Reviews for Media Goddess
Uzumaki Ricky chapter 1 . 6/16/2011
That was soo sad! Nice work!
movedto-theycallmeruthless chapter 1 . 6/11/2011
Chaa, you actually wrote this? 8D.

I've been forcing everyone to write me a Thirteen Reasons Why fic... and... yah, thank you!

Er— anyway, on to the bulk of the review. And by that, I just list a bunch of things I liked about your story. Teehee.

(1) I always got the impression that Clay would have felt guilty regardless of what Hannah said— simply because he felt that he could have saved her. Anyone who knew her would feel guilty, but Clay really got the short end of the stick. After all, he knows all of her reasons... and that's gotta hurt. I'm glad you picked up on that.

(2) "You could've done better. Have you been sleeping? Of course not."

This line alone makes me smile. It really shouldn't, because the whole story is pitiful, but... the line's so damn smooth and... I don't know xD.

(3) "When you see Zach Dempsey, it takes everything in your willpower not to go and absolutely destroy him for killing Hannah."

While reading this, I couldn't help but thing, 'hey, he wasn't exactly the only one who killed Hannah,' and then...

(4) "But then, you remember something. All of you killed Hannah, in a way. Except you, according to her, but you won't have any of that. You know you were part of the atrocity that was her downfall."

... this came along. It takes me back to number one :o.

(5) "You were part of the Baker's Dozen. You were part of a larger picture, a picture you so desperately wanted to watch burn.

You are a filthy disgusting creature."

Ah, you brought up the whole 'Baker's Dozen' thing from the beginning of the book! I thought that it was pretty clever, in and of itself. The bit about watching the picture burn was... and the next part... sjakjaslkja.

(6) "You really need to stop being so nice."

...Clay really can be too nice at times, right? Well, he didn't exactly seem to strike me as the nice, as in giving-away-your-stuff sort of nice, but rather, he listens to his conscience and can't bring himself to do wrong.

(7) "You weren't different. You were just like everybody else, you're part of the same compost pile as everybody else.

So why did she chose you?

You'll never know now - what a shame.

What a shame."

... Makes me feel sort of guilty, actually. And this is a fiction book (x.

Random thought - and I might be wrong - but is the 'chose' supposed to be 'choose'?

(8) I think the poem-song-thing is quite fitting; it completes the story with a mournful end-note. ... Actually, it gives me the impression that Clay might have even considered taking his life. Spooky.

...Yeah. Eh, I tend to have a problem reviewing your stories, since my comments always come out derpy and awkward in comparison to the actual story itself. Sorry, I tried. (x.