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ImperialJedi chapter 36 . 2/29/2012
Thank you for writing this fic. The Skin was very frightening for me. I loved it. I like that Snape's new life wasn't instantly, magically, easy for him. It was comforting to know that he was able to find at least a little bit peace and happiness, though he might not know what to do with it or trust it to last.

I'll have to check out your other story and I look forward to your future work. Thanx again!

wolfwillow chapter 36 . 2/28/2012
"This is the last chapter. There will be death and destruction." You really had me worried there. I had a really, really rotten day at work, and I was thinking, "Can I handle 'death and destruction' tonight? But of course I had to read, and by the time I got to the mariachi band falling down the steps of Chichen Itza, I knew I was going to be OK. Gently's "Holistic Magic Theory"? A set of Pullman knives? (I want some!) The return of Professor Wormburg, the City of the Crystal Skull, a pan-pipe orchestra battling a rabid llama, and a feathered serpent consuming sausages and indestructible piranhas … so many wonderful things. And of course, Severus, Grossman, Dick, and the RA's all being themselves. That's a great send-off for Severus, to launch him on toward his next adventure.

Thank you for such a wonderful story. Now get to work on the next one!
Spinstergp chapter 36 . 2/28/2012
This story made me go back and read the first story, the sequel.

both stories are well written. I love the detail of this story. I felt that I could see, smell, and touch the jungle and heavy humidity.
notwolf chapter 36 . 2/28/2012
. "I wasn't sure where my stomach was located at the moment."-I hear you, Sevvie. I'd freak out, too. Ah, yeah, the snakebite, along with a wonderful potions master from nowhere just turning up. I guess someone had to find out.

That's nice of Grossman to offer a good faith vow or unbreakable vow. At least he knows Severus is a good guy, so there is no point in making waves.

Love how he is still wary of Aberforth, but I suppose after all those years with the Master Dumbles, he has to assume the brothers have something in common. I'm glad Dick understands his need to leave. Even helping him NOT break his contract.

"whatever you're going to do, just do it!" That really made me laugh. It's SOOO Snape. And then Grossman with "we're very sorry that your experiment didn't achieve anything of importance. Nevertheless, we think this is offset by the relaxed and friendly working environment –" LOL

It's also nice to see his RAs really got attached to him, despite personality. Loved Park's gift, and Grossman saying his was crap after that. (and of course Severus' reply to that!) It's how I felt at Christmas when my brother gave my sister and her family all swords-yes, SWORDS...made mine look like crap.

Never say Die-oh Grossman, you slay me. You're lucky Sevvie didn't slay you. I just LOVE the way he is with Grossman.

So, they finally got rid of those pesky piranha. Good job, serpent of the forest. You have such a lovely way of describing things, at times I envy you. (including the description of the serpent, and the sound of a mariachi band falling down temple steps, lol)

Have you watched Stargate SG1? They had an episode about a crystal skull!

Ah, I loved this story. So exciting, and you closed it with a bang. Well done, grasshopper! Mwahahahaha. Yeah, I'm kind of weird...
lidiladilom chapter 36 . 2/28/2012

So, this is the end.

I've been waiting for that sentence quoted in the sequel about "not needing a f*** calming draught" :):):) It was great, with the award and ho poor Severus freaked out...

And well done, with the explanation of why he withdraws from appearing personally and why has to move on.

And the undead fishes :) :( :) :(

The feathered sneak was awesome :)

Thank you very much, good luck with the third story, and do it as soon as possible, if I may ask...



no-name chapter 36 . 2/27/2012
Hi Mottsnave,

it's a pity that the story is over... and even worse, you claim it'll take about a year for the next story to surface!

Well, in spite of all these discouraging news, I'd like to tell you that I enjoyed your stories immensely. There aren't many stories around which combine witty remarks, action, suspense, a logic plot and very well outlined characters as you do.


graynavarre chapter 36 . 2/27/2012
Ah, something finally ate the fishies - maybe they should have tossed the godbird the "new skin" sock - that way they would be totally safe.

I truly loved the ride and as Snape would say, what a way to end it.

