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HinataSoup chapter 3 . 6/19
I never read manga, only saw the anime... But if its Yuuki, Kaname will do anything for her... (They act as silly putty for eachother)
mdolphin177 chapter 3 . 6/19
I love these guys together too. I liked how intimate your story was, it seemed like it really could have happened that way.
mdolphin177 chapter 2 . 6/19
Ha ha, I knew he didn't mean it THAT way.
mdolphin177 chapter 1 . 6/19
Cute opening chapter, you made it so sweet.
little.starrie chapter 3 . 4/23
Whoa, this chapter was hot 0.

The bonding scene was nicely written, I liked how you say their blood would eventually become one along with their emotions, memories, and lives.

What surprised me a bit was how far Yuuki went, you almost had me going they were going to do the deed. The point where she voices her opinion and fear-I notice how she calls him by her name and not onii-sama (meaning something serious)-I think it was natural. How she feels excited yet afraid because as you said in the author's note and Yuuki saying herself, everything is happening (a little too) fast. Too much to take in for her since she's new to these feelings and wants.

When Kaname says "teenage girls seem to have vivid imaginations" (which is true!), he's making him sound so old (even though we know he is but still, makes me wonder if Yuuki caught on that, probably not).

Another thing I had observed is Kaname asks Yuuki few times throughout this chapter and the rest of the story if she's frighten when da da da. I see that this stems out of hesitation...? He hesitates or pauses when talking about their relationship going to the next level. I'm not sure if I'm making sense-mostly likely not-but in short, what I'm trying to say is it appears he seems afraid too. Afraid that she rejects him? On another note, he's very chivalrous, gentleman dealing with these matters. *coughs* unlike someone * coughs*

Hmm... so this is a bit contradicting... Kaname tells her that one day, they will be together forever and ever after their bonding/mating ceremony is done... yet when Yuuki brings up that she still doesn't know much about his past, he avoids the subject and hopes to savor these rare moments as long as possible... I think you're using the concept we discussed earlier in our messages, how he talks about being together forever but the audience know otherwise would happen :(.

The famous back-rubs got me, it totally seems like something that Yuuki does (or maybe she did in the original series? I forgot). Also, of course, she loves to eat, another fitting personality. Really cute.

One tiny little thing that I was not fond of was how Kaname tells her to stay the way she is... Even though it's good to remain happy and carefree. I feel this brings back the issue how overprotective he is of her and this is why she feels like she's caged. An issue that I find between their relationship.

Anyway, this concludes my review. Fabulous job. I really enjoyed these fluffs and they inspired me to write. Keep up the good work!
little.starrie chapter 2 . 4/23
Okay, chapter two, here we go

You know... it's very interesting how in previous chapter, Kaname had commented (feel) her innocent awakening for him yet in this chapter, Yuuki fee;s her innocence was dwindling. Mentioning Yori was nice, how Yuuki wants her best friend by her side to talk about these strong yearnings for Kaname. Not to mention, there is no one there in their manor to discuss these things-as if Aidou-senpai would haha. Though I could imagine Aidou fangirling over Kaname XD.

Oh, so it appears Yuuki is afraid of something. Afraid of her desires for him. I think what would have been funny is that Kaname read all of her embarrassing thoughts during the bonding scene. Anyway, I see how Yuuki's innocence struggling-not sure if that's the proper term for it-but she is very shy in the beginning, chaste kisses. Then as bloodlust overcomes her, her inner beast starts to awaken and her mind gets fogged by lust. It was also cute that she reassures him she does nott regret leaving her old home to be with him and the only times she is ever lonely is when she's away from him. Very sweet.

Another tease you have there at the end of the chapter...
little.starrie chapter 1 . 4/23

It's me again haha. You're probably tired of reading my messages, right?

Anyway, I was looking through your amazing list of stories and finally found one that had our favorite pairing-or rather, this is the only fandom I'm familiar with. Okay, enough ramblings, onwards with the review!

Haha on your author's note that you will play nicely with Yume but I don't know... your rating is M XD.

