Reviews for The Dove in the Eye of the Storm
melanieds chapter 46 . 5/9
Very sweet chapter. Poor Edward to have a flashback with Bella.
zveka chapter 46 . 5/8
why I have impression that he will leave her soon?
Rebadams7 chapter 46 . 5/7
She's probably the one person on the planet that can help him so he doesn't develop crippling PTSD over that little romp in Alaska. I like Charlie's attitude some people are snobbish about people with higher IQs. And a higher IQ does not guarantee a higher EQ I know with my kids I knew they had the one so I worked to make sure they had plenty of opportunity to develop good skills with the other
Squirt chapter 46 . 5/4
Squeee! But still, a major glimpse into Edward's impending Eclipse time period. Can you re-shape that into something more bearable?
ded1 chapter 46 . 5/4
thank you for updating. I really love your writing. Has spring hit Canada yet?
TopazHeart chapter 46 . 5/6
Charlie was surprisingly understanding. I always think he's ready to pull out a shot gun. Lol.
emily444 chapter 46 . 5/5
Continue please.
Janiriki chapter 46 . 5/5
Excellent, it all fits together very neatly, and I Love, love, love the second to last sentence.
Thanks for yet another brilliant update,
Zalia chapter 46 . 5/5
Hehehe, I love the image of Edward covered in sap and Charlie having a chuckle! :)
campyrs chapter 46 . 5/4
Wonderful chapter. Glad he's back home. Funny with the peanut butter and sap. I enjoyed reading this chapter. Thank you
whilewewereyetsinners chapter 46 . 5/4
Well, that went better than I feared it might, but I can see NM coming more and more with each chapter. :( Gah, I love Edward but he breaks my heart.

Hope everything is going as well as can be expected. Great chapter, as always- very much looking forward to the next!
smook chapter 46 . 5/4
Thank you, I am a bit concerned you may be totally cannon and Edward will leave Bella. Please no!
bmthespian chapter 46 . 5/4
Great chapter.
ohtobeyoung chapter 46 . 5/4
Sap reminds me of Christmas Vacations. Poor Edward is still goings through a bad time but I know Bella will see him through. Gotta love Charlie and his fuzzy slippers. Great chapter my friend. Happy late birthday. Sorry I missed it.
Camilla10 chapter 46 . 5/4
It will come again, right? I mean, the darkness. And then he will leave. But I can believe this Bella will let him go and lose time with Jacob.
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