Reviews for When Night Falls
dustswirl chapter 16 . 7/10/2013
This is getting really interesting :D The tension between Ahsoka and Rex is so visible, I hope it end up in "very good" terms hehe
Satsuma Red chapter 7 . 6/12/2013
Yay for cull. Tis a shame he didn't join although he'd already made up his mind. It was a good, honorable choice.
impoeia chapter 66 . 5/7/2013
*Sigh* It's always so sad when a great story come to an end, but I must say, as far as endings go, this was a great one. Loved the fact that Rex got to put in his two credits worth on the attachment argument. I think it's important for Obi-Wan to hear the argument from the side of a non-Force-sensitive. Gives a little perspective and this was simply great. These two men have shared a lot and I love the fact that Obi-Wan, despite everything that has happened, still respects Rex enough to heed his feelings and opinions. The question about Cody was inevitable, I suppose, but I love how you handled it. The explanation that the Contingency Orders were unthinking reflex, that Cody probably regretted the action as soon as he gave the order, made such perfect sense and really fits into Cody's character. It's always difficult to explain why good men like Cody, or Wolffe or Bly complied with Order 66, but I think your take explains it the best.

And Derek and Ahsoka got Knightd! I have to say, I am thrilled. The idea of them being left as orphaned Padawans was quite depressing. They have far outgrown the limitations of Padawans and it was good of Obi-Wan to recognize that fact. Just as it was good of him to realize that he belongs to an Order that is now more or less obsolete in this new galaxy. He's right of course, the New Order needs Jedi like Ahsoka and Derek, who are not so set in their ways to explore new avenues of the Force, discover new interpretations. I am greatly looking forward to what they will make of their lives from now on. It seems they are already fully embroiled in the rising rebellion, but many questions are left unanswered. But then, that is the qualification of a good ending: leave some loose threads for the reader to wonder about. That is what makes it real.

May the Force be with you, for writing such an amazing story.
impoeia chapter 65 . 5/4/2013
I think including Obi-Wan in this story was a great idea. He's exactly the right type of Jedi to be the first one confronted with the opinions and lifestyle of this survivor generation. He's wise and steeped in the traditions of the Jedi, but he is open-minded, experienced and compassionate enough to listen before he judges. Which is exactly how you portrayed him and I can only say, fantastic job in that! This was Obi-Wan to the bone, a little hesitant in being confronted with what he has been taught is wrong, but never so close-minded as to throw the young ones out on their ears. I think you especially captured him in his dealings with Derek. How he is trying to gauge the other man's reaction to his loss (having, after all, had a close encounter with what grief can do), but also trying to be tactful about it, not wanting to hurt Derek more than he already is. You can tell he learned a lot from his dealings (and, perhaps, failures) with Anakin.

It was also great seeing the heroes through the eyes of someone else, being able to se how much they've changed. This is particularly true for Ahsoka, of course, but I liked how you added that little detail about Rex growing a beard and comparing him with Cody. Shows just how far Rex has moved away from his life in the GAR.

Besides Ahsoka's firm stance on love (which was a lovely speech, by the way. Wonderfully thought out), what really got me was the comment about Cyrodil. Obi-Wan dithering over tea...that was just such a classic moment and made me smile. It's good to see that despite the changes taking place, some things will never change.
impoeia chapter 64 . 5/2/2013
I have to say, this is a little torturous for Derik, but then, perhaps it is a necessary torture. One last chance to say what he needs to say and to get many of his doubts off of his chest. And to hear Britani's own reassurances. It's something a lot of us would want, I guess, to have one last talk with a lost loved one, even if it is torturous. And it seems to have helped.

A nice imagine of Brit. She always had a little something of a more...not sure what the word is...luminescent? otherwordly? presence about her. I like the idea that now that she is one with the Force, the Force gives her the strength she always had in the spiritual sense, but keeping her inner essence the same. It fits her, like death was no more than a chrysalis for her.

Nice way to work in some future hope and a sequel. I like the idea that Derik might some day find a new love; not a replacement for Brit, but simply someone he will love and who will share his life with him. I would hate to see him spent his rest of his life alone, always with that bittersweet reminder of what he lost in Rex and Ahsoka. I do wonder who could capture his attention. Well, now you have me all curious again all over. Good job.
impoeia chapter 63 . 5/1/2013
What an absolutely beautiful way to bring a story to a close. I like how it started out in a more humorous note, what with the 'zonking out' and all that, and the progressed to the more serious, bittersweet and sweet reminiscing and acknowledgements. It's a very natural progression for a conversation between Ahsoka and Rex; fitting to the characters and the situation they are in.

Ahsoka's analysis of Britani's beliefs are very accurate and I find her conclusion on them make sense. Perhaps, this is how the Jedi Order was meant to be, and I wonder how she will input this new realization in the future.

