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BookRose chapter 10 . 1/12/2012
Everything about this one-shot was everything a St. Berry shipper could hope for. Exceptional writing, beautiful, sizzling chemistry between them, and an amazing finesse at keeping it all together. I marveled at the closeness between Rachel and Jesse all throughout prom and how nothing seemed to matter to them except them as a couple. There of course is always the issue of Finn. Finn. (*glowers.) Finn, a pain in the ass and thorn in the side of anybody who thinks at a higher speed than him and takes the time to see the logic of Finchel versus the logic of St. Berry and how obtuse and brilliant do not belong in the same sentence or in a relationship together. I remember well the scene between all four of them. It seemed to happen so fast, that I was only able to really think about it after the end of the episode. I wish Rachel HAD thought to intervene, really step between them cause we all know that in any universe, Quinn would always want to be a vengeful brat who blames Rachel for everything. Finn didn't win, and I sincerely hope I see Rachel berate him good and soundly before this series of one-shots is over. All that really matters anyway is how perfect the end of this one was. I mean, a very private prom dance, with only the boy of your dreams...I certainly don't see how it gets better. But I do know that I can't wait to find out. ;)

The Gerber Baby chapter 1 . 1/11/2012
While I would absolutely adore to review each and every perfect detail of every chapter, that would take me about 40 years. I'd do it, but I'd like to be free when Groffy comes back on Glee to save the day.

Essentially, this whole story is perfect. Every single thing, is magificent. I don't know HOW you can write so much, and in such fantastic detail and do everything so great, but it just happens. The humor is perfect, everybody's in character...just AWESOME.

Keep going, please! Oh, and my favorite is the Asian F line, so I'd love for that to be continued :)
northstar61 chapter 18 . 1/11/2012
It's here! Rachel and Jesse's first opening night in their starring roles on Broadway! As we've discussed, you and I are both more than willing to remove Rachel from the toxic environment that is McKinley and ND, and to put her in a situation worthy of her talent. *This* is a terrific way of accomplishing that.

On a side note, I think Leroy calling her "sweet pea" is adorable, and it's a nickname I wish I'd thought of myself.

I do love how caring and protective her dads are of her. Although they've raised her well and they trust her, it makes perfect sense that they'd want reassurance that she's happy with this new life, that she fully understands all of its ramifications, and that she's willing to embrace them. It's also realistic that Rachel would be adjusting well to having her dream come true and that, although she misses them, she's come to cherish the freedom she now has to live as she pleases and make her own choices.

I got a good chuckle out of Rachel's slip about what she'd been interested in doing with boys in her room, and how her dads were willing to ignore it.

Shelby being in the audience was bound to stir up all kinds of emotions in Rachel, and I thought she handled the news well. They'll never have the relationship she initially wanted, and she's made her peace with that, but there's still residual pain there, and she will probably struggle for a while with the envy she feels at the closeness Jesse has enjoyed with the woman who eschewed that very thing with her own daughter. I must say that I like your explanation of the S3 Rachel/Shelby dynamic.

Jesse's loss of control in the beating scene was unexpected and I was completely mystified as to what might have prompted him to react that way. It was a testament to the depth of their love that Rachel remained calm, even when Jesse wasn't waiting for her as usual, and that she knew him well enough to realize that something was wrong, that he was either angry or hurt - and she didn't for a moment assume that it was deliberate, or that it was her fault. So glad she was able to find that glimpse of him behind his character, and that he whispered that apology as soon as he could.

He *would* need to see the damage he'd done the moment they got to her dressing room, and that it would unnerve him. I loved the window into Rachel's upbringing that you provided with her urging him to 'start at the beginning'. She has such supportive parents, and it was heartwarming to see her use what she learned from them to help Jesse.

In contrast, his parents have obviously never been a positive force in his life, and their unexpected appearance threw him for a real loop. I also appreciated getting this window into Jesse's family life and learning about the inordinate pressure he's under to live up to a set of rigid and arbitrary standards. Who'd have thought being the golden child would be so oppressively demanding?

Of course, he'd expect Rachel to want to retaliate for the pain in some way, and I loved her mature approach to the entire situation. And possessive!Jesse made a cameo appearance, reminding her that she was his. :)

Yes, Finn would have gone ballistic had he known of their routine. Thankfully, he's irrelevant now, and Rachel and Jesse can finally indulge their mutual desire for each other. That soothing morphed into sexy led to an incredibly arousing experience for them both - the first of many to come. His self-assurance as a lover is completely justified, and his being jealous of his character was *so* Jesse. And I have no doubt that he'll fulfill that vow to get to know her body intimately, just as she will his, to their mutual delight.

"this young man who was fast becoming her everything" - I love this description of what he is to her.

