Reviews for Cold Fusion: True North
Ava Taggart chapter 2 . 5/2
Seriously tho their relationship is so cute and Megamind's sleep schedule is well handled and makes sense and Roxanne is so in character and this is great!
Tenshiii77 chapter 15 . 3/2
Another awesome story! Really enjoyed this one, too. :) Onnnn to the next one!
BlackCatNeko999 chapter 15 . 12/11/2014
This was great. Good job!
Sister-to-the-Queen chapter 9 . 9/18/2014
Whew, thank his lucky stars Megamind is still /able/ to lift his head. And able to think. That is one tough skull around that brain. (Assuming, of course, that it's a skull, in the human sense, that Megamind has.)

Okay, so first I'm all like, "Anderson has not read Peter's Evil Overlord List." Then I'm all like, "Dammit, he's even more of a total psycho than I thought he was." Anything for the greater good of man, huh? Damn Andrew Ryan wannabe. *evil* Also, glass. A nuclear reactor made out of triple-thick glass. As in, the stuff they use to put in windows sometimes. And that's supposed to contain nuclear power at full blast. A-ha. Sure.

That action scene. That action scene. That action scene rocked my socks off, brilliant and highly visual from start to finish. That takes /skill/, girl. (Also, Anderson, despite what intellect he may possess, is now a moron of the first water for having /failed to equip his henchman with a gun/. For the love of gunslingers, man!)

Sonny Dreyson? *blank* Wait, is this a fandom I'm not familiar with?

I'll pass over Petey the Zaney for now, in favor of making a remark. This is Chapter Nine. The villain has been defeated. There are five chapters and an epilogue left. Roxanne has taken Megamind's hand /that way/ and they've said something to each other. Sooo... The remaining chapters will be about the two of them making things right between each other, or at least trying to. Am I right?

Whether I am right or wrong, one thing is certain: I /dread/ to read about the torrent of rage Roxanne is gonna be unleashing on him, now that things are quiet again on the outside front. 'Cause it is /not/ gonna be pretty.
Sister-to-the-Queen chapter 8 . 7/24/2014
Okay, so in the first section, things start coming together. Roxanne, Minion, and Akos are making sense of the situation and cooking oil, and plans of attack are being formulated. All of this is good. (And the dialogue rocks. And also I really like Wayne. Damn nice guy.)

And in the second section, things start going to pieces. It is so... sad that Megamind is still clinging to "how it's supposed to go," like he's trying to live a James Bond movie script. So painfully naive, despite his superbrain. That's the downside about only having ever had to fight Wayne on the one hand and never having had any contact with other villains on the other: it fails to blur things. There is black, and there is white, but the critically important grey is missing. Hell, even when Megamind actually /crossed over/ from black to white (for the sake of argument) I'm not sure he realized the full implications of the process. The sliding shades. And there you go then: with a club and a boot to the head. Man, it stings.

And. Who. Is. Anderson. Whoisheeee.
Sister-to-the-Queen chapter 7 . 7/23/2014
Man, oh, man, thank God that Megamind has Minion. I am telling you, that fish is a wonder. Even with Megamind's spirits being as high as a failed pancake, Minion knows exactly what to do to get him to cheer up again, no matter how slightly. And all the while keeping his own worry back. Megamind could not ask for a better friend. And that is why I'm scared now. What is wrong with Minion?! It'd downright /grand/, the way Megamind is responding to the situation, and I know he'll get it fixed, 'cause he's him, but it's still scary. How can a fish resonate to a reactor? *ponders*

...Roxanne is feeling it too? Roxanne /is/ feeling it too. But other humans apparently aren't, I mean, look at Akos, so... Is it like some kind of empathic link between Roxanne and Minion? That is both cool and terrifying. Or did she subtly get "infected," so to speak, with something at the Lair, related to the reactors, and it's acting up now? But wait, she can't hear the notes Minion hears, because humans ears can't to that at such a distance. Vibrations all over the city, that she's picking up due to atunement? Cellular level? I am so confused. Must know more! (Also, I really with she'd been able to listen to those messages. I know who they're from, which I won't mention in a review because spoilers, and it would have cleared up /so much/ of the air.)

Ahaaa, Minion is broadcasting what he feels, now I get it! Or, wait, I don't. Roxanne is feeling what Minion is doing, roger that, but why isn't Akos? Does prolonger presence in the Lair lead to a tiny shift on the genetic level? Or is it the prolonged proximity of Minion? Mystereee. But Minion'll be fine, right? He'll be fine, right? *fear* ...Anderson, you rat bastard, who the /hell/ are you?

/Another person in the Lair./ Ohhh heavens.

