Reviews for Harry Potter: The Forgotten Brother
DoraLupinTonks chapter 30 . 7/16
Loved it! It was so refreshingly new and unique...I was left speechless. You took a very common concept of twin Potter's{one wrong BWL and the other neglected} and spinned it in an amazing tale. I loved it...And now I will go and read your other marvelous works. And thank you for writing this fic.
Ashes Ascending chapter 30 . 7/3
Great story!
ifctbmaker chapter 30 . 7/2
It was really well thought out and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Well done.
Guest chapter 8 . 6/24
Pretty good so far! 2k
sexy Seren chapter 1 . 6/26
Tilty.bbb chapter 30 . 6/25
This was a great read well done
BillBrink chapter 15 . 6/22
Yes, we know that this is fan FICTION, and that it is YOUR story. It also is a story about magic and contains things that would be incredulous in the real world, however the part where Lilly has made a dead baby into a live, growing and magical being just blows the imagination. It is hard to continue this with any sort of even imaginary belief. I have always felt that if I can't continue a story I should just stop reading, but, due to the talent you have displayed in your many other stories, I think you should at least know that this part is a real stretch.
DrizztTeller chapter 30 . 6/17
I love your story ! You have a very good imagination and surprise me with the first presentarion with Harry's group, when Hermione use a black tatoo, then again with Arnold Potter. I just love it ! And your thought about America is awesome. It was quite logical so hats off :D
Good luck for your next story !
Guest chapter 11 . 6/5
Guest chapter 5 . 6/5
You never said Voldemort. It was implied, but since you never saw the name I'm guessing that it's not. And the only other know parseltongue is Harry. Foreshadowing?
NerdsbianW13 chapter 19 . 6/5
Enjoying the story so far and I must say your take on how the US and Canada magical worlds is an interesting one, definitely not something I've seen before.
Bri chapter 19 . 6/3
effort as well as time. It sickens me to no end. After all your writing this book and I feel it's purely for the enjoyment of others. To you, the author, as I'm absolutely obsessed with Percy Jackson I give you a gift of my total respect and is also the highest honor I can give. I gift you.. A BLUE COOKIE! *Hands author blue cookie and smiles* I give you my respect, you have earned it.
Bri chapter 19 . 6/3
What idiots! People don't appreciate it when someone's taking time to write something (yours is brilliant by the way). I hate when people talk bad about a fan fiction that an author wrote to the author that wrote it! It makes me sick that people will insult and talk trash ! If they don't like the book, then they shouldn't read it! You just don't go around insulting people who have put a lot of effort and time into something! Sadly most people have forgotten the fact the if you go around being a dick, then your an absolute asshole. Excuse my language, I normally don't cuss but it makes me so mad that people have the guts to do something absolutely assholish like this! My sincerest apologies to you, the author for the cruel behavior of other people, I know its not my place to apologize for them, but I've really enjoyed this book, and even if I hadn't I'd still be respectful but I'd also still write the not. You are a truly amazing person, and as I'm an American and am not in the least offended by your theory its wrong of other people to be. Actually, you had a very good point, I thought it was very intuitive, clever, and creative of you. Also, to the people who have insulted the author, you should be ashamed of yourselves, your insulting someone who has put a great deal of emotional
SummonedSnake chapter 30 . 5/4
Hey man look I am American and proud of it but the truth is my country has done things that made me sick but yes there were slaves here and there every where else to buuut we ended fixing that finally but yes I agree that the American wizards grew up different so what people that dont get that well this is a fanfic they can think what they want to me this was a great story keep writing and ignore all thoes jerks in the world
Anon-L chapter 19 . 4/27
I'm too lazy to remember my own login info, but I wanted to point out something else to all the whiny Americans:

A lot of the early American settlers were second and third sons of Brit aristocracy. OF COURSE purebloods would run over to the New World in spades, and rule as they see fit. Because that's exactly what their muggle counter-parts did.
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