Reviews for Allegiance
Dutch'76 chapter 1 . 6/13/2011
Read it and loved it. I think you wrote all those memorable moments that they shared through the years. Being kids, growing up and staying strong. I loved Luanne and Otto. I always wiggle my imaginary tail when they show up in a story. Grown up Milla has learned a thing or two of aunty Luanne, like being straight forward and lovable. Really enjoyed reading this little story!
Verda Napoli chapter 1 . 6/6/2011
You're too sweet:) Love the dedication. You did do my Opie justice.

Did you include Luann and Otto just for me too? I love them! (as you probably know!) This is how I picture Luann-straight forward, pull no punches, but sweet and loving. (like the older sister that sneaks you drinks at a family function even after your parents say 'no') I love her as a foil to Gemma because I think that's how Sutter intended her as well. As for Otto, I can see this background. I am often very amused by how writers adapt him to fit their story. I can see your Otto; He seems stern and able to take care of business, a good enforcer. The 'stowaway' line was so on that.

Opie bringing Milla up to the 'spot' and giving her her first hit was priceless. That's so Opie, to make Milla feel included and less like a child. I feel sad that she couldn't be in Ope and Donna's wedding! But thank God she was free to babysit Tig. lol! I like Opie apologizing to Milla. Once again, I feel like he's the bridge between so many people on SOA that this is just so spot on perfect canon Opie. And yes, he's better than Jax as a big brother! (Although for obvious reasons, I wouldn't want him to be my brother;))

Piney's present..oh how I love that smelly, old man! And once again, Opie is there to give good advice. This is why I love him so much. Opie thinks of other people and loves them no matter what. I feel like Jax would've tried to get her to stay and would 'resent' her for leaving him. Opie wanting the best for his baby sis is so sweet:)

The Opie/Milla Chino visit raised my heckles. Jail really does have a way of "hardening" people or breaking them. Opie has such a strong constitution so I see him getting "hard." (tehehee. I'm such a child) Him threatening to hurt Juice from insidelove. The 'alien' bit made me so sad because that's also true to life. I like that you tapped into the "Opie abandoning his kids" situation. Milla was very fair to Opie. I felt that was handled very unfairly on the show. I wanted to smack the shit out of those hypocrites Jax and Mary. Like they didn't do that same shit and without any sort of justification..whatever. After all of that, I need an Opie 'bear hug' too.

Milla is so sensible about the Lyla issue. (I'm still mad that Donna's dead. She's the one SOA female I could stand!) I love that Opie isn't afraid to lean on Milla. Their "allegiance" is so sweet.

I love this so much. Thank you for writing it.
Superdani4Ever chapter 1 . 6/6/2011
ok,how adorable was that?I loved it!