A wonderful idea to end this chapter with the Togruti poem. It was introduced into the story at a time of intense darkness for both characters, so hearing it now, in the context of new hope and confessed love brings about a nice end, a tying off of loose strings. Night has fallen, but there is light still. Simply beautiful.
impoeia chapter 62 . 4/30/2013
It's quite amusing to see Rex struggling with romantic and philosophical ideas. He's such a down to earth type of guy that these thoughts, under normal circumstances, would be difficult to integrate into his character, but I really like how you did that here. Interspersing his musings about his relationship with Ahsoka and how that equals the state of the galaxy with his thoughts about getting the right kit and coming firefights...that just made it so Rex. And it made my lips quirk up in a smile, because Rex and romantic notions in one was just quite adorable.

My opinion of Derik just keeps skyrocketing, the more I read about him. He's grown up a lot and under the hardest of circumstances, but right now, I can't help but admire his strength, his courage and his conviction. It's good to know that he will stay with Ahsoka and Rex. I really think those three need each other right now and not just for the safety in numbers bit.

Working in the stars into Derik's musing about Britani and the dead was wonderful, by the way. There's no greater metaphor for love and death than the stars, nor for Jedi by themselves and I loved how you touched on all three of these layers and more. There's sadness, but there's also hope...just because some stars refuse to go out.
impoeia chapter 61 . 4/29/2013
Loved the way you worked in one last confrontation with the Empire. Did I spot a bit of Han Solo flying in that scene? I'm not sure, I've only recently re-watched the original trilogy, so I might be imagining things. Anyway, classic reckless flying. Only Ahsoka could come up with a plan like that and it was a great way to deliver one final slap to the Empire. Just goes to show you how much damage three people and a droid can do.

That image of the group hug was sweet and wonderful. Now, more than ever, these three need each other. There's strength in unity, but also healing and I think you've demonstrated that here, as you did throughout the story. I'm glad to see that Ahsoka also gets the chance for a little emotional relief. She's been under a lot of pressure and I was wondering when the breaking point would come. This, is think, suited her perfectly. A good opposition to her master's choice of dealing with emotional anguish, which is alone and getting angry, rather than seeking the comfort and support of others and to allow true healing to occur.

Ah, and Cad Bane has a heart. Who would have guesses? Certainly he wouldn't. And he's still in denial about it. I love that about Bane. All the really good badasses have some type of moral side to them; it think that is what makes them so good at what they do. And after all, Bane isn't really evil. He's just ruthless and conniving and in his own twisted and shriveled way honorable. And I love how you've shown that throughout this story. I think him looking out at that little point of light is wonderfully philosophical, both concerning Bane and how it represents Ahsoka. There's hope yet. And what better terms to part under than with a feeling of hope?
impoeia chapter 60 . 4/28/2013
It seems to me that Derik has made a turn for the better, despite the terrible circumstances under which it has come about. Instead of giving in to his anger, he has found the strength to walk away from it, something you very nicely demonstrated the several times in which he bit back a rather angry response. From the first time you introduced Derik, I thought that he shared some important characteristics with Anakin, like passion and a tendency towards a darker temper. But in many ways, Derik is the Jedi Anakin could have been and this scene is one of the many examples. Whereas even the threat of the death of a loved one turned Anakin to the dark side, the death of Britani seems to have turned him permanently to the light side. He's wounded and bitter and heart-sore, there's not doubt about it, but he is determined to be a true Jedi for the sake of her memory and that proves a strength of character I always thought Anakin kind of lacked.

I really enjoyed reading this chapter, particularly the reappearance of Todo. I've come to be very fond of that little droid. He's such a great addition to the group.
impoeia chapter 59 . 4/27/2013
Let me just say that you have written a truly beautiful farewell scene for Britani and Derik. It was bittersweet, brave and passionate; it was tragic and sad and utterly unfair. It was everything a farewell scene should be and you did so while integrating traditional elements without letting them become cliche. Like the final kiss. That was simply, uniquely, a moment between these two young people, who never really had a chance to experience a life together.

I am truly happy that Britani and Derik had these final moments together, but I am also glad that Brit had the chance to give out a final piece of advice to the others. At least now, she can die knowing that others will have what she and Derik missed and it fits into her character to encourage Ahsoka and Rex in their romance, even as hers comes to an untimely death. She simply is a noble and passionate person all around.

I don't think theres anything else I can say other than: wow and amazingly, beautifully written.
impoeia chapter 58 . 4/26/2013
Okay, deep breath...calm racing heart...brush the wet tissues off the desk. I cannot begin to tell you how muchI am blown away by this chapter (bad choice of words, considering, I know, but that's the best I can do).

First off, the twist of using droids to protect Ahsoka and the rest was simply brilliant. What a great twist on the usual events. I can only imagine how surreal that must have been for Rex and Ahsoka and I love how Rex actually shot one of them first. You always pay attention to the details and it is little gestures like this that not only add dimension to the characters, but also reality to the events.

And now we know Bane's plan. I must say, it is appropriately devious, self-serving and has just an element of righteousness to it. Basically, Cad Bane gave the Emperor a taste of his own medicine, but what I like is that, despite all the despicable things he did, he is still true to his own honor code. I mean, technically, he did not brake his contract with Sidious. He delivered the Jedi as promised. But then, as soon as payment is delivered, the contract ends and Cad Bane can do what he wants; including helping the Jedi escape and getting the Emperor really, really mad. His conversation with Sidious was also very enlightening. Cad Bane always walks a strange line of corruption and honor (something I really liked in "The Box" episode) and the fact that he is giving Sidious advice on karma and payback was great. It fit him and I like how he seems to see that his motivations are from more than just revenge, though he would of course never admit it. And that final sentence was brilliant. Pure Cad Bane.

