Reviews for In Flight Omake
ayleid chapter 2 . 3/12/2017
Answer [d]. They want the [d] in the first place! (I'm not sorry).

It's amusing, though I am not sure how effective Matsu's countermeasures against the Archibalds would actually be. Considering their lack of political weight in the Tower, this would probably be more relevant than against most magi.
Blazerblade360 chapter 6 . 12/29/2013
I can understand why you quit. because although you may see that matsu has her reasons. now she is just a brat trowing a tantrum cuz she didn't get what she wanted. u take the person ure supposed to love and throw him into a coner to discus and issue the person is not ready to reveal nowing that there's pretty big secrets that u knw but won't say being a hypocrite then running away when he refuses then run of. its like a girl trying to make here boyfriend jelous then they do something stupid for the most retarded of reasons then they run to daddy to complain and make things better. u now what dude fuck matsu if she want to run away cuz she didn't what she wanted i'd saz fuck off. because although her power is amazing a guy has just to realise no matter how desperate they are that some woman are just not worth the effort. and if you by some miracle continue this story then don't make minaka like some father who now best. that fucker is crazy. and don't let him be caved in by his sekirei to apologise when its not even his fault(gabbrielblessing)m did that and it pissed me of. trust me having a harem although everyman mans dream the afterwards of maintaining the relationship is a whole different story. so the moral if matsu can't wait and respect her ashika and give him the same respect he gave her. then fuck off. because even though its fanfic you a guy should grow some balls and tell a girl fuckin no. no guilt tripe or bullshit like that just tell the bitch strait up. if want to understand better then imagine your self as a pimp and one of your is acting to big for shoes. a) you slap the shit out of her. b) ignore her and don't bother chasing after her. (not encouraging domestic violence).
Jeremy Pine chapter 1 . 12/14/2013
Decadent... what are you, chocolate?
gwonbush chapter 1 . 6/5/2011
chronodekar the common cold is the one in charge of gathering omakes.