Reviews for Parts Of A Bung Hole
elainefr chapter 1 . 10/9/2014
I was intrigued by the whole thing. It drew me in and kept me!
Cecilia chapter 1 . 7/29/2012
Ok...I'll start by saying that I first came in the crossover section looking for a funny story, but I found myself intrigued by the rating and the genre of this one. Of course, I was skeptical. An angsty story about Beavis from B&B? Come on. And with a crack pairing too!
I'm saying that because there could have been so many ways to ruin your own story and yet you didn't; you took an absolutely ridiculous idea and managed to make it (mostly) work, without changing the characters' personalities. Not many fan fics accomplish that.
I like the fact that Jane acknowledges that this is not, nor can be, a healthy relationship and she wouldn't even look at him if the circumstances were normal; I also like how she remembers her relationship with Daria to the point she thinks they should have had kids, It is sweet in a (mostly) non-homoerotic way. And...Beavis..It's amazing how we can feel sorry for him, but at the same time we know that it's him, with all his "special qualities", coprophilia included.
Your style is entrancing and horrific, as it should be, the story wouldn't have been the same without your descriptions.
Unfortunately, regarding your story's flaws, I have to agree with the other reviewers wrote: your characterization of Daria needed to be expanded, because, as it is, seems a bit unlikely (I mean, date raped by Butt-head? How could that even happen? Daria's smarter than that and we all know it), and so it seems the drastic change of Jane...I don't think Beavis and Jane's relationship could have had a happy ending, though. Their only options were tragedy or giving up on each other forever. And, like all good tragedies, it is destinated to repeat itself, like the epilogue suggests.
It's still good to see you can still be pleasantly surprised in the fanfiction world, especially when reading dramatic fics. Very good!

PS: I really have to ask this...You mentioned both Arkham Asylums. Does it mean that your story takes place in the HP Lovecraft universe AND DC Universe? If so, I really think you should explore the consequences of this AWESOME choice. Please?
Yoshi the Minion chapter 1 . 2/4/2012
That was great! But it made me cry even b4 Beavis died. When Beavis did die, my heart broke in 2.
Dark Kuno chapter 1 . 1/25/2012

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wowowowowoldaccount chapter 1 . 1/3/2012
Ok. That was the BEST fanfic of Beavis and Butthead (and my first Daria fanfic) I've Ever read! I love how you put alot of details into this fanfic. I also liked the pairing between Jane and Beavis I've been looking for some romance fanfictions between Beavis and a girl (all I found where Beavis/Butthead fanfics -_-). I've been dying to read this fanfic ever since I read about it on the Dariawiki.

It's pretty sad Beavis died ( I really would have liked it if him and Jane got married or something XD I really hope you write some more of BeavisxJane! And the ending..Oh god, I think I died when I read that XD But anyway, Good work and I hope to see more!
Heavenly Faye-Faye chapter 1 . 11/28/2011
...absolutely brilliant. Not perfect (the other reviewer had a good point about Jane going mad, but I still found it somewhat believable), but still amazing.

I still can't believe that this made me cry, but it did. Fics rarely do that anymore, so yours is something really special. Keep it up. :)
Metathiax chapter 1 . 7/18/2011
I first read the story in reference to dariawiki's suggestion that it was one of few dramatic narratives featuring Beavis and Butt-head/Daria crossover. I will personally confess that I am otherwise unfamiliar with your work, so it is possible I had the wrong paradigm upon reading.

First things first, I commend you for actually treating Beavis, an otherwise comic buffoon, as seriously as possible. It is a direction rarely taken by writers, and your story serves as an excellent novelty for those seeking a departure from comedy. Stay that course.

While this is fanfiction, it’s refreshing to see that your imagery provided succinct descriptions vivid enough to stimulate the reader's imagination with no impediment to the story's pace. Naturally, your writing evoked deep sympathies for the characters, especially (of all people) Beavis. His emotional whirlwind of grief and rage renders him an unpretentious identifiable character. It’s especially evident when your narrative mentions the patronizing, saccharine tone professionals would take when allegedly therapizing Beavis.

Surprisingly, the relationship between Beavis and Jane worked well, especially with the latter’s characterization. The connection and dialogue between the two flowed without any detriment to the original character. At times, Parts of a Bunghole convinced me that each shows’ official writers could take hints from the narrative romance and canonize it were they so inclined.

However, the story's final acts turned the plot's tragic romance into unprecedented horror that simply meshed poorly. I am not certain that direction was entirely necessary. Indeed, at times, I felt Jane, under pressure from real life circumstances, would simply rationalize that her relationship would only end in more grief. Since Jane reached out to Beavis, the story would take a better turn were she to work on improving his character.

Although it took guts to weave death of prominent characters into story, your characterization of Daria needed work. It stretches the imagination to think that one date rape from Butt-head would knock down Daria from the ironwilled intellectual cynic fluent in sarcasm to a depressed alcoholic bent on self-destruction. Considering the numerous fanfics exulting in the Evil Daria / Bitch Daria tropes, her permanent lamentation affronts the established character both in canon and fanfiction. She did not have to become Camille Keaton in I Spit on Your Grave, but she also didn't have to become Cadence from Best Kept Secret.

Furthermore, Jane should not be so irrational and poorly put together that Beavis’ revelation of Daria’s date rape would crush her. Even if she were furious with him and plotted his demise (which you seemed to follow), I cannot imagine she would lose all sanity and morph into Cornholia. She would move on and find work elsewhere. From the looks of it, she seemed to have some psychology under her belt.

While fanfic authors could take a few hints from you in characterizing Beavis seriously, you will have to work towards keeping your stories consistent.

Characters: B

Dialogue: B

Imagery: B

Originality: A

Story: C-

Overall: B