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red-racer-fan chapter 35 . 11/10
Im not the one - 3oh3
Is totally this fics song
Guest chapter 63 . 11/7
Its 12:41am, and ive just spent the last two days of my life reading this piece of art.
Amazing, clean and clear ending, and even though you were eager to move onto more things, i can tell that you did not just give up. It was a pleasure reading this. Amazing, tasteful and well writen.
IzayaXShizuo chapter 28 . 10/20
I just want to say I really enjoy your story. It is very well written and I really enjoy it. I think you hit the personalities of the characters really well and I love your twist you put onto them. I also love how many chapters you have too. I look forward to reading more
Mi-chan785 chapter 63 . 9/29
Naw, I really enjoyed reading this / The end was so cute! Loved the origami cranes / tht was such a cute idea ;3;
Mi-chan785 chapter 37 . 9/27
Ok, this will be my last comment for today (Sorry ffor the spam)
I think I enjoyed reading the smut, but... for me it felt kinda out of place. Don't get me wrong. I know that actually sex can help to make migraine and headaches better. But still I feel like it was... idk. The pain he was in was so intense he could barely speak. I loved the scene, I thought it was so cute and kinda desperate how Shizuo got into the shower with him, just to help him.
And as it sounded to me, Izaya was a mess. I've head terrible pain from being on my period before, all together with nausea, literally seeing stars and dots in front of my eye and my whole body trembling. I could barely move at that time... and even though I know that sex can actually help with this, too, I would never had gotten into the mood because I felt like shit... so... well.
Whatever. I like this fic and I guess I'm used to smut that seems off a bit to me, so I'll just go with the nicely written smut and ignore the circumstance.

So, see you tomorrow for probably more spam. I lied, I'm not even sorry for that D
Mi-chan785 chapter 26 . 9/27
I loved this chapter. I love how Izaya is fighting and I love how he admits that they could at least be friends.
And I love protective!Shizuo...
Mi-chan785 chapter 23 . 9/27
That last sentence broke my poor heart...

I love this fic so far ;A;
Mi-chan785 chapter 1 . 9/27
I've never had a migraine in my life, but I know enough people who do to tell that you did an excellent job in describing this!
I'm looking forward to what this will become!
inlovewithshizaya chapter 63 . 9/24
Woah! What an awesome story. All those twists and turns and the best was of course my OTP. Thank you for writing such a great story.
listentothebeatoftheSOUL chapter 29 . 8/11
poor Izaya-kun!
C237W chapter 63 . 8/7
This may be a late review because it was updated so long ago, but this truley is a beautiful story and I really enjoyed it!
Fenrizx chapter 1 . 7/28
Okay, so I had to make account to thank you for writing this.

THIS. STORY. IS. SO. SO. SO. GOOD. It's one of my all time favourites and I'm planning to read it again soon, because WOW. I simply loved it. Just as i fell across this story and began reading it i discovered a song by Sia called "Dressed in black" and I think I read this whole story with that song playing on repeat. Really, I was one big emotional mess for several days. Again, ARIGATOU
BlackCatRunning chapter 63 . 7/27
Damn, this was amazing. Thank you so much for writing this. I've enjoyed it from start to finish. You write such an incredible Shizaya.
MisterMango chapter 29 . 7/14
Omfg I read Shizuo's fears as Shizuo farts...
That aside, I love this fanfic so far. I just want to keep reading ;-;
I'm happy I chose to read this.
starwulf chapter 63 . 7/10
I loved how you never rushed or time skipped through the story like other shizaya fanficton writers..I also loved how I could tell who was talking without being told who it was..this was honestly the best shizaya fanfic I have ever read..mostly because it is so believable.. You are very talented at writing stories and I hope you make more in the future ; )
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