Cute opening scene with Yuuki longing for Kaname just like a puppy waiting for his/her owner to come home. Also, Aidou-senpai gotta love him. He's in character of being annoyed. I could totally imagine the scene, Yuuki daydreaming about her dear fiance and Aidou trying to wait patiently for her to answer his question-but knew she probably didn't hear him.

Next scene is why I see you bumped up the rating of this story.. No wonder Kaname had put his hands on the back of her head/neck area... The whole "I'm sorry, I cannot wait any longer"-that really shows his raw need. I liked it instead of him asking her for permission (though I know in some cases, he should ask her) but yeah... Needless to say, the rest of the scene is a bit steamy and teasing. You have portrayed well that vampires sharing their blood is very, very intimate ;).

Of course, at the end, you had nailed Kaname's character in teasing the innocent, clueless Yuuki. And I'd thought that I was trolling in my story with the fanmail scene, I guess you are too. Haha.
YenGirl chapter 3 . 4/23
*laughs* I gave up on reading the manga after 30 something chapters but I did see that picture of Kaname doing Yuuki's nails. Matsuri-sensei's artwork is gorgeous and the moment I saw it, my mind replaced Yuuki's image with Zero's... so basically, it was Kaname giving Zero a pedicure (I just couldn't imagine it the other way around LOL)

Anyway, back to your story - ah, I knew Kaname didn't mean it in THAT sense. But he does seem very tired, poor thing. At least he did get a tiny bit further with Yuuki in that they drank from each other's wrists at the same time and he finally got a back rub from her. And it was sweet of him to carry her back to her room. (Zero did that a lot in Hold Me... a lot, it was one of the mini themes running through the story :) and I know you don't ship Zeki but I just had to tell you that).

I have a feeling Yuuki won't get much done with her studies despite her promise to Kaname. And I'm glad the story didn't turn out M rated (it made it easier for me to read knowing Zero wasn't there with them), but it still was a sweet and fluffy story :)
YenGirl chapter 2 . 4/23
Hmm, it makes sense that Yuuki's room wouldn't have windows since she's an easy target for Kaname's enemies - I liked how Yuuki's thought likened the luxurious mansion to a cage. A gilded cage for sure, made irksome by how much freedom she used to have running around Cross Academy in the past... granted, still within the school, but it has a lot more ground than the mansion!

I also liked the tiny shadowing of how Yuuki could sense the subtle changes in her relationship with Kaname. It made total sense they haven't slept together yet considering how much she blushed and stammered if he spoke more than 2 words to her in the past.

I like your Kaname, he might want everything to go his way with any other vampire, but not his Yuuki. That's a power I'm not sure she realises she has though!
YenGirl chapter 1 . 4/23
*tiptoes in and peers around, hoping any Zeki fan doesn't see her* As I told you, the number of YuMe fics I've read can still be counted on one hand and with room to spare *laughs* I started off being a Zeki fan, went onto KaZe and then ZeKa and now ZeKaYu (is that the right term for a threesome?)

Anyway, this is a nice, sweet and gentle start to the story... sets the right tone with me for sure, I love sweet and gentle fluff. Most of the time.

Poor Aido, genius at Math and all that *dismissive hand wave* but he can't get Yuuki do focus on her books. Betcha Kaname could do much better if he wanted to!

Your Kaname is right up my street too, gentle and self sacrificing with that teasing touch. Nice...!
Anlanther chapter 1 . 7/2/2014
Compared to most of the stories already written for this archive, this story's English as well as sentence structure is much better. The only thing I would like to say about your writing, though, is that you really need to make your sentences a lot shorter. Other than that, I look forward to reading the next chapter.
KShadeslady chapter 3 . 1/22/2014
I really loved this little story. I hope you do more. Thanks so much for a nice read.
KShadeslady chapter 1 . 1/22/2014
I love VK and couldn't wait to read this. Very nice.
shira-chan 3 chapter 3 . 12/30/2013
kaname 3 so cute
BookWormMissy chapter 3 . 7/17/2013
I absolutely love it! Kaname and Yuuki are so so adorable when they are together. Your story is so sweet and lovely. Thank you so much for depicting their love for each other so well. :)
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