Reviews for 99 Reasons
Dark-SilverFire chapter 11 . 10/5
One of my favorite story, read it few times already but never reviewed it, but I gotta hand it to you this was awesome. I loved it. Now I just gotta wish hard enough that kubo reads it and realize that it's ichiruki he wants.
mingxingxing chapter 11 . 9/20
the ending are so like them.
i love them together.
will ichigo be able to do this when he is 19?
one can only hope...
fearwill chapter 6 . 9/9
These are cute! I'm not really an IchiRuki fan (though I do love seeing them interact) but these are precious and very sweet. I love it.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/5
reminds me of a Fairy Tail fanfic (exact same topic and stuff, not the lines tho)
Winged Serpent of Light chapter 11 . 8/28
So beautiful...
Guest chapter 2 . 7/30
Sweet,beautiful and job.
narutoDkurosaki chapter 11 . 7/26
I haedly read bleach fanfics cause I feel that the manga was perfect but this one was full of fluffiness that I was able to read it through and some of the reasons were way too cliché but oh well it was a good read too...peace out
xOx ShinjiHirako XoX chapter 11 . 7/24
Hahaha words can't express how much I love this Fic XD XD hahaha that was beautiful
1XxKiraXx1 chapter 11 . 6/30
Omg! I loved this! Haha! XD The ending was just so sweet and perfect! :)
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 1 . 6/24
The Brother One was hilarious, even more so because it's true.
Snowyncess chapter 11 . 6/22
Smooth, Kurosaki. Smooioth. Never knew you could be this poetic and romantic. Kiyaaaa~

Hail IchiRuki!
YuiLee chapter 10 . 4/30
This is amazing! Incredibly sweet and full of humour... Totally worth reading! :D
YuiLee chapter 7 . 4/30
so witty... I love every answers...
YuiLee chapter 6 . 4/30
49 & 53 is suuupppppaaahhhh sweeeeeettttt... 3
YuiLee chapter 4 . 4/30
32. Ichiruki
"People are probably going to combine our names
together into some horrible combination like
"That sounds a lot better than Ichihime or Renruki."

Very well said Ichigo...
This is my favourite so far...
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