Reviews for Harry Potter The Vampire Lord
snowyassas1n chapter 23 . 1/10
i liked the concept of the story but the extremely slow progress threw me off I mean I was 23 chapters in and the summer before fourth year was nowhere near over?
grimmich chapter 15 . 11/25/2015
Why does daphne have red eyes?
grimmich chapter 3 . 11/25/2015
Ummm but no one bit her, did they? The vamp was just looking at her when harry attacked him and harry just gave her blood... I dont think i saw anywhere how she got bit...
Guest chapter 27 . 11/10/2015
Come back!
darth tobias chapter 20 . 10/9/2015
Brit4Shains chapter 1 . 9/13/2015
I realize that I've found this story about 4 years after the fact... so be it.

I like the developments in this first chapter. I love Sirius' input to the Dursley world. Hope that it helps, as Harry is due for a break.

Not sure about the love interest on Hermione's part, but what the hey...
Amir chapter 27 . 9/6/2015
more please, stories really good
kyoshi711 chapter 27 . 8/17/2015
Great story can't wait for the next chapters.
kyoshi711 chapter 3 . 8/16/2015
Of course a harem brings so much to the plot and has so many characters to choose from.
greasy snivellus chapter 6 . 7/26/2015
*legilimency ! ligilimency :D
Currahee506 chapter 27 . 7/18/2015
Hello more please
Guest chapter 4 . 7/15/2015
I cried when Hedwig "died"
Guest chapter 20 . 6/25/2015
no not at all he should be left to burn in a pit for what he has done to lily and the potter family as a whole
review chapter 17 . 6/25/2015
Luna yes Fleur no
bpvreader chapter 27 . 5/9/2015
well looks like life struck again, sooooo... sorry to see such an enjoyable story be abandoned
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