Now to the sad part. *Sniff* Brilliantly written and imagined. I cannot think of a more fitting end for Britani Matalis. It was a noble gesture, one holding with the purest form of Jedi tradition. Britani sacrificed herself on her own terms, listening to the Force and following its guidance. The fact that she basically became one with the Force even before she died just shows just how pure her intent and how deep her trust in the Force was. She died a true Jedi. That's all I can say.
impoeia chapter 57 . 4/25/2013
What a great plot twist; to have the heroes be given a chance at escape just when things began to look their bleakest. It just goes to show you that even when the hour is darkest, there is still the chance of hope. I like the image of salvation dropping from the sky. It was both very metaphorical and a great strategy, considering the size of the facility. Who ever thinks of looking up?

I have to say you really captured the ceremonious nature that the army takes on after Sidious becomes Emperor. That's something that really impressed itself upon me in the original Star Wars films and I'm glad to see it here. Really connects the fic with the original GFFA storyline. And might I add that I am thrilled to see Wolffe appear in this story, while at the same time, my heart simply breaks at the man he has become. That, and the order to kill all of these men under his command, really shook me. What a horrifying world the Empire is, and you've captured its nature in that order. It makes my skin crawl, but I applaud your ability to capture a moment and make it stick in the mind.

Going along with that, I think that last image of Darth Sidious laughing at Ahsoka is going to stay with me for a while as well. What a great way in which to end a chapter. Really wonderfully done.
impoeia chapter 56 . 4/24/2013
When Bane started thinking along the lines of "mass assassination gig" in order to make him feel like his old, ruthless self again, that made me smile. It was also a wonderful way for you to pull back a little on the reflective thoughts and remind the reader of who Bane really is. I've said it before, but you really manage to walk that tightrope between keeping someone in character and exploring sides of that character that the series does not. You really did that here with Bane, with him contemplating not just Ahsoka and her actions towards him. That's most definitely new, but you've never once made it feel like it was OOC behaviour and I admire that deeply.

You did an amazing job with Ahsoka's character in this chapter. I really liked how you broke down all the things she believed she had failed in: 1) the righteousness of her cause, 2) her skills and 3) her attempt to connect with Bane. All of these things have truth in them; Ahosoka was fighting for a just cause, her motivations were good, she and Rex do have amazing skills and on some level, she did connect with Bane. But now she has to realize that you can do everything right and do everything for the right reason and it might still blow up in your face. For someone like her, that must be a huge blow to her psyche and the emotionality of the part, as well as the groundwork you laid out in previous chapters, really makes her giving up a realistic thing to do. (For the moment at least, I can't really see her just giving in to defeat forever.) Again, you've managed to balance staying in-character, while exploring a new avenue for the character's development to take.

And you did it all in a chapter that was, as always, amazingly written.
impoeia chapter 55 . 4/23/2013
And so Cad Bane begins the endgame. What an absolutely riveting confrontation you set up. I loved the fact that Derik provoked this by taking matters into his own hand. He is the perfect character to act as a foil to Bane. The bounty hunter is way to used to the more moral oriented type of Jedi that Ahsoka and Britani are and he knows that Rex will go along with Ahsoka's decision. But Derik has always been the wild card and I loved that Bane forgot this little detail enough, so that Derik could get the jump on him. Bet that's the last time Bane is going to go to sleep. And I thought it was great how you worked in the "type of man" question into Derik's confrontation with Ahsoka. It's a good comparison to Rex's actions, who also acted out of a sense of right and was confronted with this question by a disappointed and angry associate. This really makes one think about the moral basis of decisions and when good intentions cross the line to selfish intent.

The little surprise you worked into the wristcoms was fantastic, really the perfect device for the job and absolutely devious on Bane's part. You just never know what trick that bounty hunter is going to pull out of his big hat and you really captured that here. Never saw it coming.

I did, however, had to laugh a little at Rex and Ashoka being interrupted again. Those two just cannot catch a break and I bet Rex would have been more than happy to strangle Derik at that point. The scenes with those two are just so sweet and are a great juxtaposition to the more intense parts of the chapter, particularly Derik's plot. That last line in particular grabbed me: "For the last time, he'd failed her when she needed him most." Quite the powerful statement to take into unconsciousness and I wonder how Rex is going to deal with that. And I cannot wait to see Bane's plot finally revealed.
Lady Lisette chapter 63 . 4/22/2013
Love the ending! Rexsoka fluff long overdue, and at least Derik has somewhat of a happy ending. Feel like Bane was pointed more towards redemption but it's a long time before he'll do something like that again.

Wow. It feels bittersweet but incredible to have finished the story. It was a long, satisfying, and worthy tale that I loved from start to finish. I cannot WAIT for sequels, prequels, or whatever else you have in store. I'm so happy and elated!
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