Starring in a Broadway show is an experience like no other, and being able to share it with each other will be one of the highlights of their lives. The intertwining of the personal and the professional renders it perfect.

Trust Jesse to know Rachel so well that he'd understand that the stage turns her on, because they're so similar, and that's what it does to him, too. Their cuddling together in the green room was tender and sweet, with that undercurrent of lust that's always there, just below the surface with them.

"I'll take care of that anytime you like—just say the word." - I'm betting that time will be soon. :)

"I just want to watch." - That little back and forth between them was so hot - as I'm sure her getting to watch was, too.

She's right in that, in some twisted sense, she does have her former teammates to thank (in part) for her current success and happiness. If they'd treated her better, she might not have taken that leap of faith and accepted the offer to become part of the production.

Loved Jesse's declaration that she was deserving, and how much it warmed her heart to finally be accepted and approved of after all the nastiness she'd had to put up with during her years at McKinley. She's always been talented, but now Jesse and others are validating that, and assuring her that she's more than good enough and she *can* have it all. Michael's praise was simply icing on the cake.

"There was no reason—absolutely no reason—why a promise of first aid would make her feel so warm." - Of course not. It's the unspoken promise that's affecting her this way.

What can I say about Martin and Hannah? They are two judgmental, racist, classist, deplorable human beings, and I felt incredibly sorry for Jesse, knowing these were the people he grew up with. They were so rude to Rachel that I wanted to slap them both, and I was so proud of Jesse for introducing Rachel as his girlfriend and not backing down from their obvious disapproval.

"She was utterly used to not being good enough" - This is sad, incredibly telling, and something she no longer has to suffer, thanks to Jesse's love.

Wow, they don't even know when their 'favourite' son's birthday is? I hate them more with every word that escapes their lips.

What a contrast between Rachel's warm, loving circle of family and friends, and the cold, distant, and snobbish Martin and Hannah St. James. I was literally cheering Jesse on as he stood up to them.

Shelby's arrival on the scene demonstrated her impeccable timing, and I hope to see her tear a strip off those opinionated snobs in the next chapter.

Brilliant, as always!

(I'm finally caught up! Until your next post, that is...)
makesomeoneshine chapter 18 . 1/9/2012
ok... so you can't leave it like that! please tell me there WILL be fourth chapter to asian f and different fixes for other episodes because your story rocks!
Autumn DeMayne chapter 18 . 1/8/2012
I hope you update soon! :)
Madison chapter 14 . 12/26/2011
I love Spring Awakening, this was such a great fic. I watched it on YouTube too, and then I realized that there is a book of the script available. Not just the original, but the play wIth dialogue and somewhat stage directions, if you were interested in writing another fic and needed a little more clarity of the words. :) thank you!
washedout chapter 18 . 12/26/2011
I just had to drop you a line after reading what you have so far. I just want to say that this collection is absolutely brilliant. It's making me feel so sympathetic for Rachel and Jesse and how I wish he would still be in the show and that st. Berry would live on. Asian F has got to be my favorite storyline so far and I really really hope you continue it.
northstar61 chapter 16 . 12/22/2011
Whoa! Looks like you took the opportunity to vent your anger and frustration at Mercedes and ran with it. Made me smile the entire way through. Michael didn't have to do what he did, but what a gift he gave Mercedes, even if she's too stubborn to realize it. She *does* need to ditch the attitude and work harder if she hopes to make it in show business. Rachel and Jesse earned their roles, in spite of what Miss Diva thinks. I couldn't believe how rude she was being to someone who had the potential to hire her somewhere down the line. Talk about burning bridges.

I thoroughly enjoyed Rachel's talk with Leroy. I appreciated his efforts to explain why he couldn't sit through the show, as well as his willingness to bring up the sensitive subject of his daughter's relationship with Finn. I got a kick out of Leroy's quip about Jesse, especially since it was obvious despite his words that he likes the boy who's now a major part of Rachel's life. As a somewhat neutral observer, Leroy was able to articulate what Rachel already knew deep down - that she and Finn would both be hurt, but that they have virtually nothing in common and that their relationship is doomed, so the kindest, most responsible choice would be for her to end it.

"It had been Jesse all along." - Hallelujah! It's about time! :)

Oh, the awkwardness of that dinner. It was tough for Finn to have to sit through Rachel's answers - answers he didn't like or particularly want to hear - and it proved to be the last straw, paving the way for their inevitable confrontation. Finn *would* believe that Rachel was already sleeping with Jesse - I don't think he could fathom their onstage simulations not leading to the real thing - but it demonstrated how little faith he has in his girlfriend. The slap? Exactly what Finn had coming. His repeating for the second time the fact that she essentially talked too much and bored him was a glaring reminder (as if any more were needed) of why he and Rachel are completely wrong for each other. His dismissing what she's doing as playing dress-up and suggesting she come back to Ohio drove the final nails into the coffin.

