Reviews for The Legend of Eevee: Majerkass's Mask
GlaringEyes chapter 37 . 5/19
"Ohboyohboysis! DoesthatmeanIcangowithPichuinstead?" It would have been interesting to see Cleffa going with Pichu instead of Clefairy. But maybe pairing the two idiots would have changed the plot a bit too much... The moon would probably crush everything and game over.

You know, there's a funny scene in the game that happens if you stop the moon twice in the same save file. In it, Tael starts to defend the Skull Kid and Tatl says she knows the boy had been under the mask's influence all the time and Tael gets surprised his sister knew it already. Hope you update it soon!
FireStar Granivolus chapter 37 . 5/14
Well, someone had to have rescued the giants lmao
all in all, great chapter, and I hope you get an idea for a new story!
Magyk-Foal1 chapter 37 . 5/13
Someone's been watching Madoka Magica recently.
And wow ExMachina Cleffa/Tael knows how to play the song.
Three chapters to go! It's actually really sad to see this end.
Kindom Rider92 chapter 37 . 5/13
And thus begins the climax of this adventure. No more loops, no more excuses. Pichu and Clefairy have only one shot to save Termina from Majerkass.

Hylia help us.
Guest chapter 36 . 4/27
I have 3 ideas for the fierce deity's mask. raichu, absol, and lucario. lucario be cause of his height and can use force palm. absol be cause psycho cut and a throwback to pokeflute of time. raichu because think about it it makes sense since pikachu evolves it to raichu and pikachu is pichu's adult form
FireStar Granivolus chapter 36 . 4/24
Great ending for the Riolu/Vulpix SideQuest! I can't wait to see what the whole showdown will be. wonder if you're gonna make Pichu go through the four moon trials as well XD
mm... if Majora ends up performing a Z-move or something...
eh. also, I do wonder, what were you going to have as the Sun/Moon masks back when you first published this, before Solgaleo/Lunala were ever revealed? Solrock and Lunatone?
GlaringEyes chapter 36 . 4/24
"He froze up in terror and started patting himself down as he realized he didn't have the Sun's Mask with him" / "You left it back at the hideout, didn't you" LOL that was the most anticlimatic and hilarious twist in the entire story!

"Wow. Even though they're lovers, they look just like a mother and child. This is disgusting. Why the hell did we facilitate this?" LOL and this one was a close second.

Finally the last mistery: which Pokémon will be the Fierce Deity Mask? Hope you update it soon!
Anasazi Darkmoon chapter 36 . 4/23
Oh sweet! A brand new update just when I finished rereading the whole thing! :D And Solgaleo and Lunala masks!? How absolutely perfect! Now that we're so close to the end, though, I wonder what the Fierce Deity's mask is going to be? Maybe something that knows Psycho Cut, as a substitute for FD's laser sword attack? Well, whatever it is, I'm sure it's going to be awesome, because this has been a great ride from the very beginning. :)
xxxDreamingflowerxxx chapter 34 . 4/12
Aaaa d I'm fought up! Yaaayyy! Man poor Clefairy probably has to urge to pull her hair out. I would if I were her. At least she could unleash her frustration on Pichu. Just a bit longer girl and you will be freed... or you could just hang out around Clock Town while Pichu does the side quests. Since there's no real eminent danger in doing side quests... unless you're Pichu.

I wonder why they didn't deliver Riolu to Vulpix or the other way around. That would make the quest so much easier.

I wonder why they didn't set the skulltula home on fire along with the forest. That would be so much easier. And hopefully they won't forget to bring spring to the mountains while they kill that annoying baby.

If Pichu were to fight Majora with those creepy statues I'm pretty sure he wouldn't need to summon the giants. Just looking at them makes you want to kill yourself.

I finally decided to look up what Freemasons are. Clefairy has all the reason to kill them. Gone with creepy cult people.

I completely forgot about the Gorman bottle side quest. Kek. Then again I prefer the performing side quest over that medicine side quest.

Anyway I'll look forward for the latest chapter, this story is as awesome as ever!
GlaringEyes chapter 35 . 4/8
"Like I just stuck my face into a bowl of pudding." Really!? Just the face? Hugging a Jigglypuff is like stucking your entire body into pudding.

