Reviews for A Slow Boil
ChristyWIX chapter 17 . 13h
When she went flying ass over to kettle from that bike, I thought those injuries would be far worse. I'm glad it was merely scrapes. I'm also glad he tended to her knee. Their banter and his kisses in the backyard, were yummy. Him helping her with dinner was new. I liked it. A lot. Then him asking for five minutes, because he saw what she did to make his meals and wanted to pamper her . . . swoon. Getting the wine himself. Pulling out her chair for her. All of it was wonderful. I liked that she took initiative and kissed his head at dinner. Brilliant! I wonder where he goes in that head of his? Her patience is remarkable. I'm happy you said he won't pull away again. I was wondering when that would stop. He's got family coming in July and it would be nice if they were semi established before that happened. It is quite a while from now but, I just hope they are a 'they' but the time the family comes.
ChristyWIX chapter 16 . 13h
It is interesting you mentioning the 'my dears' and her not eating. I too, was wondering if she was getting any food, as it didn't seem like it. It seemed as if she was only getting the bites he gave her. So this reader, is thankful that you had him broach that subject with her. I am fond of the 'my girls' but, not so much the 'my dears'. The my dear ages him and sounds a teeny bit condescending. Which I've overlooked, thinking you certainly don't mean it that way. Whereas the my girl is definitely coming across as an endearment. I really liked the kisses in this chapter . . . hottest ones yet. He is slowly killing her with the abruptly walking away. At least he gave a reason before doing so. I loved that they talked it out that morning and he verbalized his trepidation. Her letting him know, she's interested and likes him. I would like to know more about why he's closed himself off from the world. He dipped into it slightly here but, I hope there is more in that.
ChristyWIX chapter 15 . 14h
I love how they both tale care of the other. She decided to make a bigger omelet just in case he popped in. Sure enough, he did. That was wonderful. It was also interesting learning his reasons for Mrs. Whitlock and how he didn't like her. I guess it never crossed his mind to just fire her. Funny. It did give Bella an opportunity to let him know she likes what Mrs. Whitlock didn't. I think he was sad when he remembered that she'll need to move out come fall semester. Or, maybe they will be together by then and she can simply bike to school and stay living with him. The art of seduction by food is going strong in the Cullen household. The way they are at dinner just gets better and better.
ChristyWIX chapter 14 . 14h
Oh those girls had so very much fun. That was a wonderful weekend. I liked that he threw in extra cash into her envelope, of course. Even better, she spent it on him again. Well, some of it anyway. He truly missed her. He was outside the moment they were back home. Smiling. I love that he had her snuggle up to him while watching TV. So sweet. This is really fun to read. So glad I am getting to it before it's pulled. I think I'll even buy it once it's out too.
ChristyWIX chapter 13 . 14h
I loved that he made her promise to call and let him know she arrived safely. And, to promise to call if any trouble arose. He's smitten, that's for sure. Which is great, as she is too. I liked that Mike called her kiddo in this chapter, as it gave us the indication that he's much older. Whew! These dinners are getting more and more intense. Drawing them out longer and him flirting, yet not flirting. Him asking her to join him for dinner from now on, was a giant step. Holy crap that kiss was hot! Goodness . . . *fans self*
ChristyWIX chapter 12 . 15h
I love that he places things out for her. The toaster. The last bit of pasta from the night before. He really does care about her. I liked the honesty in his telling her what he does. She needed only ask. Interesting that he likes to live away from everyone and alone. So, thirteen years between them . . . not bad at all. I really like that she's gone into three course dinners. I'm thinking it may get to seven before tha story is up. She likes doting and he likes that. She likes his sharing and he likes to do so. It's a win-win. Another kiss to the top of her head. He definitely has feelings for her. Which is good, because she's about to explode with how she feels for him.
ChristyWIX chapter 11 . 15h
Alice was funny with her outburst of him being 'filthy rich'. That girl cracks me up. Then her perusal of Bella's uniform and mentioning how very hot she looks in it. Especially her ass. Bella had no idea. Then she figured out why he wanted her to vacuum his office that day . . . so he could watch her . . . which he did! I'm sure that must've been the very reason he hung out in that library when she was cleaning those windows, too . . . hehehe. His playing for her was wonderful. Saying the music wasn't the prettiest thing in the room, made me swoon. His guessing what dinner may be, was cute. She really is outdoing herself with these recipes. I think he's going to need to start working out here soon. As he's going to be as big as a house, with what she's feeding him nightly. I think he may miss her this weekend, while she's with Alice. We'll see.
ChristyWIX chapter 10 . 15h
Cocoa retrieval . . . so funny. My hubs is six two and he really is handy to have around the house. And, at the store. I'm only five three . . . so you see how that helps. Loved their banter in this chapter. And, he is showing his feelings more and more. At least I can see this through your words, even if she doesn't yet. The shared mousse was so sensual. Then the spatula and his wanting her blush, in the morning . . . it's getting warm in there.
Shadows11 chapter 13 . 15h
ahhhhhhh yes!
ChristyWIX chapter 9 . 15h
Wow, that bike really did help a bunch. A thirty minute walk down to a five minute ride . . . fantastic! Alice was funny with her sugar daddy wishes. I liked learning how they met, through sarcasm . . . perfect, if you ask me. Love sarcasm. It's cute that he wants to eat with her casually on the weekends. Wonder if that'll change back on the weekdays? It was funny that he got her the gift card to thank her, so she used it on a cookbook for him. Touché. I think that was why he was smiling. He'd been outsmarted.
ChristyWIX chapter 8 . 16h
Loved how Alice had so many questions for her. And, that Bella gave up and just started from the beginning. Leaving out the two little things that would've raised suspicion. Smart woman, that Bella. It was great when they were packing up and Alice asked what Bella's type was and she said, you're about to find out. Alice's text of, 'I get it now.', was quite funny. I'm wondering how long it'll take Mike to ask her out and how Edward will feel about that. Curious. I really liked the additions to her room. He's so thoughtful. Also, I like that he got her a bike. That he said she wouldn't have accepted the scooter, was too cute.
ChristyWIX chapter 7 . 16h
Yes, I definitely saw Bella moving in there. Before this chapter. It just felt as though it was going that reaction. Also, his need to take care of her in some capacity, add to that, him going with her to the crap hole she visited. Yes, it was the last straw for him. I liked that he admitted to having her apron in his bed with him, without a stitch of embarrassment or concern for what she'd think of that. She just pushed it aside as odd. I'm thinking there was more to that ;) I loved that he called her pretty and she thought it was him speaking of the necklace that he couldn't see. This is fun.
Shadows11 chapter 6 . 16h
Oh my god! this story is so awesome! really really loving it.. so excited to read all of it hahah
ChristyWIX chapter 6 . 17h
I'm very much gathering that not only does he want to be taken care of in a very precise manner, he likes to care for her. He seems quite concerned about her and her studies. He noticed how tired she looked. He likes to drive her here and there. He brought her dinner and invited her to take time to work on her paper and to get him when ready to go. He made sure to cover her with the blanket and removed her shoes and socks, when she fell into bed in his guest room. Then he noticed she was dead on her feet after finishing that last paper and all his housework. It was funny that she said she murdered the cake. Her answer to him on why she tried, I think got to him. The kneeling next to him, so he could pet her, was odd. I'm all for my husband running his hand through my hair. I don't do it kneeling next to him though. Yes, that was slightly odd. I did like that he carried her o his guest room and told her to stay the night. And, not leave without him. I think he may have been hurt that she left earlier that morning without asking him to take her. Just a guess there though.
Shadows11 chapter 1 . 17h
This looks very promising. I am interesting to read more!
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