Reviews for Harry Potter: The Forgotten Brother
Sogo chapter 30 . 5/31/2014
I have to say, I found this a very interesting story. I understand you got a lot of flack for some of the ideas you used, but I found them unique and interesting. Thank you for sharing your work and continuing to do so despite some negative responses.
Guest08 chapter 30 . 5/29/2014
Artists are always hated for what they do create, what they don't create and what the artist thinks is right. This story is brilliant, a work of art in my opinion. People will dislike this story for some things ( like the Arnold Potter part ) and people will dislike it because you didn't include the Harry/Hermione relationship fast enough. Most of all people will hate this story because of their own prejudices as the artist decides another plausible explanation should be represented. Americans are patriotic, many to a fault ( other countries and cultures are like this as well but it is Americans that are relevant here ). If you say anything remotely negative about their beliefs they will lash out, many without thinking. I would not worry about a few Americans deciding that your story doesn't show them to be perfect and so it must be evil, terrible and a criminal offense. It is my opinion that this is an exceptional story, and I hope to read many more like it in the future.
Guest chapter 11 . 5/27/2014

Ok, well I am definitely not in an approval camp of Harry w/ two girlfriends... Yeah, NO. Sorry, this is the end of the line for me, very much against my beliefs and convictions.
Guest chapter 5 . 5/26/2014

... don't get it. If Granger is so "rights for muggle-borns!" Then why is she a death eater, exactly?

Not that this isn't terribly interesting, do go on.
Blueberry Babe chapter 30 . 5/26/2014
Thank you so much for your efforts and great stories. I have read many of them and I enjoy your writing style. I look forward to reading the new stories you just mentioned and the older ones in your list that I haven't gotten to yet. Well done.
PerfectionJune chapter 30 . 5/21/2014
Dear Sprinter,
I am an American, and I quite appreciated what you said. While it is fantasy, I think that there is still racism in America. I have been on the receiving end of racism because I am white and therefore, somehow "deserve it". What you wrote about in this story was daring, but it showed some aspects of humanity and the wizarding world I felt were implied by Jo and not said outright. This idea of muggleborn slaves is actually quite good because it confronts an issue that came up in jo's later books about the "History between Purebloods and Muggle borns". When I read it, I always thought that there may have been something more there, and in this story I saw remarkable honesty and insight that (While it may not have been Jo' intent in the original stories) really show a new side to the wizarding world. Great job and keep writing, I would love to (And plan to) read more.
peteanderica chapter 30 . 5/12/2014
Loved it:-)
Ruby Rosethorn chapter 4 . 5/3/2014
"Order of the Flaming Pigeon"? That's probably the funniest OotP bashing I've ever heard! I laughed for a good five minutes! (And got very odd looks from the people around me. Have they never read something funny in a book or something? I mean, really? Is it that hard to believe?)

Why do I get the feeling that Harry's on the dark side now? Well, at least he gets cookies...

-Ruby Rosethorn, Ravenclaw
Ruby Rosethorn chapter 2 . 5/3/2014
Wow. You pretty much described every American Celebrity I know. Granted, that's not a lot, but...

Anyway, I have to say that this as well as your other HP stories are quite promising. I'll leave a review on your other stories after I get around to reading them. I do hope you continue all the stories you started, but hey, it's your life and I'm not going to force you into something you don't want to do. Happens to me too much. (And Harry, too.)

Well, I'll give a more thorough review at the last chapter, but thought I'd let you know that I really love your ideas!

-Ruby Rosethorn, Ravenclaw

P.S. I have an account under the same name, so feel free to PM me for whatever reason.
LtsHrIt4ThBoyz chapter 30 . 5/3/2014
Wow! I hope it's not too late to get in a really big BRAVA! You absolutely ROCK! LOVED the premise from the start; your 1st intriguing chapters, detailing the attempts to unravel the conundrum of the mysteriously missing twin, captured my devotion to seeing the story through; and the twists and turns of plot and characters had me scrolling my mouse wheel at a breakneck pace, racing to devour the next incredible revelation!

