Reviews for Rainy Days
heroesofolympus63 chapter 27 . 7/1
Oh my God.
This goes beyond amazing. I've come to love this story a lot and can't wait for the sequel! :) The fact that Sakura doesn't actually know everything is a bit annoying, but I guess it can't be helped, and it fits better, I suppose. Keep up the good work and have fun writing!
Serenarey Chiba chapter 27 . 6/29
Huh, nice story. The ending seemed somewhat rushed, if I may say so, but it was suitable. You did well in writing this, so thank you.
Delena.O chapter 27 . 6/22
Thank you for this excellent story! This is my favorite Sakura ever, so mature and profesional and composed, her personality is perfect. This is how I like to imagine Sakura as an adult. I have come to dislike canon!Sakura somehow, most of all with the current "after years" manga that's ongoing. But anyway, I'll gladly wait for a continuation of the story, we have to know what happened with the plan and the partnership and all. Thank you again.
larashari3 chapter 27 . 6/22
Please have a sequel this story is just too good!
caipher chapter 27 . 6/20
jesus christ i remember when i started reading this story when it first came out, and it's ending now dhsfjksdhkfjshfksdfkjsdfkj

this is honestly one of my favorite fanfictions ever and i am amazed at the level of talent in this piece of writing, the depth of the characters, the intricate threads of plot, jesus fuck like it's just so fucking amazing.

i cannot wait for the sequel and i anticipate it greatly. thank you for genuinely renewing my interest in reading and writing :))))
threefourteen chapter 27 . 6/15
I love your writing, the pacing, the character interactions and most of all how well you developed Sakura. One of the things that bugs me about fanfiction is when Sakura turns into a Mary Sue, she has everything come to her easy etc. But no~ this girl went out with punches, kicks and grew. And that made me happy. I'm itching for closure on Sakura's timeline however. Despite it all, I feel like there should be some sense of conflict that Sakura should feel about being in this new timeline, and missing her old life. I keep getting a nagging feeling about the difference between her and her teammates. She's twenty and they are thirteen, she's experienced, it just feels kind of lonely. When Ino yelled out, "You don't belong here!"- it hit me like a ton of bricks, you could use that to develop that point more. Moreover, I think the story transitioned from a shounen to a slice of life thing, which is not bad, but honestly Sasuke's forgiveness at age 12 felt slight ooc, but I guess he's always been more mature. ANYWAYS I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR SEQUEL THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS. I LITERALLY DEVOURED IT. THANK YOU!
FadedDreamer chapter 1 . 6/10
I have been devouring this story throughout the course of a few days, and I would have finished it much sooner than that, but I just wanted to savor it. There is only one other story on this site that has ever invested me in the character of Sakura, and that was "Loyalty", but now I can safely add yours to the list. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a die-hard Sakura-hater, but I was just never that invested in her canon counterpart, but here? She's mature, she's capable, she's determined, she's witty and occasionally sarcastic, but most of all, she has her own fears and insecurities that do not solely revolve around Sasuke. Yes, him leaving is still one of her greatest fears, but she also fears the impending doom that she experienced in the future. The characters are all written extraordinarily well here, and each of the interactions feel so vibrant, and the chemistry between Sakura and everyone practically flows off the page. And the pacing is just so perfect, the way each chapter moves along is just so right. The fight scenes you depict are nothing short of epic, and it makes me feel as if I definitely need to improve the way I write mine. The ripple effect you've created is pulled off magnificently, and I love all of the changes you've made that still manage to fit so well within the story. If I had to level just one criticism, it would be directed towards Sakura withholding information that she has on the Akatsuki, some that would greatly benefit Konoha. I suppose she's worried as to just how much change a Butterfly Effect would inflict, but it does feel like something she should have spoken to the Hokage or Kakashi about beforehand. But that aside, I very much enjoyed this fic, and I eagerly await your planned sequel. Till then!
Sincerely Athena chapter 27 . 6/8
Oh my god no, No! Is this the real ending? Is there anymore? A sequel perhaps?
That ending killed me- Sasuke saying "thank you" to Sakura has far too much meaning xD I'm dying here- tell me there's more? Or maybe another story? It's like a ton of bricks hitting you when you're asleep and fluttering around in dreams- bam. Just. Like. That.
Lerris chapter 27 . 6/7
Well, that is certainly not your typical redo story. Sure some things are better, but not a great many, yet it was compelling. This is well done..
Lerris chapter 23 . 6/7
The thing that makes this better than many redos is first of all you chose a weaker character to come back, so things don't go as easy. You also have changes, either because it is just AU, or because earlier things well changed. As far as paths go where Sasuke chooses not to become missing go, this is one of the better ones I've read.
Lerris chapter 15 . 6/6
I hate to see Ino die in such a futile way. Ah well...
Skyrere chapter 27 . 6/5
well done.
Corysande chapter 27 . 6/5
I honestly cannot wait for the sequel. Your story is amazing: the plot, the characters, it all just fits together really nicely. The way you write Sakura is realistic, she's strong and very human. All the characters' progressions, in fact, have felt very organic and consistent. There were some mistakes here and there in the chapters, but I'm sure your writing will improve over time. I really wonder what will happen in the second part. Are they really just going to leave everything behind to figure things out? I also wonder where the Itachi subplot will go, now that Sasuke has all those doubts. It certainly will be interesting. Awesome.
Corysande chapter 25 . 6/5
Really nice turn of events. I really like what you've been doing with those characters so far.
Corysande chapter 24 . 6/4
I think the blonde has an "e" at the end if used as a noun, even when used for a male character. "Blond" as a noun is used in French but not in English. It is nice to see Sakura teaching her body medical ninjutsu again, but I wished she had a proper teacher for ninjutsu/genjutsu like Naruto and Sasuke. It was always unfortunate that, in canon, she never really got to work on those aspects, which made the chasm between the guys and her glaringly obvious. I hope you'll have her explore the earth jutsu path more, and I'm only mentioning it because I feel like this thing wasn't talked about for 2-3 chapters ever since she got out of the hospital. I think, genjutsu-wise you could really have her learn more stuff too. Idk, it's just that she pretty much said she doesn't really need a teacher since she'll pick up her old abilities soon enough, so I don't see why she couldn't shift her training a bit. Otherwise, love the team 7 dynamic, like always.
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