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always smirking chapter 11 . 2/27/2015
Best thor /jane story I've read!
Guest chapter 9 . 1/23/2015
Ooooooh... she BURNED doctor Duech bag! I would have gone for the nose, but still JANE'S FOSTER RUUULES! I hope Thor kicks his you know what.
Thegirlwonder chapter 8 . 9/1/2014
Ok so i love your story it is awesome, but the only pairing i dont like is the steve and darcy and natasha and happy pairing. The pairings I know are Steve and Natasha and Darcy and Ian. I wish you could have done those but this is your story.
Asc chapter 1 . 4/19/2014
Love it...
Crystal chapter 11 . 1/16/2014
this story was so lovely. I couldn't stop reading once I started. thank you for writing it.
Sam chapter 2 . 11/7/2013
Oh god, what the fuck did i just read XD
SilverWildRiver chapter 1 . 5/21/2013
I love the part where the star dog comes in. Its beautiful
lilbit182007 chapter 11 . 9/30/2012
I so loved this!
Willofthewisp chapter 6 . 9/21/2011
A Tony Stark party! Yay! It's a who's who of the Marvel universe and while I'm more of a DC girl, this brings out the fangirl in me.

Tony proposed! Aw! This is something else I can't wait to see. Good for them.

Ha ha, they compare breast sizes? I do think Natasha is the winner there, too.

I'm pretty sure an Asgard wedding would have as much drunken debauchery as a Stark party. Bring on the mead and beer! It's also so much fun that Thor and Jane each have their friend posse to help them out and be their confidants.

Ah, the return of Sif. A counterpart to Donald perhaps? This is not good.
Willofthewisp chapter 5 . 9/21/2011
Is the bird an omen? I hope not.

Ooh, Donald. We meet at last. "Oh come on now Jane, we both know your work can hardly be more important then mine"-What? The arrogance of someone who would say this out loud! Good thing Captain America shows up. Whoa! Does Donald think Darcy is just Captain America's daughter or his and Jane's daughter? Because the latter would just make him unbelievably stupid (in a really funny way).

"OH THANK YOU GOD. I thought I was going to have to tell Thor that a rainbow somehow killed you"-LMAO! Bonus points to you for 1.) showing Darcy caring about Jane and 2.) being utterly hilarious doing it. Great sense of humor.

I know I'm stating the obvious, but this Donald is TROUBLE.

"Thor stops moving, and when she look up at him his eyes are wide and full of fury. Not at her, but at the fact that another man came that close to taking what is his away. Jane only understands the fury, she does not pick up on the "MINE" part. He allows her to continue."-And has Thor decided that he loves her yet?

Your author's note was a fun tidbit. I didn't know that about Donald in the comics. I understand the need to take artistic license, though.
Willofthewisp chapter 4 . 9/21/2011
Poor Frigga. Mothers are always the last to know. It's time for the worlds to reconnect so she and Jane can bond. I like seeing more of the Warriors Three but where is Sif? She's part of the gang too.

Jane, Pepper, Natasha, and Darcy lunching together is a great image! I love it.

I would normally saying that two adults admitting to "liking" each other would be cliched and ridiculous, but it makes sense here and just makes T/J more endearing. I hope the cloak is there when she wakes up...

It is! I second her squeal!
Willofthewisp chapter 3 . 9/21/2011
"Verdandi began to wonder if it was possible to just reach into the pool and smack them across the face. Urd had the same idea, hers only involving slapping Borr for being the father of such a stubborn man as Odin."-This cracked me up! ROFL!

This sisters' observations and discussions are a true highlight. The way they talk about fate and dreams is so interesting and funny. It's like Inception!

Lol, I see your note at the end you had thought of Inception, too. You are just fine at writing kissing scenes. I get nervous writing love scenes, too. You strike the balance that's necessary for them to work. Too much one way and it's dry like stereo instructions; the other and it's too flowery and silly. Yours are very nice.
Willofthewisp chapter 2 . 9/21/2011
Loki's thoughts are so intriguing. Only a god could find Natalie Portman plain. I would have thought he'd appreciate her mind.

I love the plot of this already. It makes me excited for the Avengers movie.

Gah! What a horrible time to wake up! You tease, you!
Willofthewisp chapter 1 . 9/21/2011
It's so fascinating Norse mythology has its version of the Fates. I'm glad you used them! Such a unique premise. While the first bit is technically exposition, I can hear a voice of great authority narrating it in a movie. Good job making it engaging!

Their interaction and their reaction to the movie's events is adorable.

A slight criticism: there are a couple of places where you interchange "your" and "you're." I couldn't tell you didn't know much about constellations. It was a nice way for Thor and Jane to spend some time together. It's great chemistry when we can get all hot and bothered by a couple star-gazing.
Samolfran chapter 1 . 8/31/2011

Jeg kan rigtig godt lide din idé om at tage udgangspunkt i nornerne og deres observationer af historiens forløb inden man overhovedet kommer i gang - det sætter gætterierne og interessen for historien i gear :)

Jeg har kun læst det første kapitel indtil videre, og jeg tænker lidt at du måske godt kunne bruge én til lige at læse det igennem for stave/grammatikfejl? Du skal i hvert fald være velkommen til at spørge mig, hvis du synes :)

Jeg vil begrave mig i historien igen. Tootles!
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