Reviews for Ink Splattered Paper Aeroplanes
MrGooseyMoose chapter 1 . 11/17/2011
Woah. :O I think this may be my favourite of all of your stories, dude! :D

Aheeeeem...this was a beautiful piece. It truly was. And I've gotta say, the title /really/ kicked it off! Ink splattered paper aeroplanes! :D Geez, what an image! :D I thought that the dialogue you used was really effective, too. It was minimalistic, and that minimalism made the pair seem really close. They didn't have to say much to express themselves. The repeated use of "us" near the end, in particular, was especially powerful. Awesome! :D

As always, your use of poetic-yet-prosey description works fantastically, and something about it has a real unique touch. I can imagine it takes a lot of work to produce such quality. Keep it up! :)
Digiboy-Stew chapter 1 . 6/24/2011
Sensational and entirely unique style in your writing. Obviously not poetry, but far too creative and radient to be labeled as prose. Moving and thought evoking stuff here.