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silver starlight serpant chapter 18 . 12/16/2011
That was just a cruel cliffhanger. I hope things turn out well with Shelby. I like her character but I hate the stupid things this the writers added for drama. Seriously sleeping with Puck? and in the new season she has more of a relationship with Quinn than she does with Rachel.
loveisalifetimeproject chapter 18 . 12/15/2011
love it...must see either Prom 4 or Asian F 4
lulubell76 chapter 18 . 12/15/2011
Love this story and I cant wait for Shelby to rip the parents apart
Broadwayfreak5357 chapter 18 . 12/14/2011

I'm a little late with this review, my computer got some sort of virus & everytime I tried to sign on to it was wayyyyy slow/wouldnt let me :P I got it sort of fixed :/

Anyway, I read the chapter when it was first up :P

OMGGGGG YAYYYYYYY! :) I was so proud of them :)

...Jesse's parents are stupid. Nuff said.

I love at the end how Rachel is like screw you guys, Ima go see my parents and blaine & kurt :)

omgggggggg shelby at the end! :P

you & the cliff hangers lol :)

love ittttt! more please? :)

xx Sage

ps. Rachel & Jesse during intermission? HOTTTTT XD *dies* :) me gusta!
Tiny 1.0 chapter 18 . 12/11/2011
This is awesome!

Now I really want Shelby to make Jesse's dad really uncomfortable hahaha!

So I'm taking it that you don't like Mercedes in season 3 (I really don't, so I really like Rachel flashing back to the reason she was where she is.)

Also! I was wondering that since there are new Glee friendships, like Quinn and Rachel, if you would include those?

Anyway it's awesome!
tayfanny chapter 18 . 12/10/2011
HELL TO THE NO! youcan't freakin' do that! How dare you! :( tgat was the best part :(... please update fast,pretty please with cherries and sprinkles and all of whats good left in the srupid world or else i might die of anticipation right now!
Guest chapter 18 . 12/9/2011
Wow you made me like Shelby!.!.!.! Please update this I love it
michemistic chapter 18 . 12/9/2011
I missed you love! I’m so sorry life hasn’t been kind to you lately and I hope everything will turn out better. *Hugs* This so impressive, the length and prose left me in awe.

Ah opening night, filled with the much deserved buzz from all the hard work. The Shelby situation hit the nail on the head, her trying to sweep things under the rug and who she’s more proud of, her protégé or her daughter.

As strange as it sounds, I don’t think it’s anti-feminist for Jesse to bring the ‘real’ Rachel back; he’s not validating her and telling her how she should feel and act-unlike some people. As well as him hitting her, if anything he just made their performance all the more convincing and authentic, but I’ll agree that it should be the last of Jesse harming her body.

Jesse finding-no, needing comfort in Rachel that’s so desperate, it’s like she’s literally stabilizing him so he won’t drift away into his own anguish. They both soothe each other; his tenderness to her wounds was still romantic even though it wasn’t sexual. It’s a sweetness that’s natural to them and that it started before they got back together is so prominent.

I remember Androgenius also being disappointed with the sex ending so

quickly. Partly because Melchior is a 15-16 year old and his first time and partly because of my conspiracy that the show didn’t want to make it too long and be criticized as tasteless (not that I wouldn’t complain). Wendla too enjoyed the experience, “I let him love me” and her reactions and facial expressions were telling enough, but I too am afraid she most likely didn’t have an orgasm.

Oh you naughty girl, the intermission fingering was welcomed with open arms-or in Rachel’s case, open legs. Dirty talk and sweet nothings of now and things to come leaves me with HIGH expectations!

Emotionally I completely understand why Jesse is jealous of Melchior even though they’re one in the same. But I can’t put it into words why exactly he feels this way; I just know it’s a very Jesse thing for him to feel.

You too caught onto that Melchior licked his lips before that long kiss with Wendla, which is too my favorite because it’s so drawn out and intimate.

Of course they get turned on by performing (there’s this one kink prompt on Glee kink where Jesse and Rachel get it on while listening to their voices in the SA soundtrack) and if they ever do it on a stage or in public, I wouldn’t be surprised. But it is a shame we didn’t get to see what happened when Rachel was watching. *pouts*

“I'll take care of that anytime you like—just say the word."-Giggles like a moron, the more and more I think of it-Jesse is the ideal, dream son-in law for Rach’s parents, but their worst nightmare for them as their baby girl’s boyfriend. As much as I’m disappointed that Aunt Becca doesn’t allow him in her room anymore, I can’t really blame her for not wanting to risk it.

