Reviews for When Night Falls
Lady Lisette chapter 58 . 4/22/2013
Woot! Loved this chapter! All the action!

It was really sad that Britani died, but I was glad to see that she died in was a fitting death for her but nonetheless tragic. I really liked her character and now she's fading :(

"You play dirty, old man. But I'm always dirtier." Well, dayumm...can I say I LOVED that line? It sounds JUST like Bane. That was awesome to see him standing up to Sidious (albeit a hologram of Sidious, but still). Of course Bane rescued them because he ended up not getting paid, but it was cool to see him use battle droids to save them. Now that I know a sequel is in store it makes me very worried of what Sidious might try to do with Bane to make him pay, because we all know Sidious is cruel and unmerciful in his own way. But to see Bane talk dirty right back to him is the most badass thing I have read in a long, long time. This is my new favorite chapter.
Lady Lisette chapter 56 . 4/22/2013
Aww suspicions from all along have been confirmed. Of course Bane has been planning this the whole time!

*cue evil laugh*

But, heart is starting to break for Ahsoka and the others, especially her. To have come so far and be betrayed like this has got to hurt. It must hurt her the most because she wanted to trust Bane more than any of them, and now all she did for him has been spat back in her face. It can't get much worse than this.

I really like how the story is turning out and look forward to see how you wrap this all up :)
Lady Lisette chapter 53 . 4/22/2013
Yes! I knew it wasn't all black-and-white!

I was kind of startled when Todo 360 spilled the truth, but of course that was your intention so you pulled it off well. Up until that point the conversation was quite amusing; characters like Todo 360 (or most droids for that matter) can really add a bit of necessary comic relief to a story. Other than that I don't have much more to say about this chapter other than that I'm glad things are stirring up between them again, especially after all Ahsoka did for Bane - I feel a rising crisis is building up that might blow their cover. Can't wait to see how this turns out.
Lady Lisette chapter 52 . 4/22/2013
VERY emotional stuff here!

I'm glad Bane finally let Ahsoka in and I loved the conversations that led up to it. I felt a bit surprised that he would let her do it because I was expecting a sort of Point of No Return - that if he doesn't let her get him through this now it will seriously cost him, physically or mentally or both. Nevertheless I loved your approach. It makes Ahsoka's efforts in the past FIFTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS all the more worth it and it felt like a relief to see the end result. And for Bane it was a HUGE step for him to let her in like that, so for his character that is saying a lot...again, a bit surprising, but you did a fantastic job with your take on it. Bane's decreasing resistance throughout the chapter also showed a lot about his personality. I was kind of expecting a dark revelation for Ahsoka, like something from Bane's past buried deep down that she suddenly has to reenact in order to fully "help" him - or even Bane realizes something about Ahsoka or the Force. It would have been a startling but interesting twist. But, of course, not to say I wasn't on the edge of my seat the whole time, and I loved every bit of this chapter. My favorite line was: "Not happy. Not peaceful. Certainly not grateful. But... he could almost understand why one might feel that way, in some circumstances. Almost." It was both beautiful and tragic to hear that about Cad Bane, that happiness, peace, and gratitude are things he can never know for himself but perhaps get a small glimpse of for one fleeting moment. I know you mentioned this in a previous author's note but I like that you aren't doing the whole redemption story for Bane, as much as redemption makes for a cool story; there is nothing that annoys and bores me more than a self-insert Mary-Sue hero who transforms a villain into a hero because of one convicting phrase or one gentle touch...maybe one ACT of kindness but it has to be a damn-good one! And I don't see any trace of that in this story. I see hints that Bane is becoming more willing to understand Ahsoka & Co. as well as come to terms with his own garbage, just like in this chapter. That's hard to do as a writer and I commend you for that! Well on to the next chapter :)
impoeia chapter 54 . 4/22/2013
This conversation between Britani and Rex was amazing. Not only did it give both of them the chance to get to know each other a little better, but it also revealed so much about the characters to the reader. Britani's wisdom and her maturity never ceases to amaze me. At times, she seems like a mix between Master Yoda, Kenobi and Luminara Unduli in her poise, as well as in the way she treats the Force and how she counsels others. And then, you get these insights of hers into other people and you just realize that she is very much her own person. The way you contrast her relationship with the Force really sets her apart from other Jedi.

