Reviews for Ecstasy
Sparkly Blue Eyes chapter 1 . 6/9/2011



New appreciation for HECO BABY coming right up! You certainly supply the goodies everytime, Heco you freak! But I like it :P AMAZING girl!

‘"I'm gonna fuck you so hard I split you in half." He purred, biting her neck savagely. Her head was spinning. Where was the heroine? Horror clawed at her and she slapped his jean pockets, searching desperately for her fix.’ I had to giggle, Heco wants to fuck...and she the silly girl wants her fix! Girl c’mon it’s Heco – you scratch his back and im 100% positive he’ll scratch yours :P And how dominant...ooooh Heco!

‘With a little struggle, he parted her lips with his tongue and passed the tablet to her.’ Umm, hello! Heco is sooo sexy...i can just imagine that – what a lucky bitch :P haha!

THIS BIT just added something different... ‘With a flick of his wrist, he cut the fabric at her hips as he sucked the skin next to his blade. Then he threw the knife, sinking it into the wall across the room. He'd always had good aim.’ You know I’ve actually always thought that, he looks like he could handle a blade well... NOW THAT ITS HOT! Girl you did an amazing job writing him! YUMMY STUFF :P

Who knew he could be such an animal? ‘"I'm gonna break you baby." He growled, the animal lust in his eyes verging on dangerous. Hailee spread her legs wider and sat up meeting his lips with carnal need."Tear me apart." She whispered. In her head, the idea sounded like a delicious fantasy, to be shred to pieces in pleasure.’ Who knew she could be one little minx? This was just amazing detail for such a one shot! As always you made it real, you made it raw! LOVE IT!

As always you finished the one shot perfectly!

‘"Heco." She whispered, stroking his lip with a finger. He brought his head up to kiss her softly. Both were breathing heavily, exhausted and worn. His big palm pet her sweaty hair."Happy Birthday, baby."’ I LOVE the bad boy and you portrayed him to how I imagine him to be, broken record girl but I do admire your style and you my friend could never put a foot wrong! *HUGS*


-S x
xThexFightingxIrishx chapter 1 . 6/7/2011
well i figured heco would be an animal but WOW! lol. he was a sexy beast in this one and i figured his girl would be a junkie like him. but it was kind of funny in some parts to be honest. like where he was calling to her all the way down the hall until he got there. that part made me laugh. and the stuff he said to her in spanish. he was saying things like "it's daddy!" and "daddy is here." well, papa, daddy, same thing. lol. but it was funny and i laughed at those parts. but it was a good read, hot and amusing both. can't wait to see what you come up with next for the rest of the guys. :)
sunstar234 chapter 1 . 6/7/2011
love it:)

heco likes it like that huh nice:}}

all in all it was amazing!

hope you do more one shots
leeseelee chapter 1 . 6/7/2011
I liked it. It was good
BloodiedAngel2362 chapter 1 . 6/7/2011
YOU TOTALLY DELIVERED! THREE CHEERS FOR HECO SMUT! It's about time that handsome man got some lovin'.

It was more vicious and I gotta admit I like that. These men aren't cuddly puppies they are members of Boston's most ruthless gang and as such ANIMALS! And they are so incredibly hot when they are animals.

I loved how you had him with his girlfriend instead of just some random whore. And of course being his girlfriend she is going to be an addict too. So that was a very realistic touch.

Oh my damn Heco has a mouth on him. I just gotta quote him.

-"I'm gonna fuck you so hard I split you in half." He purred, biting her neck savagely."- and

-"Spread 'em, Hailee." Heco's eyes were crazy, pupils dilated as he descended on her like a predator. "I'm bustin' for you baby." He purred, rubbing his engorged crotch against her leg.-

HOT DAMN HECO! -Fans self- I love it when that man talks dirty... I really do.

-That's when the warmth spread between her legs. Her body started to hum and she sighed, relief spreading through her limbs in a slow crawl. It felt like syrup, flowing from her head to her toes, drumming in her veins.- This was just such an excellent description. Very vivid, well though out, gave you a real feeling of the effects of the pill he gave her.

-Then he threw the knife, sinking it into the wall across the room. He'd always had good aim.- Another one of his many talents... I just love this because it gives you more information about his character. You always do that in your smut stories, you don't just write the smut you give the read more insight into each character and that's what makes them so great. Adds a whole other dimension to each story.

Oh my lord... -runs off to take a cold shower...comes back- You just brought a whole new level to word steamy. I mean...WOWIE. Heco is an animal, so primal and manly and I love it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDEED! Now that is a birthday present. )

You have another winning smut scene on your hands. You really do. Just damn girl. I'm so impressed. You totally treated me and spoiled me with this one. I am looking so forward to writing that one together, we are going to blow everyone away... cold showers for a week. XD