Megamind /himself/ doesn't know why Roxanne is sick? Ayayay, not gooood. Wait, wait, think... Car analogy. The third reactor must have stopped. Minion seems to be feeling better, too, so... I'm guessing that's it. Am I right? NODON'TTELLME. (I'm babbling like this because I am limp with relief that Roxanne still loves Megamind. That she doesn't like him right now is a given, but she still loves him, and a weight is gone from my mind. Whew.)

But what university? Not in Metro City, that's been established. So, he's in with the mafia, lost his house, lost his job... He is a loser. Problem: he's a moderately (/moderately/) intelligent loser (with a penchant for drama). And then this happens. Dammit.
Sister-to-the-Queen chapter 6 . 3/1/2014
You mean, my first impression with this is that it's so /good/ to get a real-world reference, i.e. California. Because in the movie, Metro City feels about as isolated from the rest of the world as Gotham does. May sound weird, but it's the impression I got. Drawing it into the real world, so to speak, makes it so much more real, and therefore believeable. I love that.

You know, I get the feeling Roxanne's mom is right in everything she says. I also get the feeling that she /knows/ Jo has got nothing whatsoever to do with this and that Roxanne is talking about herself here. But, bless her, she doesn't even hint at it. That is a good mom, right there. *nodnod* And that's important for Roxanne. Good moms make everything better.

Which is not to say that Roxanne doesn't have the right to a good cry. That poor, poor girl, even if she'd kill me for typing that. Good thing Megamind can't see this, huh. He wouldn't survive it.


They have till one minute before two at night. Help us all.
Sister-to-the-Queen chapter 5 . 12/26/2013
Okay, so I started out with "Oh shit she's gonna find out oh shit oh shit oh shit," then tilted over into "Holy f*ck!" - not, mind you, that I believed he was actually getting handsy with some random chick, but maaaan, could he have chosen a better way to make Roxanne explode? NO. - and then I careened upandupandup and hit "Thank GOD, she's seen through it. Now she can go and nearly choke him to death and it'll all be better." I apologize for the bizarre last thought: it was a mix of relief and terror.

And. That closing line. Is genius.
Sister-to-the-Queen chapter 4 . 12/18/2013
Okay, see, I know from the last chapter why Megamind needs so much caffeine to function, but there is just something so sad in the image of him - of anyone - being that reliant on stimulants and pills. It's so... cold. And that bit about the warden being like a father figure to him. Yeah, I mean, I can go with that, even from the few scenes the warden actually got in the movie, but it just amps up the sadness factor. To have to find a father figure in the man whose job it is, well, /was/, to keep you incarcerated pretty much all your life... No wonder the guy is so lonely. That detail hurts, man. It really does.

This inner conflict makes complete sense. I mean, you can't just switch over from a life of (somewhat skindeep) villainy and forget it all. There /are/ things to put right, vigilance can never be dropped, he /needs/ to build and then keep people's trust, an- *record scratch noise* Hold. Up. "Paranormal, Holistic, and Extraterrestrial Division"? Scars? The warden being a pain in the ass of the good variety? The hell? What the f did they to the guy?

*reads Megamind's conversation with Wayne*

*scratch that, /reads/ Megamind's conversation with Wayne*


Megamind, you incredible, hyperintelligent, psychological-genius, utter, complete /FOOL/! Why are you deliberately trying to ruin your one and /only/ chance at happiness? The woman loves you, you moron! You'll die inside if you do this! You /know/ you'll die inside if you do this! I swear, I was sitting with my mouth open at the end there, because I cannot /believe/ you'd actually do something... so...

*sags* Oh, who am I trying to fool. Limits to the heartache, or so you think, and you'd rather set them yourself. You know, you do this, how do you think /she's/ gonna feel when the rage wears off and she starts feeling her feelings again? You'll break her. She'll never show it, but you'll break her. My God, man, has that even occurred to you? ... I feel so sorry for you and the life you've had to lead, I can't even put it into words. Heaven help you, you poor soul.

*shakes herself* In other words? This conversation rocks. It rocks /so hard/.

*winces* Oh oh /ouch/. I'm picturing those jet boots in action that day, and oooogh, it is /not/ pretty. Jesus, the man's /legs/. No wonder he freaked when he saw Roxanne anywhere near those things.

...battle sporks. *helpless sniggering*

Phys... Stock f... Over... The. Hell. Are you doing.