Jesse does their laundry? Be still my heart. :)

My insides warmed at Jesse's understated declaration of love. There was no drama or theatricality about it - so unlike both of them - but just a simple confirmation of what's been obvious for ages. I loved her admission that she accepts him for who he is, just as he does her.

"We could always try hiring out as a team. A two-for-one deal—guaranteed chemistry between leads." Can this happen in real life? Please? :)

That simmering sexual tension between them is so much closer to exploding now that Finn no longer factors into the equation. How typical of Rachel to push Jesse to talk to her, but it's a positive thing, and important for them going forward.

Then, the first kiss... Fraught with meaning, passionate, deep, cutting through all that had kept them apart and allowing them to finally claim each other... What a compelling way for Rachel to reassure Jesse that she wants him, and that their desire is completely mutual. Oh, what I wouldn't give to see Rachel get drunk on Jesse's kisses on the show...

There's something about this particular fix that's gone above and beyond anything I could have imagined or expected. The fact that there are more chapters? Exactly what I was hoping for!
Lindsey chapter 18 . 12/21/2011
I LOVE your story! Please update soon!
northstar61 chapter 14 . 12/21/2011
Wow! If I in some way inspired you to write this incredible piece of fiction, I'm beyond thrilled. Thank you! (And, although I'm responding to it so very late, it *did* help me feel better.)

Okay, let's start with the fact that, while I somehow didn't catch it the first time I read this, I howled with laughter at Beiste's donkeys being named Kim and Khloe this time around.

Emma is so typically ineffective here. I honestly have no idea how she manages to counsel anyone, ever. Which makes it completely understandable that students would want to talk to Will rather than her.

As we've talked about, I still think that Rachel's change in clothing is an effort to placate Finn and appear more acceptable to him, but I much prefer your rationale. :)

Ah, Mercedes. She's in full-on bitch mode here, turning into a bigger, more obnoxious diva with every line that comes out of her mouth. I literally wanted to slug her as she spewed venom during the meeting with the teachers and Artie. She isn't better than Rachel, and she's seriously deluded if she thinks she is. I was, however, delighted that her appalling behaviour gave Rachel the push she needed to quit ND and grab the opportunity she'd been offered.

Finn may have won the pissing match at Nationals, but Jesse's never been one to back down when he really wants something, and he wants Rachel. I kept grinning at Will's inner dialogue about Jesse - the catlike patience, the intelligence, the fact that Jesse was winning the war, and that Finn was clueless about it, the mockingly conniving look...

Loved Jesse subtly putting Mercedes in her place. :) And I also loved Finn proving that he's seldom paid attention to anything Rachel's been telling him about her new venture, as it goes to the heart of why he's completely wrong for her - and it helps dig his grave, little by little.

"Finn was still on Chutes and Ladders, and Jesse was a chess master." - I know others have commented on this line, but it was a brilliant yet concise description of exactly how far ahead of Finn Jesse is, both tactically and in terms of raw intelligence.

Also loved Jesse being the one to calm Rachel down, and his dismissal of Finn's comments as not being worth responding to.

I enjoyed being inside Will's head during the musical. Although he's not my favourite character, it was fascinating to see it through his eyes. Of course, he should have at least skimmed the script before coming, and the fact that he had no idea what to expect made his reactions all the more interesting. At last, he finally acknowledged Rachel's incredible talent, along with Jesse's. Took him long enough!

Will's flash of insight regarding the difference between Rachel and Mercedes (needing to act vs. a desire for fame) was impressive, coming from the guy who usually doesn't seem to have a very good grasp of his students' motivations and feelings.

Astute observations on Will's part about the various times that he thought he could see Rachel or Jesse on stage, rather than, or in addition to, their characters. Although they're professionals, there's enough history between them and passions simmering just below the surface that the line between character and actor does blur several times in this piece.

Wow, what a way for Rachel to get Jesse to commit fully to the beating scene! Jesse's backstage reaction to Michael's direction was priceless.

The reactions of the ND kids were spot on, especially Santana wanting a seat with a good view of Jesse's ass, Puck and Artie's whistles and comments (and surreptitious video-shooting), Mercedes' seething jealousy, and Quinn's disinterest. Finn being unable to separate Rachel from the character she's playing was also completely in character.

And... there was Mercedes again, taking her bitchiness to a whole new level. I was relieved that Jesse was with Rachel in her dressing room when her former teammate barged in, given her emotional state after pouring all of herself into her performance. I was honestly shocked at what came out of Mercedes' mouth, and at the fact that she wouldn't back down or apologize, no matter who told her to.