I started your other story before reading this one but didn't finish it becuase I wanted to finish this one first.

Looking forward to that one and the next one too.

wolfwillow chapter 35 . 2/21/2012
The Paracelsus prize? He deserves it! They all do. And his reaction is perfect: "Where was everyone? Didn’t they know we have work to do?" Yes, Severus, hunt those RAs down and get them back to work! And don't let Zosimos get his hands on that distiller! (And no, he doesn't need a calming draught, dammit!)

But despite their triumph, it's such a sad chapter. "If things are out of my control it's dangerous, it's very dangerous!" He's right, and Dick is right when he says, "This might be your best chance ever to let everything be out of your control. I suggest you take advantage of it." Words of wisdom, Dick.

Great chapter!
wolfwillow chapter 34 . 2/21/2012
I always love your descriptions of Stoltz Research Labs, the RAs, and their work. Severus is such a perfectionist! "Pity she wasn't in the control group." And A134 heard and understood the instructions, but ignored them "because fresh goat is my favorite?" LOL! (Don't let PETA find out about those goats, Dick!) And I love his 'references' for his RAs. "Puffery!" "Do you think, maybe, your reputation preceded you?" "And what reputation would that be, exactly?"

P.S. I'm glad he and Uli are feeling 'comfortable' with each other again (nudge, nudge, wink, wink!
LemonDropsWoolSocks chapter 35 . 2/21/2012
I like how much research you put into this. Thanks for the chapter. Update soon. :)
Katharine chapter 35 . 2/20/2012
Poor Sev! Dick handled that situation perfectly :).

The Paracelsus Prize in Potions - yay! (There is no June 31st, though. :) I don't want the Stolz Research Lab to miss the ceremony!)

Can't wait for the next story in your trilogy! I love your series!
notwolf chapter 35 . 2/20/2012
I can see Snape going into his lab, seeing everything empty, being pissed off. I suspected some kind of celebration that would make him horribly self-conscious and uncomfortable.

"Perhaps the question should be what wasn't he excited about?"-classic Park

I have been to too many bars to NOT understand the noise level where you can't hear a thing going on. Ooooh, Zosimos claiming HIS distiller? Back off, dude!

Wow, Grossman actually rattle Snape by telling hiim he had to make a speech. Of course, he doesn't know Snape's real identity and reason for fear.

Uh-oh, he's having a meltdown. Poor guy blames himself for everything that happens. If he'd been honest with the kids, word would have got back to Voldy and he'd be dead, and who would have helped bring him down in the end? No one.

I can't blame him for crying, he had a lot stored up. And once he started, it was hard to stop. At least he's now set for life! Good for him!
lurker chapter 35 . 2/20/2012
Thanks for the chapter! Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it and to apologize for lurking for so long without leaving a review (I've been following this story since the first)...
no-name chapter 35 . 2/20/2012
Hi Mottsnave,

if you make your threat "only one chapter left" come true, you really need to assure your readers that there will be another story - otherwise we'll hunt you down like a Skin and make you continue the present story :-).

It's nice to see that, once in his live, Severus is rewarded for his work. And his reaction is really in character - I liked it a lot.


notwolf chapter 34 . 2/14/2012
Snape is so fixated on finding that repeating element, even though he's just created a potion that automatically kicks on for the ww. It is a huge accomplishment, but he just can't give himself a break.

"It seemed that my little shouting spree at the donor had strangely endeared me to Mata. My only guess was that he found it somehow satisfying that he was not my only target." I guess Mata sees that it really isn't anything personal, Snape is just a highstrung git, haha.

He doesn't like the implication that he's running from Uli, although he knows he is. LOL-he's offended that she isn't more hurt at him running from her. he is a complicated fellow.

The dragonpox thing definitely sounds like a wizard version of a vaccine. Love Dick's explanation of why to publish so soon, and being set for life. He's a smart cookie.

Wow. Severus actually thought those were GOOD references? Poor guy is blinded by his own nitpickiness. I just made that up! Poor Slytherins who got references from him in the past!

Wonderful story!
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