Oh shit, it's that italics nutcase again.
Sister-to-the-Queen chapter 3 . 12/6/2013
The beginning of this reads so real, I mean... Borderline domesticity and non-serious subjects seguing right into a /damn/ serious subject. And then him going practically hysterical and not even hearing himself talk anymore, it's like, inconceivable thought it sounds for him, his larynx, assuming he has one, isn't even consulting with his brain anymore. And then the monster dose of caffeine doesn't send him through the ceiling like it would a human, it /calms him down/. Man, it must be the /pits/ picking up on emotions that fast. And of course Roxanne doesn't know how to inhibit those pheromones she's not even aware of, because we humans don't need to.

And you know ('course you do), despite all that, the guy would rather /die/ than have her leave. Man, how is Minion going to go on coping with his (totally justified) worries like this.

So, he thinks he doesn't deserve any kind of happiness, eh? Oh, yeah, that's exactly the thing to say to a woman like Roxanne. Sure, they managed to smoothe things over this time, Roxanne's even fallen asleep again - and how moving is it that he's even focused on her heartbeat, I have such a thing for that - but this isn't going to be the end of the matter, not by a long shot. Still, if a relationship can't handle these ups and downs, 's not much of a relationship, huh. All part of the package.


I fear for these two. I really do.
MegaFrost4 chapter 15 . 9/27/2013
Wow! I loved this one even more than the first Cold Fusion! You're an amazing writer! Can't wait to read the next one! Megamind is my fav!
KraZiiePyrozHavemoreFun chapter 15 . 8/20/2013
Your Cold Fusion stories are great, glad I stumbled upon them
Electricboa chapter 15 . 6/1/2013
My, I was surprised at what Megamind ended up doing to his relationship in this one. This is probably the first story I've seen where he intentionally sabotaged it. I'm not sure I really understand Metro Ma's rationale for agreeing with Megamind, though, he kind of comes off as ambivalent to their whole situation. Kind of interesting to see Minion actually dislike him, that's another first.

Anderson ended up being kind of a small-time villain, though, not nearly as impactful as I first thought. I'm wondering as to who you have in mind for showing him up, maybe some of the old government agents that too Megamind from prison as a child?

All in all, another good read and well-written. I'm looking forward to seeing the next installment.
Sister-to-the-Queen chapter 2 . 5/18/2013
Hey look, it's the same cabbie from last time! Man, I'd be worried to if I were him: abandoned warehouses got a bad reputation, yo. *reads on* What a nice guy. I hope nothing bad ends up happening to him. *pointed stare* (Akos, eh? Hungarian?)

I swear, I had this silly smile on my face all during the scene with Roxanne, Megamind, and Minion. It's so... /realistic/, the way you write them, and this particular bit puts me in mind of one of those upbeat comedies. I love that. "Okay," [...] "Maybe you smell a /little/ funny." Hee! And the stage whisper is back, hooray, just like in the movie!

You know, that line of Minion's, when he says he'd /told/ Megamind Roxanne didn't give a damn about his being an alien, to the point of borderline forgetting it, and how Megamind couldn't believe it? That is actually pretty damn painful. It runs so much deeper than I'd thought, his sense of being an Outsider with a capital o. Even his /species/. I swear, I'd never even considered that: I thought it was "just" his outcast-type childhood and subsequent career as an evil genius that did it all, but no: right down to the genetic level. That is just... just.

Okay, question: normally, I'd think that Minion's dome has a pressure regulation system, mimicking pressure conditions at the bottom of an ocean, but that doesn't fit in with how he was swimming around in that fountain at the end of the movie. How come he, a deep-sea fish, can stand surface pressure without dying horribly? (Yeah, okay, I know, it's a movie, doesn't have to be strictly realistic by a long shot, but this chapter put the thought in my head now shush.)

*winces* Potential future mind reading is scary. We know from the movie, specifically the scene where Minion takes off from the Lair and the one where he impersonates the director of the prison, that he and Megamind cannot, in think, read each other's minds, so Roxanne is in no danger, but she wasn't there for those scenes, so she can't know that. Ohhh dear, how will /this/ pan out?
Sister-to-the-Queen chapter 1 . 3/23/2013
(YES, I am totally reviewing again! I have a bit of time!)

Hey, it's no /wonder/ the guy's exhausted. Decreased workload or no, his whole life has been turned upside down practically overnight. In his supervilain days, the personal issues were /there/, sure, but he had a (nearly) ironclad persona to bury it all under. That's all been stripped away now, and his subconscious is trying to deal with it. /Anybody/ would be exhausted under such circumstances. ... To self: stop analyzing.

*reads on*

Ohhhh no. No. Don't even /think/ about doing what I think you're thinking about doing, Megamind. *double facepalm* Oh man, he wouldn't. He /wouldn't/ do something that stupid.

iAhaaaa, Anderson? *pause* Nah. Must be something even /worse/. *hopeful*/i
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