Rex's internal conflict about his actions and his motivations and the way in which you describe them is simply beyond words. Fan-kriffing-tastic! You've really captured his humanity, his constant struggles with not just his new relationship with Ahsoka, but also the struggle between the man he was and the man he is beginning to become in the aftermath of Order 66. That description of "the faded emblem of the Old Republic was still faintly visible across his black bodysuit" really captured my attention and my imagination. What the Republic was and what it made Rex is fading, but its shadow is still there and he will have to find a way to carry that with him. I just loved it! Everything about this scene was wonderful.

And then you ended with a cliffie. I must say that was very naughty, but I am starting to get used to it. And what is Derik up to? You really know how to get a reader jumping on the next chapter.
CC-2224 Commander Cody chapter 66 . 4/7/2013
omg such a great story... really glad i found this one buried deep within the thousands of stories on this site. you portrayed Ahsoka, Rex & Bane perfectly from what i can recollect. it was such a moving and emotional story :)
sunburst223 chapter 66 . 4/6/2013
A wonderful ending to a wonderful story. I'm still a bit iffy on Rexsoka as a whole but I can easily say I enjoyed every single part of the story and even found myself anticipating Rex and Ahsoka's talk. The romance and friendship certianly served its purpose in the story and really drove home the point that we all need people we love and trust in our lives. I've always felt like the Jedi Council, while very wise was also very blind in regards to love and bonds. The parts of growth and sadness made me feel for the characters and Britani's death was singlehandly the saddest part of the story. I also loved the fluff even though I'm still a bit iffy on Rexsoka. I feel you ended this wonderfully when you drove home the point that while all of these characters had grown as people and had learned to leave some of their demons behind, new hardships would always be thrown at them. I'm sad I finished already.
sunburst223 chapter 64 . 4/6/2013
Poor Derik. Though I think one last visit from Britani is what he needed.
Lady Lisette chapter 46 . 4/6/2013
Me again.

Wow. Intense stuff.

This is always the side to WNF that I like - exploring the various ideals and values, especially in light of Order 66. Lots of other Order 66 fics I've read were too clean-cut, too black-and-white, "they were wrong, we were right, etc." But nothing is that simple, and having the guts to crawl through all the in-betweens of such a catastrophic event is no picnic.

And this chapter showed a great insight from the outsider's inside view - that is, someone outside both the Sith and the Jedi Order shedding their own light on the Order/Purge, and even the Clone Wars itself. It's something I love writing and reading about and your interpretation surely did not disappoint. And also, I ALWAYS have a good time watching Bane and Ahsoka go at it in the verbal boxing ring; sparks indeed fly and it's like both want to end up on top of the pile and keep trying to outwit the other. Very entertaining, but insightful. Although, I do love that it was mostly from Rex's perspective and how he was taking the conversation/argument/confrontation as it went. Of course, all three of them are approaching this hard topic from three different angles, angles that brush and crossroad here and there, but are still different. So many quotable quotes that I loved but I'll just touch on one of them.

"There's no such thing as a hero, certainly not among any of your ilk. Your type are dead because you never realized that."
-Again, the outsider's inside view. Cad Bane and anyone in his line of work does not believe in "heroes". To them, everyone is corrupt and cunning, and those who do "heroic" acts like self-sacrifice and mercy are the first to be killed off. Life is a battle in the gladiatorial ring, in which the law of survival of the fittest trumps any idea of a "hero". That isn't to say he is right or that Rex and Ahsoka are right as well; that's just their point of view.

I thought some of Bane's comments would have ticked Rex off a bit more, especially when he was talking about the Jedi's treatment of clones. And after all, Rex still has a hard time being in the same room with Bane much less getting along with him. Ahsoka seemed to handle herself pretty well, and I think this chapter really shows her efforts to try and form a sort of, how do I put it, "friendship" with Bane? They don't get along either, but I can tell she realizes their need to work past their difference and old baggage, and start anew. Also, Bane's motivation seems a bit obscure, enough that there almost can't be something else he's hiding from the others - and if there is another reason for his helping them, it should be showing up about now in some form. He did dodge Ahsoka's probing at that subject. However, I'm not seeing it. I'll just keep reading and see what happens next!
sunburst223 chapter 43 . 4/6/2013
I haven't reviewed in quite a while. I thought I might as well do just that. I love how you showed that Ahsoka is no longer the same person. If Vader does encounter Ahsoka at any given point in the story I'm curious how it will play out. It'll also be intresting to see the others meeting Britani.
ahsokanerd chapter 4 . 4/4/2013
I know is cannot possibly be canon now, but that was a good way for Ahsoka to die. Although I would have preferred her to escape Rex.
impoeia chapter 53 . 3/23/2013
Ah, and so Cad Bane's house of cards begins to tumble down. I must admit, he made a serious mistake when he let Ahsoka take the droid. But then, he never really appreciated Todo and his services, so I guess there is a certain justice in the fact that it would be Todo who would reveal this crucial bit of evidence to Ahsoka.

