Reviews for Arc en Ciel
Marie Brookes chapter 1 . 9/21/2011
OMG ''

This was the best birthday gift Inita could've asked for D She was so happy when she got it and she said it was one of her favorites out of all her birthday gifts (I don't think she has a favorite '' She said she liked them all but I think she likes this one more D She didn't get anything from Blue Dragon and she's the biggest Kluke x Jiro fan I 've ever seen )

(Inita also printed this out and hung it up on her wall XD Ok not on her wall but it's in her room somewhere ;D it shows how obsessed she is with it)

When are you going to update Hoshi to Tsuki? D I'm going to start reading Beyond durin the weekend soon )
ak chapter 1 . 7/30/2011
dis was a sweetest fanfic
RedFire195065 chapter 1 . 6/18/2011
I got to say there aren't any mistakes in the writing. It's prefect it doesn't need to be changed or any thing (to me at least). But I got to hand it to you it is AWSOME! :) By the way this is my frist reveiw so I'm not sure if I said any thing right, but I'm giving my honest opinuon (can't spell it correctly).
Darkzola77 chapter 1 . 6/6/2011
Inita chapter 1 . 6/4/2011
Ahem, excuse me while I say this, Yamadori...

EEEEK! OH MY GOD IT'S SO AMAZING I LOVE IT! THIS IS OFFICIALLY THE FOURTH BEST GIFT I GOT FOR MY BIRTHDAY! :D (not that my other gifts weren't bad, but I have a few chosen favorites )

-cough- Sorry. Lost my cool there for a minute. Aye, I'm sorry my review is so late e.e We got home around night (late in the night) and so I wasn't able to get on my PC and check in time to see if it was up. I wouldn't worry if there was anything you missed; I thought it was downright brilliant Hey, this is just a question, but the title is /obviously/ in French... Did you do that intentionally? In other words, did you know I was learning how to speak French? Ah, never mind ;) Don't worry 'bout the trio friendship; it's one triangle that I love /to death/. Heh, the ending was definitely worth it :P

Oh, one thing I must say: Congratulations on making two pages for Jiro and Kluke Not as seperate, but together in the character boxes. I think this is the only one that deals with 'couples' that has two pages... Dunno, could be wrong.

Real Review: I haven't found any mistakes (though I'll have to read twice but put on my "editor" face the second time 'round) but I will say that "White - Star" and "Gray - Moon" were my favorites ;) When I turned on my computer this morning and saw this one shot, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest xD I was just... excited I suppose... wait, wrong word...

So I noticed in "Red - Heart" that you and I share similar thoughts on Jiro's overall health ._.

"Orange - Pumpkin" was really sweet :) It's something that could happen in the game if the player were able to explore the trio's life in Talta.

Hmm... now that I think about it, I wonder if the characters ever feel pain when being resurrected in the game. Sure you mentioned it here, but I wish that Sakaguchi went into the drawbacks of everyone's magic a bit more. Still, "Yellow - Sun" was adorable (just like the one before).

"Green - Leaf" reminds me of something that happened between a friend and I; this part brings back a feeling of nostalgia. Good though, this part was well thought out (like the others; don't worry ;))

"Blue - Teardrop" and "Purple - Triangle" I really can't choose which one I like more. I liked "Blue - Teardrop" because this one event could occur in the game, and I liked "Purple - Triangle" because one: it was very in character; two: you went into detail on the whole "Shu and Jiro are classmates" thing that was mentioned in the guidebook :) Very rarely do I find one shots or drabbles that deal with Shu and Jiro's education.

And, as mentioned in the first part of the review, "White - Star" and "Gray - Moon" were the best out of all of them xD The others were great too, but I seem to be attracted to these two more so than the others. Well... duh, huh? ;P They don't call me a Jiro/Kluke fanatic for nothing. (Shu: What do you mean, 'they'?) (Hmm...Friends?) Man, I wish the last two events actually happened :( I don't really like the last two games due to the lack of Jiro/Kluke. I mean, it was a bit ironic seeing how they had so much Jiro/Kluke in the first game, but zero to none in the last. It was one-sided, but that's never good, huh? Well... I suppose it's better than nothing. You seem to be drawn by that "Star" and "Moon" spell (or spells I guess) just as much as me. I always thought there was more to it, and it gave me hope for Awakend Shadow, but all that was gone with the wind (hah, book reference xD).

In pure honesty, Yamadori, "Moon" was fine. If I had to say one thing, it would have have to be "more detail" on that one part. I don't mean detail as in grammar, I mean detail in "more meat" sorta thing. I'm gonna give ya credit thouhg: it must've been tough to deal with having them kiss and keep them in character. Why do you think most of my fanfics are AU? That's because I can't keep them in character enough :P

Well, thank you very much (merci beaucoup) and AI'm sending this to my favorites immediately xD If there was some way to return the favor... Hmm, let me know, 'kay? If ti's a request you want than I'll get working. (But first, I have a few things to attend to before putting up the "requests sign")

~ SnivyGirl07 (Inita)