“They loved her—they loved her and Jesse together”-Damn right, that’s one of the many reasons why I want to throttle RIB, one of the main reasons why Groffchele were cast opposite each other in SA was their burning chemistry. The audience and critics eat up St. Berry on stage and hopefully in THIS universe there’ll be an official recording of the show (ala CATS, Victor/Victoria) or even a movie of the OBC (or at least original golden trio) so more can be gifted with the glory of the cast and show.

I love that Rachel for once has a team of real friends, unlike the fine weather group from high school. That she and Jesse are in their element and where they’re meant to be, the Broadway stage and each other.

"Does life imitate art, son?"-I concur.

The St. James are a piece of work. Random, but I like that you made all the kids alliterative with a ‘J’ name, for the longest time I tried to think of a good one for his brother and I want to kick myself for not thinking of Justin-it’s better than my Jerry or Jeffrey. Though I am surprised that you made Jesse’s siblings not as physically appealing as their brother. His parents need to get over their ridiculous American blue-blood ‘legacy.’

“Rachel felt like a little goat”-Awe *squishes her with hugs* was that a shout-out to the Groff’s family goat Lea Michele? (You know technically she would be Lea Michele Groff *dodges flying bricks*).

Jesse’s dad was so condescending I wanted to punch him and I’m proud that Jesse admitted that Rachel is his girlfriend. While Rachel can look younger than her age (awe she’s the baby of the group :3) I was livid at Jesse’s moms patronizing, them forgetting their son’s age AND birthday just gave up any hope I had for these people.

Another tid-bit, but I’m glad you noted that Rachel is Mediterranean (because it’s so obvious) because yes, Judaism is a religion as it is as much a culture, but there are also different types of Jewish people with a variety of heritages. So I consider Rachel Sephardic like Lea. For people that are all about being ‘high society’ they sure were tactless and rude with faux pas, who immediately asks about religion (not at all politely may I add) on first meeting? If they weren’t interrupted/saved from Rachel’s family, I’d bet they were going to ask about the Berry’s income too.

“That little girl obviously isn't half-black”-I can’t help but question how Rachel considers herself as part black or not, to me it’s an interesting topic. That hilarious yearbook photo of Rachel in Black Student Union, made me slightly miffed because a) you don’t have to be a certain race to support civil rights and appreciation and b) Rachel has a black dad, though it was more to do with Rachel joining as many clubs to look good on her transcripts (WTF RIB? Why is Rachel bemoaning not having any extracurriculars for NYADA?). In interviews when Rachel’s famous, she will be asked questions if she considers herself half-black. I see her answering along the lines of, “For the longest time I didn’t know who my biological dad was as funny as that seems…I’m not trying to offend anyone when I say it’s both yes and no… while my blood doesn’t have African descent…etc.” I know this is offensively stereotypical but Rachel can rap, Push It anyone?

I hope Shelby strikes with an iron fist when dealing with the St. James. This probably isn’t the first time she had to be an advocate for Jesse’s dreams, first with performing and now with Rachel.

Now onto the next part my beloved!
ILuvLuckyandElizabeth chapter 18 . 12/8/2011
That Was So Good I Loved It I Hope Shelby Has a Good Talking To With Jesse's Mom and Dad Who I Very Much Don't Like But I Love This Story and I Can't Wait For More
auhaes23 chapter 18 . 12/8/2011
Incredible ! AGAIN ! I love it !
erinsgirl chapter 18 . 12/8/2011
Aaww! My first dedication and I couldn't have asked for a better one!

It's so good to see you back writing again. Although if this is what an absence creates I could be willing to accept them;) And please rant away. I love hearing other opinions and you always kindly return the favour.

I dont know where to begin. You didn't go where I was expecting but you certainly went alot better (and that's saying something I expect very high standards from you now).

I loved the opening scene with Rachel's dads. Rachel's reflection of her happiness was nicely written and her dads' questions were what they would ask. Her thoughts on Shelby were spot-on as well.

Her complaints about Jesse not being allowed in her room (I'm assuming it's Becca in which case it's perfectly in character) and the agreement that all she wants to do is sing with them was hilarious. Although if Jesse is banned from her room why can't she hang out in his? *looks innocent as if that would in anyway be different*. Still at least she didn't make them share a room. That would have been terrible.:)

Rachel trying to figure out Jesse’s mood was fantastic. Given his reasons and personality it suited his character perfectly and so did Rachel realising something more was up but not knowing what it was.