I sense in the near future a serious confrontation between our heroes and the bounty hunter. Yay! I can't wait. So much excitement building.
impoeia chapter 52 . 3/22/2013
I love the way you keep using light and dark in this story. Those words can be used to describe and explain so many emotions, scenarios and places, and you manage to use them both effectively and without it becoming repetitious. This chapter is just one of many great examples. The way Bane reacts to Ahsoka's "light" was just wonderful and incredibly realistic. Throughout the story, you established that he was a creature of the dark, not just by profession and association, but also from physiology. So the idea that bright light would cause him to feel physically uncomfortable was utterly believable. Making the jump to having him feel equally uncomfortable when confronted with a "mental light", was thereby not a big leap. It's just so great how you manage to bring the mystical characteristics of the Force, into the realm of the physical, without losing any of the mystery.

Writing the interrogation scene with Ahsoka at the centre was immensely powerful and a great way to get her to understand on a more physical plain what she already understands on a moral one. Namely, that what the Jedi did was torture and that it was wrong. A common argument is that philosophical justifications fall short, when you are confronted with the physical realities of those arguments, and you really did a great job in demonstrating that here. Ahsoka was forced to walk in the shoes of another for a bit, and I am pretty sure that, from now on, she will never be able to justify this kind of intrusion again. And it places the reader into an interesting position as well. While the reader might feel less inclines to feel sorry for Cad Bane, most have grown very fond of Ahsoka, so experiencing this ordeal with her and through her allows the reader to get a more personalized idea of what it means to be on the wrong end of the Force.

The aftermath of the "therapy session" was suitably awkward and very nicely made sure that the reader did not forget that this was still Cad Bane we were dealing with and that no matter what, he was still a badass bounty hunter. You really manage to stay in character in even the most unlikely scenarios. Well done and, as always, well written.
impoeia chapter 51 . 3/21/2013
Our subconscious can play some mean tricks with us and it seems that Cad Bane just got a taste of that. I must say, I really like how you handled this situation. There was always the danger of slipping out of character when it came time for Bane and Ahsoka to have this little confrontation. Bane, after all, is not the type to admit to the fact that he needs help. But the way you handled it was fantastic. The fact that he had all these replies ready and waiting for the proper moment, and then for his mind to just give a totally different answer was great. So often, our subconscious is already aware of what we need and it makes sense that Cad Bane, who really perfected the art of multi-layer thinking would have a subconscious epiphany and have his mind take over all the plans he had laid out. I really think the guy has so many thoughts and schemes whirling about in his mind, he doesn't always know what goes on in there.

The part of what Ahsoka says, about telling the truth and about lies coming back to haunt you is a great foreshadowing. I get this real sense that Cad Bane is going to regret a lot of the schemes he's been working on. Or at least, that he will be confronted with the results in ways he previously did not have to concern himself with.

Then there is Ahsoka herself. I loved the way she handled herself and the way Britani characterized her. I really get the sense of the wise and compassionate, but also determined Jedi Knight she could have been, had things turned out differently. There is a maturity here that is so far beyond her years, as well as a realization of the way things were and how they will likely be. You can also see how, in the future, Ahsoka might act differently, should she ever have a prisoner at her mercy again. This is great character development, particularly the mention of the light that she seems to represent and the fact that, although she is caught in Bane's "shadow", it does nothing to diminish her. *Sigh* absolutely so much to love about that, I could write an interpretive book about it. Suffice to say that, it really puts her in juxtaposition with what Anakin has become and shows the strength she is developing to withstand the darkness that is the Empire.
impoeia chapter 49 . 3/19/2013
I love it when Britani gets to tease Derik. Poor boy doesn't have a snowflakes chance on Mustafar. But then, what man could compare to a good holo-novel? And her retort to Bane. Ha! That was fantastic. Who would have thought anyone could fluster Cad Bane? I loved that little moment of speechlessness and quite frankly, Bane deserved it. The guy enjoys interrupting people far too much.

*Sigh* you do like to torture poor Rex with anticipation though, don't you? I really feel for him, constantly having something or other interfere with his curiosity about what Ahsoka has to say to him. I hope that, when the time comes, it will be worth it, and he will be rewarded for his patience.
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