactly is the wise man she quoted when saying that those who live by the sword, will die by the sword.
Which leads me to another topic: your rant in a previous chapter about the influence of Christianism in your story. l think that our religion is an important part of who we are. Obviously it influenciates our opinions and your writing. And you have all the right to express it! But if you ever feel pressured by other people about it, remember He will always be with you. As will be all of us, your brothers and sisters in Christ.
muredin chapter 13 . 1/4/2014
Guest chapter 57 . 12/20/2013
I really really hope that Ahsoka and Rex et together!
the brown cow chapter 66 . 11/16/2013
Loved it
the brown cow chapter 4 . 11/14/2013
I dunno, ahsoka is either stupid or incredibly naive
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