Reviews for W&G 3 : Melted Into Air, Into Thin Air
Guest chapter 1 . 10/18/2016
Taking into account how important Polly's pretending was to her past sanity, the opening line of number 3, left a feeling of foreboding. "The day, her pretending died... ".
Without a buffer, sometimes, reality can be overwhelming. Remendies against reality could lead one to whiskey and hard drugs. Any altered state would be preferable, and could seduce one to walking oblivion.(They briefly showed this in the movie, "Tombstone").
That feeling of uneasyness, continued with the narly depiction of Corey.

Lucky that feeling started to subside with the realization of Polly's impending wedding. The wedding, it self, was quite lovely. Polly's family of sisters rallying behind her.
And the kind gesture from Miz Ellen to give Polly the pearl earrings. Strange how that surperstition does persist. Pearls means "tears will fall". Have also heard that pearls at a wedding, " tears to the marriage". (However, the double standards of the righteous religious
Would have brought a tear, regardless).

If one is going to start off with omens, think going off to a new land; reinventing yourself; living with a new husband; and being new with child; would be more than enough jitters to contend with. "Polly never knew whether to mourn the moment when the pretending stopped, or be thankful ". One hopes for Polly's sake, that she will be thankful and face reality on her own.

Only problem: figuring out your reality. Is it like the
Quote from Shakespeare. Will the legends of the pearls,
Leave their mark. Or does she face a fate or Karma, not yet known. When Polly knows, maybe we will also.
October 18, 2016.
StarryDiadem chapter 1 . 6/7/2011
Thank you, D'Angelo's Song. I'm afraid that FFnet won't allow me to respond to you privately.
Cruelest Sea chapter 1 . 6/6/2011