Reviews for Regulus Black, Secret Agent
lydiasmith16 chapter 6 . 11/12/2012
thats cute
anotherbuskitten chapter 6 . 10/15/2011
Oh right that explains my question. So I will give you a new one, are you going to write a sequel; just a few missions or something - I like hearing of what the charecters are like without magic but still with their gifts.
anotherbuskitten chapter 2 . 10/15/2011
Ok this story is brilliant so far but I have to wonder, why did none of the other agents go into number 12, obviously Sirius could as it opened to Harry when he became Sirius and it would have been an obvious place to start out. Can you please explain?
Poeta Senza Faccia chapter 5 . 7/13/2011
You will never cease to amaze me Lyd... I am still on the edge of my seat wondering where in the name of Rowling you hid Regulus and I can't wait to see what happened after Project Locket. One of my favorite things about this chapter was the recording within the recording and the codeword "Sirius". You're right and it did seem logical to break it here and now you have all of us wondering what the heck is going to happen next and I swear, if there's another cliffie, I might just have to give you Will for Christmas... Enjoy ;)
Poeta Senza Faccia chapter 4 . 7/13/2011
Wow! This is amazing- I had no idea what to expect for the recordings and I love how you set everything up. If I didn't know you as well as I do, I would think that you're an international spy or something... well, I kinda do still think you're a spy against Moldy Shorts, but that's another story. I can't wait for more and to see you next month. Have fun in college and I'll see you soon!
kelleyphant chapter 5 . 7/5/2011
This is exciting! I want so badly for him to be alive.
None231223 chapter 5 . 7/5/2011
Very ingenious. This is one of the most unique and intriguing ones I have read in a while. This may be a one-road plot, but it has a lot plot devices to keep this plot alive, and I think that's what pulled me into this story the most. I mean, really, you did a good job.

Please update as soon as life lets you!
small town god chapter 4 . 6/28/2011
Wow. I wouldn't have thought of that. Update soon! :):):)
Kageriah chapter 3 . 6/24/2011
This is a pretty random take on Harry Potter, but it's great! Keep up the good work.
small town god chapter 3 . 6/21/2011
What's his plan? Darn it. Hope it works. Update soon! :):):)
kelleyphant chapter 2 . 6/14/2011
Very cute. I really like the idea of the crew being agents. I do hope Regulus is okay though.
small town god chapter 2 . 6/14/2011
I feel like I'm watching a movie! I love these movies too! Update soon!
small town god chapter 1 . 6/7/2011
I loved it! It was so awsome! UPDATE SOON!