Jesse and Rachel's post-show ritual is so intimate, it's clear that it's only a matter of time before Finn no longer factors into anything. Jesse's inability to keep from kissing Rachel made me smile, as did his admission that he'd still be there when his rival was gone.

Thank you for breaking your self-imposed no Glee/SA crossover rule, because this was pure perfection!
LittleMissStreisand chapter 4 . 12/21/2011
I was laughing so hard during this entire chapter. When Kurt thought something about the "being born during the most Jewish of musicals" I fell out of my chair laughing. I love "Judy Grace St. James." I'm almost certain my daughter will be "Natalie Barbra" (TWO broadway references, if you can catch both, you earn a hug, hahaha)
LittleMissStreisand chapter 1 . 12/21/2011
I had to skip some of the more...intense parts...but the way you portrayed the...first time seemed very accurate for the characters. Yeah. I'm glad you warned me in the A/N. Every thing else is great!
northstar61 chapter 17 . 12/20/2011
What an unexpected but superb morning after! Loved how Rachel came awake slowly, taking a while to fully realize who she was with and why that felt oh, so good. Loved her reaction to Jesse calling her beautiful. No one has ever looked at her or cared about her the way he does, and it's a wonder to behold. Also loved her taking the initiative and getting him to do exactly what she wanted. You definitely have a way with a sex scene! I could happily sit here for hours, re-reading each and every one. ;)

Rachel will have to get used to sharing, but I don't see that being much of a problem. Although she's right about not being able to live with Jesse *yet*, I have no doubt that day will come, and that they'll find any and every way possible to be alone together often until then.

I sighed with happiness at Jesse understanding Rachel's need for reassurance, as well as her desire to spend more time with him. Thank goodness for the St. James money that'll allow him to book the hotel room for the next two nights with ease. :) Their weekend, complete with singing, movies, snuggling, and more sex, sounds perfect.

Santana's reaction to seeing Rachel and Jesse cuddled together was so typical - snarky and insulting, with a hint of a threat thrown in, followed by a complete about-face at the "hot for teacher" scenario she suddenly envisioned. I have to laugh every time Brittany brings up Jesse being Will's son. (They do look somewhat alike, and it would be a fun bit of revisionist history to have Jesse be related to Will in some way.)

Once again, Jesse proves why he's Rachel's perfect match. Rather than judging her for her admission that she'd bugged the choir room, he accepts it - and her - without criticism.

I honestly never expected to get all of this when I asked for a Prom fix. Thank you for going above and beyond with this one! I absolutely adored every beat of it.
northstar61 chapter 13 . 12/20/2011
This is what happens when you wait too long to review. The chapters get moved, and the site tells me I've reviewed what I haven't, and vice versa. For the record, this is actually for "Prom Queen Part 3".

Sometimes, it's the smallest of details that make me fall in love with one of your chapters. The image of Rachel, in Jesse's oversized jacket that's warm and smells like him, was one of those.

There was a sweetness to Jesse's hesitation regarding having rented a hotel room. He's supremely confident, but he didn't want Rachel to think he was moving too far, too fast, with expectations of something she wasn't yet ready for. Loved how she thought they could keep things innocent, even with sex on both of their radars.

"What would you like to do, then? Dance? Relax? Plot world domination?" - Trust Jesse to include the latter as one of the options! It made me smile.

How perfect is Jesse to have brought clothes for his girl? And to remember their 'usual' when it came to late night food ordering? He truly is magical.

Gee, why was I not surprised that Finn actually followed through on his threat to call her dads? Loved Hiram's calm acceptance as Rachel informed him she wouldn't be home, as well as his admission that he and Leroy considered Jesse better boyfriend material than Finn. Those men have excellent taste!

I completely agree with Jesse that Finn has payback coming his way for his mistreatment of Rachel, and I have to say that Jesse's idea of making Finn jealous works for me. But his ultimately wanting Rachel for her sake, independent of anything to do with vindictiveness or revenge, was far more appealing.

Of course, Jesse was going to be her first. It was destined from the moment they met.

Interesting choice to have him express his jealousy, in spite of his clearly having won the battle for Rachel's affections. I liked the way she addressed his feelings head on, ensuring there was no mistaking who or what she wanted.

No matter how often you write them (and despite the fact that you're getting tired of doing it), every one of the first times you've scripted for these two has been memorable and hot and brilliant beyond words.

"In a minute, I'm all you'll feel. All you'll know." - There's a cockiness to this line, but also an inescapable truth, the physical and emotional feelings melding, eclipsing everything else in that moment.

Loved them in the bathtub afterwards, complete with cold pizza and snuggles and talk. Yet another wonderful chapter added to a fabulous fix!
stberryalltheway chapter 18 . 12/17/2011
ok you cannot leave it like this! seriously update soon!
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