Reviews for Antebellum
11lokilove chapter 12 . 7/4
Oh wow this explains a lot.
11lokilove chapter 12 . 7/4
Oh wow this explains a lot.
dra6on chapter 26 . 7/4
Okay, so I'm new to Transformers fanfiction but I really enjoyed your story so far. The Cybertron hierarchy is really interesting and I think your personification of Sam is spot on, and I adore his relationship with Soundwave. As constructive criticism, I have to say that I think you are fracturing your story a little too much with the multiple viewpoints and dream visions and memories. Especially with the chapters so short, it seems that we spend more time repeating memories rather than progressing the plot. And whatever plot progression is hidden into past/future visions, it is very hard to follow.

I get that you have your own style of writing and I respect that. At least the chapters are short so it's no problem reading them twice over to make sure I actually understood everything that was referenced. That said, I'll still keep my eyes peeled for updates, and thanks for sharing. ~dra6on
Guest chapter 26 . 7/4
This is a wonderful story, and it's very fortunate that I read it late at 't ever stop writing!
Hopeless Echo chapter 1 . 6/27
When I saw the description, I sat up and yelped, "WHAT?!"
KrazyKeke chapter 26 . 6/23
I had to re-read this to understand what's going on and admittedly I'm pulled in deep with this fic. It's great!
11lokilove chapter 26 . 6/22
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Update. I'm begging you! Have mercy!
11lokilove chapter 24 . 6/21
That's so sad. You just want to give the dude a hug.
11lokilove chapter 23 . 6/21
Soundwave is adorable!
11lokilove chapter 22 . 6/21
You really know how to press a reader's buttons...o_o
11lokilove chapter 20 . 6/21
Darn it! Whoevers asking for his brother sounds desparate.
11lokilove chapter 19 . 6/21
Poor dude. Is this happening now or in the future? This is confusing...
11lokilove chapter 15 . 6/21
Hmm I wonder if that last part is going to be important...
11lokilove chapter 11 . 6/21
This brother thing is bugging me
11lokilove chapter 10 . 6/21
Who the heck is calling for brother? I never figured this out. Will we find this out later or will it just be a mystery?
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