Reviews for Sparkly Blue Eyes
BloodiedAngel2362 chapter 1 . 6/25/2011
First of all...shame on me for not reviewing this one-shot earlier.

Second- Here comes the usual WOOWIE that starts off all my reviews to you. That's honestly what runs through my head every time I read a one shot of yours or a story update. The whole time I'm reading it's a constant cycle of WOOOWIE's among many other things.

Onto the review!

Chris is very delicious, you have created a huge -no pun intended... maybe- crush worthy OC. I loved this bit:

- This felt good: the little cuts he'd get in his palms and the various oils that saturated his skin. He felt like a man here and, well, that's exactly what Chris was. A man.- HOT HOT HOT! There is just something about a man working on cars in a tight wife-beater getting all sweaty... excuse me I now need a moment.


-"Smart. Wouldn't want to wreck that beauty you got there." She smiled and gave a small laugh.

"I know, right? That car means a lot to me." Chris returned the laugh with a soft snort.- Gotta love girls who know their cars right? And it's especially essential in the DS world.

-"Wha—" She grabbed him by the jaw and reeled him for a kiss.

At first, he was shocked, staring while she moved her lips against his. Then he felt the hunger erupt from deep in his stomach and he grabbed her hips, pulling her against his body and opening his mouth with need. She didn't resist him, letting his tongue enter and slide beside hers. When they finally parted for air, Sarah panted.- HOT HOT HOT! That girl certainly knows what she wants and you can't blame her. I give her big kudos for just taking what she wants and pulling him in for that hot kiss.

-It was a good sight and he knew it. His torso was long, allowing for thick, carved muscles to run from his ribs to his waist, plunging into his jeans at his hips. He'd been sweating in the hot garage, so his body was gleaming with a fine mist. She swallowed and he came closer, flicking his tongue over her lips and tasting.- Excuse me... I need another moment and a cold shower while I'm at it. HOT DAMN! You certainly know how to describe a sexy man... a very sexy man.

Like usual I'm tempted to quote the entire smut scene...trying very hard to stay somewhat calm here. Sheesh. You really have turned me into a total smut fiend... I hope you're pleased with yourself.

-He took his cock and looked between them, touching her folds with his head. Sarah dug her nails into his skin and whined as he slid home, grunting with ecstasy at the hot grip around him. Taking a leg in each hand, he held her up and started to thrust, filling her and leaving her in a delicious rhythm. She gasped and moaned, kissing his mouth while he panted. Flexing his ass, he pushed into her with precision, making sure to hit the sensitive nub above his penetration. Each time he met it, Sarah bent her knees and dug her heels into the backs of his thighs, urging him deeper. The sex was so exposed; any minute, someone could walk in and see their naked, sweaty bodies intertwined against the wall. But it only added to the excitement.- Very long quote. But I just had to do it. Now I need another frickin' cold shower. That entire bit was just so steamy and perfectly written... -runs off for that cold shower...-

-whew- I'm back but I have a feeling I will be back in there again soon.

-"Yeah. Just needed a quick fix."- CLASSIC! I love your one liner endings. PERFECTION.

Incredible as always and I'm dead serious when I say you need to make a career out of it.! Onto the next one!



sunstar234 chapter 1 . 6/9/2011

i love sarah she wanted it she got it:)

his body was lean and sculpted make me faint why don't ya :)

and the fluff ohhhhhhhhh i am speacless

you rock girl
xThexFightingxIrishx chapter 1 . 6/8/2011
BRAVO dear! that was fan-fucking-TASTIC! i didn't know you were doin' requests! lol. but it was really great and i loved it. i sure hope sarah got her "chris fix". it was a great story and i know that both of you girls have worked SO damn hard on your stories. it was very sweet of you to do that for her and i'm sure she really appreciates it. nice taste in cars, YES men are hot with oil and grease on them, and that was some interesting smut for sure. ;) great one-shot dear!
Sparkly Blue Eyes chapter 1 . 6/8/2011





*BOWING* Girl you rocked this and i am so happy with the outcome! Thank you so much for the amazing one shot! The grin on my face...well, lets just say its mega HUGE! :D

Okay on with the review: Chris *Swoon* ) Oh and he got better, he's a freaking mechanic...yum! Was not expecting that, and i loved how you kept him similar to your other stories! Awesome!

'His body was lean and sculpted; thanks to the plenty of crunches he did in his one bedroom apartment to entertain himself. He didn't look like the other mechanics in the shop, and he didn't plan on growing a beer belly anytime soon.' :D Just how i imagined him in your stories... woowie Chris is god! :P haha...

'Her bangs made a solid line across her forehead, bringing out the bright blue of her eyes. She smiled at him and nodded' Nodding in agreement here... :D Loving the descriptions throughout, but you are the master darlin :) 'He almost dropped his jaw at the sound of her voice; it floored him hard. She was British and her accent tickled his spine, sending a rush through his body' HAHA Damn, im hot ;) That's how we English girls roll... girl this is amazing!

'A blue and white striped Mustang gleamed from a corner spot and Chris shot a quick grin back at her.' BEAUTY! PERFECTION! SPOT ON!

'When he turned back around, Sarah was kneeling beside him. "Wha—" She grabbed him by the jaw and reeled him for a kiss.' Who couldn't? This bit make me smirk, i was like 'Hell freaking yeah go me! LOL' Willing my OC along on that one...

'Plus, she wasn't from around here. This wasn't someone he'd find wandering around in the bars, looking for a one-night stand. She was so much better than that.' ) Thank you girl, this is brilliant and im loving every word. I'll take real good care of him! ;) hehe

GIRL...MY BRAIN WENT INTO OVERDRIVE...'He backed Sarah into a wall and lifted his shirt over his head. She looked at his chest and bit a lip. It was a good sight and he knew it. His torso was long, allowing for thick, carved muscles to run from his ribs to his waist, plunging into his jeans at his hips.' I really do admire your writing style, you have such a way when describing! Envy you girl ) '"You a closet bad girl?" Chris murmured, looping his thumb in her jeans and shoving them down her hips' It's been said :P Seriously girl your like killing me here...but in an awesome way! Your writing Chris to a T, i really do like the way you write him! )

Cold shower ? Think im staying in there all night! I need some oxygen or something? You've spoiled me! LOL '"Chris." She whispered. Sarah's arms encircled his head and she hugged him, smiling ear to ear.' DAMN FUCKING RIGHT i'd be smiling from ear to ear! WOOWIE! HOT STUFF!

And girl that ending...grinning at him like that! Again, how could i not? haha! He's just serviced moi... :P '"Yeah. Just needed a quick fix."'

Brilliant! You are and will always be one of the best writers out there girl, your stle and detail is just amazing! Don't let anyone ever tell you different or i'll have something to say ;) Darley girls stick together! Luv ya MUCHOS! TTYS-