Whew! You could and should give JKR a run for her money! Sorry, love her world, but (watch out: BLASPHEMY AHEAD!) I've read better plotting and character development written by 14 year olds!
Case in point: She seems OKAY with the ABUSE of children (the 1st HP movie [the only one I have ever watched or had a desire to {I have a weakness for Alan Rickman!}] was even worse in its portrayal and downplaying of Harry's home life! I was appalled & sickened by their glossing over of even JKR's cavalier treatment of Harry's plight!) which I perceive as a monstrous attitude for a writer of CHILDREN'S fiction to have!

Anyway, I, literally, stood up and cheered when you first began Dumbles bashing (have ALWAYS hated that SOB!), but, though he had MAJOR flaws, I still feel sorry for Sev... Just as I do when its discovered that many criminals have been abused & bullied into to turning bad! I lay the adult acts & behaviors of both Severus & TMR, firmly at the feet of Bumblesmore for his refusal to act EN LOCO PARENTIS (as he IS as HEADMASTER of a BOARDING SCHOOL!) to these 2 sad little boys and especially his enabling and fueling Severus' future hatred of Harry.

Great story and writing! Thank you SO MUCH for this!
Well, I'm going to go and read some more of your works; I'm sure they'll be as good as this one!
AzureHart chapter 30 . 5/1/2014
I really enjoyed this. I thought your take on "the wrong BWL" was unique and really liked how you'd have us thinking something like, "wait, is Hermione a DEATH EATER?" before totally switching around our perceptions. Thank you for a very enjoyable read!
Guest chapter 14 . 4/29/2014
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BlueSerpentTongue chapter 30 . 4/27/2014
you are a genius and just ignore "timber" as they don't seem to understand that MAGICAL/WIZARDING America is all fiction-not real their views don't matter because i read your story all the way through and loved it. btw i really liked necromancer Lily nice instead of harry fo a change. keep up the amazing work and be strong.
mia chapter 30 . 4/7/2014
i usually start a review by saying i only write reviews once in a red moon and that you should feel so privileged because ive read fanfic for so many years or whatever. not this time. i am the one who has been privileged to read this. i started reading it when you first wrote it, and was so confused by my many stories that i didnt check on it for some time, and eventually it was so far up my bookmarks i stopped reading. imagine my surprise when i looked up the author of Harry Potter: Junior Inquisitor and while looking through other things he published I found this gem i started reading a little while ago. this story is so amazingly epic that it is literally difficult to find the words for a review. the twists, the turns, the history, the use of obscure spells, alternate histories and different perspectives- i'm from the us btw and i still remember when the civil rights movement happened, predecessed by womens suffrage, and not so far from slavery as many would lead us to think, and also btw, how long did slavery last in the u.s.? people forget their history and while they forget others remember. thank you. and dont be afraid to write in this style again. I've been reading your stories. BE BRAVE MY FRIEND. and please dont mind my punctuation/capitalization, i could never write as well as you and you know it. cheers.
Lunaris-wind chapter 30 . 4/8/2014
I read this whole story, and I can't say I know why. It really was not very good. As you yourself point out, the character development was bad. By bad, I mean virtually non-existent. You included a lot of useless backstory, such as ch.26, and introduced many meaningless characters, while barely developing the characters that matter.

The story had some glaring holes as well. The two that stuck out the most are; 1. The ages of the characters, and 2. Harry's anonymity from his own father.

1. In the British wizarding world, people marry and have children very young. This is evident in the books, and reinforced in fanfiction. Despite that, you have characters who are in their early thirties who are not yet wed and without children. For a family like the Malfoy's, who feel bloodline and wealth are important, it would be unthinkable to not have an heir already.

2. The story states that Harry was born, he has a record of birth as being a twin. Despite his birth certificate, somehow James doesn't know he exists. He apparently lived in the same house as his father for 11 years, and 3 summers, and yet James doesn't know he exists. That makes absolutely no sense.

As for your apparent problem with American readers, such as myself, I think that it is inconceivable that magical society could be that far divorced from it's muggle counterpart. America's civil war decimated the country, and killed over 600,000 people. The war was essentially fought over slavery (though many scholars would say otherwise, almost every other point made can be turned back to slavery), and yet in your story, had no effect on wizarding America. I find this a ridiculous premise. I do not doubt that wizarding America could have started like you say, but by the 1870's, I can't see how it would continue that way.

And, that's all. It's imports since that you wrote and finished the story, but I can't say much else good past that.
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