Reviews for The Newcomer
Entrenched chapter 1 . 8/20/2011
Wow. First let me say this: how is it possible that NO ONE has reviewed this. It is by far the most intimate piece of fiction I have ever read between James and John. You capture the dynamic of their friendship so beautifully.

I must say, for a portrayal of the two at a very young age, you have created a very convincing young James Watson. You gathered his ego and fears quite simplistically. In the conversation between James and John, during the second season I believe, James alludes to the fact that his sense of self was shattered when John's killing ways had managed to elude him. You capture the early stages of that hubris with such finesse with James' attitude towards the teachers, the school, and his early refusal of John's help.

Brava. I am truly speechless.

-two finger salute-

Entrenched out.