Their conversation in Rachel’s dressing room was so sweet. I love seeing the comfort and friendship of their relationship even more than the attraction because it shows just why the relationship is so perfect and real. They actually communicate and understand each other.

I adored the little observations. Jesse would be jealous of a character and be convinced he could do something better. They are both incapable of finding a happy medium. Rachel realising that she had been hiding some of herself (I was probably the only one who thought her relationship with Finn seemed slightly abusive, emotionally at least, but oh well you could argue the same of the others) and New York and Jesse changing that. Rachel’s musings on their last kiss on-stage. Them both being high from it. I loved Jesse’s comment about Rachel being a non-sloppy happy drunk.

Jesse’s guilt and Rachel’s forgiveness was excellently done. He can rationalize most of his actions and block out his emotions when he has too, so to me it makes perfect sense that they would affect him even more strongly when they do get in. Rachel’s used to feeling and living them so she can easily use them to her advantage. Jesse can channel his into his acting but when they full on hit him against his will it’s harder for him to deal. Since Rachel is what most affects his emotional spirit it makes sense that he’d feel them most when she’s involved.

I’m amazed that they let themselves be so unprofessional as to get distracted and forget their make-up touch-ups and Michael’s speech. Although given what distracted them perhaps I shouldn’t be. Jesse really does have a way with words. And a way with his hands if Rachel’s reaction is anything to go by! I wonder what they got up to when Rachel went to ‘watch’ Jesse.

The little scene between the cast at the end of the play was delightful. It’s good to see Rachel and Jesse too having made some genuine friends in their cast. And I love Michael. He’s like a quietly favoured and sensible, understanding uncle. Gruff sometimes but affectionate in a sort of hidden but not really way.

Can I just say that I think you hit the nail on the head exactly regarding Jesse’s parents. Even though Rachel’s perfect for their son, they don’t care what’s best for him just what’s best for the family name. There are so many things they would object to about Rachel before knowing the even more objectionable things.

The conflicted mentalities of Rachel and Jesse regarding the situation was superb. Their loyalty to each other first and foremost, both of them wanting his parents’ blessing for different reasons but willing to rebel and defy if necessary (I’d write more but the reviewer window is starting to go weird on me again.). You got into both their heads brilliantly.

Loved Jesse thinking that Rachel was hot, adorable and kind of scary when she was mad. I’m a little amused that even Jesse, who is probably the only person besides her dads who wouldn’t run a mile at realising she was in a temper and the only one who would deliberately get her mad (he does think it’s hot and adorable and I bet he finds it funny and gets a kick out of it) would find her frightening. Although the boy does have good instincts and street smarts so maybe not.

The rest of his opinions on Rachel were so cute and I melted at the line “she was the sweetest person he'd ever known, so intense and passionate and pure”.

Thanks very, very much for the wonderful pressie I can’t wait to see part 4. (I’ll beg for it if I have to).
5SecsOfLARRYcat chapter 18 . 12/8/2011
Amazing chapter! I love it! Please update soon! :D
A Smiling Cat chapter 18 . 12/8/2011
I was so happy to see a new chapter this morning ! (And I think my friends were, too... There's only so much "I want a new chapter of Inevitability" one can take) I actually did a happy dance in front of my laptop before reading.

So ... Now that you fried all my neurons with one chapter ... What can I say ?

I loved the beginning with Rachel and her supportive dads ! I really like the family dynamics you write for them in this story (well, you can't call it a one shot anymore)

But (surprise, surprise) I did like even more Rachel and Jesse ! Explanations and apologies after he lost control on stage... I just love them in this arc, I think it's my favourite (ex aequo with Throwdown)

Jesse's parents are wonderfully awful !

And I had almost forgotten about Shelby being there when you made her come in at the end... Please, please write the next one soon *overexcited puppy dog eyes* (uh, that sounded so much better in my head... in french)

PS : I hope RL will be nicer with you, now (and not only because I really, really want to read the next chapter :P )

PPS : It's been 30 minutes since I finished reading... And my heart rate has yet to return to normal... I'm fine, I'm perfectly sane. Who's said otherwise ?
Semper a Lamia chapter 18 . 12/8/2011
Ahh! I started reading this chapter as soon as I saw the notification email. And I'm already starved for more! The spring awakening story pine is probably my favorite that you've done and I hope it continues soon!
kezztip chapter 18 . 12/8/2011
I am torn between indignation that you would leave the reader with such a cliffhanger and exultation that there is another part of Asian F to come. Great chapter - such sweet, sexy, angsty goodness!
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