Reviews for Chronic
nano chapter 63 . 4/30
omg i can't...this story is too great that i think i need to draw a doujin ver of it ! xD
theSardonyx chapter 63 . 4/22
I loved it until the part when it all became too real.

I like your writing style; it's nice, it has this rhythm that makes it easy to read, nice pacing too, except around the end when I felt like it got too draggy. The way you portrayed Izaya was gold, though, and I lived his character and loved it. I wish I could've seen more of Shizuo, but then, this is written in first person so...

Overall a great fic. It's no wonder it has so many followers.

Write on.!
J Mah chapter 51 . 3/22
Guest chapter 63 . 3/19
That was a great story! So much adoration.
Guest chapter 16 . 3/17
So I was reading this in class today and I read this chapter and Shizuoka, y'know invites Izaya to eat, like the cute little sociopath he is, which means the ship is sailing, and I made this strange little gargling noise that apparently sounded like I was throwing up, so I was rushed out of school today and sent home so I didn't puke everywhere and I feel like I should thank you. I was fine btw, just fangirling.
ThugLiiiiiiife chapter 14 . 3/17
"Don't act like I chose this life myself." My mind instantly went to "I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me." Sorry Shizu-chan.
Aldred Kurofer chapter 63 . 3/1
I literally just spent one whole day reading this story. And turns out it worth all my time, so yeah, good job!
Rivkae chapter 63 . 2/20
Best fanfic ever!
ElementKitsune chapter 63 . 2/8
Aw... This is so cute, and awesome, and magnificent, and a lot more complementary adjectives.
My friend luckily directed me to Chronic, and I am immensely grateful that she did.
It's beautiful, the way that you characterized Izaya and Shizuo and how you managed to resolve the conflict between them believably, and wrote Izaya 1st person amazingly.
I really love the dynamic between them, because of how you managed to make it realistic with the way they got into the situation, and the slow but sure process of those two falling in love somehow.
Chronic definitely deserves all of the love it's been getting from readers, and again, I'm really really really happy that I found out about this.
Sorry for all the chattering. /
J Mah chapter 63 . 2/7
Chronic migraines become chronic love?
That is so cheesy yet so cute at the same time! Good job! I love the ending!
J Mah chapter 63 . 1/30
Wow, what a good way to end a good fanfiction.
Though the sex scenes made me blush-like a lot, this probably has to be one of my favorite Shizaya fanfiction.

-J Mah
Dweeb chapter 63 . 1/28
This... This is probably one of the best Shizaya, no, BEST FAN FICTION I have ever read! Every chapter was so nicely written, they story was interesting and sweet, and it wrapped up so nicely. Honestly, just a wonderful story from a wonderful writer! Keep up the great work! Hopefully one day you'll go as far as writing I published book! 0
Zorra chapter 20 . 1/26
I love this story you are a butitfull writer. If you wanted to you could write a book. Like I said butitfull pice of work!
DK chapter 63 . 1/14
That was so amazing. Breathtaking. One, if not the best fanfiction I have ever read.
Zizi chapter 5 . 12/27/2014
*kisses your feet*

Oh its starting to come back to me.

I love this so much.

*manly tears*

No words. None. Zip. Nada. My soul forever lies in heaven. It died of happy feels from the glory that is this story.

No bull.
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