Reviews for TF Prime: Return of a Sin
Kirake chapter 31 . 7/7/2014
Oh man,... just,... wow. I would have never thought that everything could escalate so quickly. I picked sides so quickly when Screamer confronted K.O. I surprised even myself. But anyway, another awesome chappie filled with so much action I could barely keep myself in line. This story is truly one of my favorites, and I'm glad you choose to update for those camping outside.

Love your work, cant wait to hear more from you!

Kitty Out! -
Trigun-Vash chapter 31 . 7/4/2014
woah. OMG. I hope just wow. This was sooooo good. I loved it sooo much! She said she loved Starscream! eeekkkkk I can't wait for the next chapter! I hope they see each other soon.
Akuma's Raze chapter 30 . 6/30/2014
Nuuu! Tsulena!
Akuma's Raze chapter 28 . 6/24/2014
Yay! You finally updated! I can't wait till the next chappy!
H chapter 28 . 6/23/2014
*Bursts into tears of joy at an update*
HAZZAH! The author returns at last! X')
pokemonjkl chapter 28 . 3/19/2014
OH NOOOOOOO What happen next! Update really soon.
nightmaster000 chapter 28 . 3/18/2014
Great chapter
mchap1154 chapter 28 . 3/17/2014
Oh sure leave us to die in suspense when the good part was finally coming up! Anyway keep up the awesome work can't wait to see what happens next KK ;D
ZabuzasGirl chapter 28 . 3/17/2014
Padawan Hunter!
More Kit Fisto and Grievous!
Update immediately, please!
Kirake chapter 27 . 3/13/2014
Man, I never felt so conflicted before! Do I lean my sympathy towards Selena, or do I go for the kids, ... or maybe even Screamer! I question my sense of reality and I absolutely LOVE it! This story is so great, I can't wait for you to continue on with this wonderful plot bunny! Update as soon as you can, because you have a camper! :D

Kirake -
pokemonjkl chapter 27 . 3/9/2014
O.M.G O.O and faint hope to see more soon.
nightmaster000 chapter 27 . 3/5/2014
Great chapter
ZabuzasGirl chapter 27 . 3/5/2014
Padawan Hunter!
nightmaster000 chapter 26 . 2/25/2014
Good chapter.
Neon chapter 26 . 2/24/2014
UPDATE (imagine the 'e' like 'ay', so it's basically updat-ay)
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