"He bit people, kicked them in the shin, he peed in the public swimming pool." LOL the funniest bedtime ever. BTW did you see Zelda Breath of the Wild? Definitely the best Zelda game in ages! If you're making a sequel for this story, which installment you're gonna use, Twilight Princess or Breath of the Wild? Hope you update it soon!
xxxDreamingflowerxxx chapter 33 . 4/7
Lol that boss battle. Who would have thought it would be so surprisingly easy. Cuz I never find Twinmold and easy boss to beat. Damn that piece of crap! Diediediediedie! Ur being a pain why can't you just float in one place and let me kill you!?

Finally got that out of my chest.

I saw the fate of the great fairy coming. Since Ikana is the worst dungeon for fairy collecting. No one can collect those hateful things in one go. They have all the right to let that effing great fairy bleed to dead.

A dead land will stay a dead land. No matter what curse you break. I guess the only difference will the the lack of dancing corpses.

I'm pretty sure that the one who tricked Trubbish is Noctowl. There's no way he will disappear quietly while having the reputation of being a heinous stalker who swore revenge on Pichu.

One chapter left until I'm coughs up. Yaaayyy.
xxxDreamingflowerxxx chapter 32 . 4/1
... wow I missed 3 chapters no wonder o felt confused st the beginning of chapter 35

Ah the godforsaken entrance of the godforsaken temple. There are so many memories buried in there... damn I hate that place. Someone should burn it down. Like everything. Or bomb it.

If pichu told me to stay with that creepy statue I'd make a bold for it. No way in hell I'd stay any second near that thing. I hate dolls and those statues are even worse. They look like they could jump to live and attack you at any second.

I'm pretty certain Pichu's brain was unhinged from the moment he was born. Or maybe hegas some brain cells missing, or maybe both. Yeah probably both. With very small moments of lucidness, yes sequence breaking makes sense in this context. Link should totally be able to open an upside down chest in a water-filled room. Screw the drown fairy I'm sure the great fairy would be fine. If water really killed it then all the other fairies collected by Pichu sjouke also have died. That fairy is probably brain dead.

Why would Lampent want to choose the Stone Tower Temple as his base. Is he a freaking idiot or just crazy? Or suicidal, no one in their right mind would want to use that terror temple as main base. He had to be nuts!

I never understood the Stone Tower Temple mechanic, I mean. If the sky became the ground and the ground the sky, does that mean that the moon won't be able to desptroy Termina? And what about Clock Town and its citizens? Are they walking on air? Did they fall to their deaths or has everyone become a shut in and decided to use ropes and letters in bottles they throw at each other to communicate? This is too confusing! There's no logic in this at all!

Haha who would have known that the Pichu statue has some worth. Sure only when you're a large distance away from it and there's an enemy near it but still kek.

The irony of Snivy being heavier than Pichu, to be fair, Pichu is practically filled with only hot air. Kek.
xxxDreamingflowerxxx chapter 35 . 4/1
Yesss you updated! I'm so happy!

That Lilipup scene is great! Never bores me especially when Pichu has to run away while screaming! Kek
I shall nickname this moment the Rise of the Lilipups!

Clefairy is giving Termina too much credit. It's not only Clock Town that's filled with crazy idiots, it's whole Termina. And an even bigger idiot is trying to save it, Nuzleaf is so screwed. Btw, I'm pretty sure Pichu used the pendant to unplug his butthole. XD

Best way to beat the Gorman brothers, honestly I expected them to start crying, fall of their horses and get trampled while they grown in their tears like a bunch of blond idiots. But I guess slipping over Pichu's fake mask tears works perfectly fine too.

I wonder whose crazier, Igglybuff or Jigglypuff.

Kudos to the person who questioned the Giant's logic, cuz I agree, that makes no freaking sense. Especially since you have to play a song in order to summon is during MM. I call that BS!

Again thanks for the update, this customer was super!
ascendingStars chapter 35 . 3/27
This is a truly excellent fic.
tEMMIE chapter 12 . 3/23
Oh my god did he just quote Wheatley? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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