Reviews for Harry Potter: The Forgotten Brother
bookworm2192 chapter 14 . 9/25
I did not see that coming! It's getting harder and harder to find stories that surprise me, but you managed, and I'm loving it!

Very nicely done, author!
Freddie Rindklip chapter 15 . 9/24
Harry has quite the Machiavellian group. That is not a criticism. When going against evil that is sometimes necessary. I do not remember this fic, and knowing your skills as an author wonder why I could have missed this. It is being read and enjoyed now.
ggf1 chapter 30 . 9/12
good story. interesting twists. thanks


I would like to see a fic that follows up with our heros saving the muggleborn slaves in America (I live in Texas and I'm fine with the idea)
Guest chapter 19 . 8/16
You sure waste alot of good story space with these self important author notes .
Sound chapter 29 . 7/7
... That was completely retarded.
Since when the actions of a few individuals means you can then blackmail entire countries into paying you money ? You would have to be insane to believe something like that.
And the idea that the UK, that had spend decades in a bloody and exhausting civil war, could actually declare war on an entire continent is laughingly stupid.
Sound chapter 26 . 7/7
I really don't get this weird subplot about legitimizing Ginny's bastard.
Why would James want to reward her for cheating on his deceased son ? It just makes no sense.
Brother Grimace chapter 4 . 6/26
Yeah. I got through five chapters before I said 'Pass'. Hermione as a Death Eater in this environment...

There's just some things that send me for the exit in a fic. Hermione somehow being an abused Muggleborn and yet a Death Eater...

Yeah. Hard pass.
Phantom chapter 30 . 6/19
Don’t forget the fact that half of America fought to KEEP slavery.
Aurowanfinn chapter 30 . 5/20
I don't particularly find your rationale for how America is so evil to make much sense, specifically since you are from the UK. The British Empire has been perpetuating evil for much longer than the has US has existed and has mistreated the indigenous peoples of everywhere they conquered. That said, given how the wizarding world seems to be about 200 years behind the muggle one in the books, it doesn't seem far fetched that magical America would be the same. If so, the idea of slavery still being a thing there makes sense. Regardless, I really liked how much emphasis seemed to be on the women in this story and think that the story is good. I would really love a prequel from Lily's POV.
Obsidianshadow89 chapter 11 . 5/16
So Dumbledore is using the term 'mudblood' eh?
sabrina9393 chapter 1 . 3/31
I really enjoyed the first ten chapters or so but then the story diverges with some individual characters too far from what I enjoy reading.

your story is well thought out and converges in a seamless flow that makes you plot understandable and interesting. Thank you for writing and utalizing your imagination to make something for your readers to enjoy.
Zabbit-Nightshade chapter 30 . 3/31
Overall, I loved the whole thing. But it did not mention the two daughters of James so I think they lived a happy mundane life. I guess. But anyways I am so happy for everyone sad that Amelia Bones and Mad Eye (he was the power house a warrior dying a warrior's death
Guest chapter 12 . 2/18
I still say you should step away from the crack pipe . A muggleborn is not a death eater .
HarryPfanfic chapter 30 . 2/18
The story was decent..the fight was good and everything was fine except one thing and that single thing raises soo many holes in your story

Why did harry started his actions SEVENTEEN YEARS LATER!?

this raises soo many questions-

How in the world was Dumbledore alive when in 6th year he is to be cursed by the ring?

How did snape remain a spy? No way in hell could he hold such a difficult position for too long while not even considering that voldemort didn't take over Hogwarts and made him headmaster..either he should have been dark or he should have gone to light side..

With the speed at which voldemort was attacking..he should definitely have more grip on wizarding Britain after 17 years!

In my view if this story had started around 4th year during triwizard tournament or around 6th year after Dumbledore's would have been great.
Orginal-Panda chapter 29 . 2/14
nice story can't believe I read it in one go
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